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where to buy clothes for v tall thin DH?

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forgottoremember Mon 17-Sep-12 14:46:42

DH has almost no clothes left - doesn't buy many, and has trashed those he has. Hates shopping (so do I...)

It's really hard to buy stuff that fits him, as he's a 30" waist (32 just about ok), 35-36" leg, and 16.5"collar (i.e. his neck is giant, his legs are long, and he's v skinny all over).

He doesn't have anything, but what he specially needs are:
- trousers for work: don't' have to be suit-like - chino-type things are fine. Dark colours better. Need to be tough because he cycles in them
- shirts. super super-slim fitting needed, or some sort of customisable/made to measure
- weekend clothes

Where do your DHs shop?

I'm rubbish at my own clothes, and men's are even worse!

Thank you!

ujjayi Mon 17-Sep-12 14:50:01

Paul Smith menswear is very slim fit (and coincidentally PS is a huge cycling fan/cyclist).

Gant also do slim fit chinos.

TheBirdsTheBirds Mon 17-Sep-12 15:30:43

My DH is v slim and finds Uniqlo shirts and jackets really good - they look like they fit him properly rather than being too wide and swamping him. He's not tall though so don't know how they are for tall people.

Roseformeplease Mon 17-Sep-12 15:33:57

High and Mighty - online and in some towns and cities. They have the Mighty range (ie big) and the Tall range. You can be MT (Medium Tall) and LT (Large Tall) etc. Best to go in first and find out, then shop online. They do their own range of clothes which are pricey (jumpers £40-£50) but also really expensive designer stuff which is ££££. However, they have some pretty good sales. We found the assistants in the Edinburgh branch were excellent.

carrie74 Mon 17-Sep-12 17:13:55

My DH has to wear suits for work, and about 10 years ago had some made in Thailand. When those wore out, he carried on with some HK outfit place that visits UK cities. More expensive for the suits, but convenience outweighs it (and they last a long time). I think it's Raja Fashions, but I believe there are quite a few places that do it.

He often gets shirts made at the same time, but they don't last as long, so he's had Thomas Pink shirts, but now that they've got stupidly expensive, he found a slim fit in TM Lewin I think. Or maybe Charles Twyritt. Not perfect, but slimmer than normal.

For casual shirts, he wears Abercrombie, Hollister and Superdry. Sometimes finds jeans in Gap that are 36" leg.

forgottoremember Mon 17-Sep-12 19:42:56

oh that's v helpful, thank you
he says he's a bit small for high and mighty (merely 6' 4")
paul smith shirts swamp him - even their slim fit ones. He has a couple, but they're not brilliant.

am trying to dissuade him from the HK tailor option, as I think their stuff doesn't wear at all well. interesting you've had the same experience.

any more work trouser ideas?

lels99 Mon 17-Sep-12 19:46:21

High and Mighty, Big tall, Marks and Next also do limited extra length clothes. My husband is 6'8 and it is an arse shopping for him sad

knitknack Mon 17-Sep-12 20:03:47

Mine is 6'4" and slim (30-32" waist) and loves ted baker, duffer at debenhams and John rocha. Mainly I find him stuff in charity shops but once a year or so he'll do a shop at those places, Ted Baker being when he gets a big commission!!

knitknack Mon 17-Sep-12 20:04:08

His mammies are high and mighty! Haha

knitknack Mon 17-Sep-12 20:04:54

Jammies!! Blimey, mammies being high and mighty is something I can only faintly remember...

upinthehills Mon 17-Sep-12 20:41:24

MY Dh way over 6ft and 16.5" collar, 42/44 chest, 36" leg (but 34" waist)

TM Lewin "Fully fitted" here shirts are a good fit on him. for something more formal.

He finds H&M and Gap pretty good as you often get 36" length jeans. 36" legs often crop up at TKMaxx too.

Jackets are often a problem as he is long in the body.

He has never bought anything in high and mighty (don't think he would cross the threshold)- it's for rotund people I think!

HoopDePoop Mon 17-Sep-12 20:56:16

My DH is tall and slim, and likes shirts that actually fit! His fave shop is Zara, think 90% of his clothes are from there.

crazybutterflylady Mon 17-Sep-12 20:57:44

Zara menswear is good. DH is 6'4 but far from skinny and finds the length is fine there but never fits over thighs/chest.

crazybutterflylady Mon 17-Sep-12 20:58:00

Oops x post Hoop!

