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Got a school reunion in 10 days and am crapping it. Can someone pimp me, fast?

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Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 10:57:35

I'm 41, 5'7", size 14 jeans if they've got a bit of stretch in, 16-18 top due to big (and quite good!) knockers.
Decent facial bone structure, highlighted shoulder length hair (needs a cut) and I think I wash up fairly well.

But, I'm SO dowdy these days! With v young children I live in (stained) jeans, fatface tops and a quilted coat. That's it really. And I've got a school reunion and most of my peers from school are v v thin, rich and glam! Think Made In Chelsea types!

For the love of God help me! I'm booked for more Botox tomorrow, eyes and brow, and thought about a good tan before too. What else can I do? What shall I wear?
Healthy budget but clueless!

(and noone tell me to "just go natural, be yourself" etc. These women are seriously groomed!)


Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 11:16:36

Anyone? I'd like to look stylish, smooth not lumpy (Spanx? Which ones?) and comfortably well off. And youthful. That's not a lot to ask, is it?! grin
I'm laughing at how vain and self absorbed I sound!

dexter73 Tue 18-Sep-12 11:18:04

Can you get to a department store like John Lewis and have a personal shopper choose something?

Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 11:22:24

Suppose I could, yes. That's a good idea. If she asks me to be more specific about what I want, what do I say?!

TapselteerieO Tue 18-Sep-12 11:27:52

Do you want to look glam, in VW dress or similar - would you prefer something more understated?

Mollydoggerson Tue 18-Sep-12 11:31:12

I am no fashion guru but the following suits me:

Tan/beige jeans,
Nude shoes,
Navy slit neck (is that what they are called) top, which I bought in Oasis, with a wide band navy elastic belt which fastens at the skinniest part of the waist.
Nice hand bag.
Good hair cut.
(Dripping in diamonds)

I also really love that red dress that is always advertised on the ribbon to the right on mumsent.

TapselteerieO Tue 18-Sep-12 11:31:25

Had to google Made in Chelsea. They are a bit wag looking imho. Not sure I am up to the glamour aspect! Good luck though.

PretzelTime Tue 18-Sep-12 11:33:29

We can help you with outfits here, but this is really not the place to find a pimp.

Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 11:36:05

Tapselteerio, yes glam. Like Holly Willoughby I suppose. (that's a tall order. Holly Willoughby on cake then.)

What's VW other than volkswagen?

Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 11:37:55

Mollydoggerson I'm making notes. Tan/navy are defo my colours. I think I dress quite old though, inadvertently, like a Tory wife. blush
Is the key tan shoes?

Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 11:38:49

Yes these are a bit Wag, but more like Cheshire Set if that makes sense.

Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 11:40:01

Pretzel time that's made me laugh! But if I get this wrong I'll end up looking like Hilary Devey. I've got big features and can look a bit mannish.

Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 11:48:17

Also is there anything drastic I can do between then and now to shape up a bit?

Northumberlandlass Tue 18-Sep-12 11:52:51

Well, this is my WOW dress - but is it too much for a reunion?
Billion Dollar Baby

For a reunion, I would probably want to go beautifully understated. Skinny's, heels, longish length top, good accessories...and an extremely polished look. I would want everyone to think I hadn't made an effort because I'm so fabulously together & chic all of the time (it would be a complete lie by the way, and I'd probably spend HOURS trying to look like I didn't care and I'd just thrown something on grin )

Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 12:01:58

Oh that's fabulous! And if you were out on the pull that dress would pay for itself within the hour! But yes, a bit more understated. I don't want to look like I've tried too hard, despite the fact this has given me sleepless nights for weeks!

Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 12:03:01

I've got chunky and cruelly short legs and a v v v long body so I don't seem to do skinnies well. sad

RagingDull Tue 18-Sep-12 12:13:08

i had my reunion in the summer - not seen anyone for 25 years and no one even recognised me! (result!)

i wore a dress from Great Plains that i got in the sale. (£25 i think i paid) i wore a waist girdle type effort which flattened my tum, and i wore nude platforms from M&S for £20, and a nude clutch bag

i used a bit of light fake tan so no tights required, and i had a healthy glow. Had my hair cut and highlighted in good time for the do. It was at a wine bar type place.

People turned up in all sorts - jeans, dreses, trousers/tops. I felt comfortable and knew i looked ok.

You dont have to spend tons. I love my dress and keep it for special occasions - its not a dress to eat in! im not a skinny minnie - size 14 and shorter than you OP.

TapselteerieO Tue 18-Sep-12 12:13:40

Vivienne Westwood glam, but so flattering and I think it would be comfortable too - but I am only letting you know what I meant, I really don't do glam.

RagingDull Tue 18-Sep-12 12:15:54

where is the reunion being held? that will make a difference to what you wear.

RagingDull Tue 18-Sep-12 12:19:48

hope link works

have a look through here - i think for a special occasion its worth it. some well put together looks i think.

RagingDull Tue 18-Sep-12 12:20:51

click the link at the bottom to move it along....

FauxFox Tue 18-Sep-12 13:27:50

Get a professional blow dry - makes the world of difference for looking groomed. Ditto manicure, something subtle not mad nail art or anything.

quality high waisted black trousers will balance your body shape and a blouse for this sort of look?

Or jeans with lovely blouse would look good too imo.

Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 19:57:35

Ragingdull, never really looked at GreatPlains before, but absolutely will now. Am also investing in nude platforms.

Tapselteerio that Westwood dress is To Die For, and I reckon I could get away with it too. Might be a tad overdone but I do love it.

Faux fox I love the trousers. My mum reckons high waists make your arse look visible from space but I'm so long bodied I can get away with high waists on stuff.

The venue. God it gets worse. For some reason I agreed to stay at the palace house of one of the girls the night before and catch up with a few of the old gang. (I moved away years ago.) We're going out for drinks locally the night before, and deep down I'm shitting it about that more - the crowd will include my ex's wife (she hates me) and some of her cronies. I need to look very good and VERY rich. And like I've just thrown on a few things and yet look devastating.

<swigs wine>

I'm so shallow and vain yet I can't stop and I don't care! I've lost 5 stone since they last saw me so that's good.
What will make me look, y'know, well heeled?

<more wine, flicks credit card>

Bluegingham Tue 18-Sep-12 19:58:53

And you know, I'm a bit in love with you all for doing this. If I was left to my own devices I look like a crap drag queen.

ggirl Tue 18-Sep-12 20:02:28

you sound brilliant..can I come?

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