Dollydowser Tue 18-Sep-12 07:35:09

My BIL buys from Mexx and Boden.

FreeButtonBee Tue 18-Sep-12 07:46:45

My DH is not quire so tall but is a lanky streak of piss generally. Gap and Uniqlo are excellent, he gets suits made by an English tailor (based in the north somewhere i think). Makes a MASSIVE difference - he still has the first suit they made him 4 years ago and they will readjust if he loses weight/changes shape.

Shirts - thomas pink slim fit all the way. Fucking expensive but he works in the City and is expected to be uber smart. They wash amazingly well and last - TM Lwein ones seems to get curly collars whereas the Pink ones don't.

Other good bets are 7famk jeans/cords. DH loves these now and goes to the sale every year to pick up a pair for around £100. Navy cords from last Christmas were a great buy. Lovely fabric but still fairly hardwearing and a nice slim fit. He also likes Jack Wills and one of the Ralph Lauren diffusion lines for polos that are plain and simple and nicelynfitted but he is narrow in the shoulders so might not work for your DH.

SpicyPear Tue 18-Sep-12 12:01:28

My husband is a 36" leg too. Nightmare. He gets trousers mosyly from Gant or the Boden unfinished length and has them turned up locally.

He is slim but not super skinny though so not sure how these would work for your husband. Gant definitely do slimmer leg styles than the ones he gets.

Matsikula Tue 18-Sep-12 13:04:17

Yep, GAP is good for the long- legged but maybe best to order online rather than trawl through rails and rails of the wrong size.

He also likes Aubin and Wills which is unfortunately the big brother of Jack Wills but is designed for ginormous sloanes, so something that is fashionably skinny cut there tends to look nicely slim cut on someone actually skinny.

For suits though, tailoring makes a huge difference. My husband needs to look very sharp for work, so uses a tailor which is pricey (and he has to pick his own cloth and stuff) but I think that Moss Bross are starting a tailoring service if that sounds a bit scary.

upinthehills Tue 18-Sep-12 17:32:54

If you want an off the peg suit give Ted Baker a try - they often need no altering for my DH if he gets the L version. Slaters menswear often have very good deals on them, if there is one near you.

Mellower Tue 18-Sep-12 17:37:45

My son is very slim and tall we managed to find his school clothes from Burtons. 28 waist and 32 leg.

WitchityBroom Tue 18-Sep-12 17:42:01

High and Mighty and also We have the same problem here as DH is 6ft9. They're good, but can be expensive.

Popcornia Tue 18-Sep-12 18:40:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AWomanCalledHorse Tue 18-Sep-12 20:24:45

For basic tshirts & outdoorsy fleeces/jumpers lands end are decent (the t shirts are good quality thick cotton & hold their shape in the wash), they have a 'tall' range & they fit well.

They also do the hems on trousers/jeans/chinos to whatever you want, although they're probably better suited to a thicker guy than your DH (mine has quite thick thighs & jeans shopping is a nightmare!

Uniqlo also do a free/small fee hemming service for most trousers.

Second upinthehills suggestion of Ted Baker formal stuff, John Lewis usually have it on offer a few times a year.

Next seem to occasionally offer a 'tall' man size (get DH's PJ bottoms from them at Christmas) but can't buy things all year round from them.

The other thing I do is get quite a few of DH's clothes from USA sites, they tend to have much longer sizing. If you're prepared to invest time into looking for clothes TKMaxx randomly have bloody huge/long things every now & again.

forgottoremember Wed 19-Sep-12 22:35:59

brilliant - loads of ideas, thank you! Will see what we can find online - can't face dragging everyone round real shops!

- his legs are a bit too long for most standard trousers, so he gets that ugly sock gap
- he's really very very slight in the chest, so in terms of chest size he needs the littlest possible size - impossible, cuffs are half way up his forearms.

Anyway, I will give him this list and see what happens. No excuses!

FamiliesShareGerms Wed 19-Sep-12 22:47:46

Ted Baker
TM Lewin
Ralph Lauren
Calvin Klein (and other American designers)
M&S Longer Length shirts

I think the above covers pretty much everything my husband owns!

Uniqlo, Next etc not long enough for DH (36" inside leg, but most of his 6'7" height is in his body --and he has orangutang arms--)

Top tip, though: try TK Maxx but take a tape measure and don't believe the labels. Quite often things like jeans are in there because the label is wrong and they are longer than they say, for example, and you can get some real bargains because the clothes are an unusual fit

Can I ask where people find best for size 12 shoes?

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