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I've bought false eyelashes for tomorrow, any tips on how to put them on?

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Shutupanddrive Fri 07-Sep-12 17:36:19

As title says really. I've never worn them before. Do I put them on before or after the rest of my make up? Have no clue! Help please. I have no one to help me either so I have to do them myself

Japple Fri 07-Sep-12 18:09:38

...Licensed,Retired Hairdresser/Modeling Instructor here. Simple.Do this:It is
Imperative that you do Not "Sweat" while lashes are on! Wipe forehead,and
Lids with vinegar water.Dry well.Apply Foundation and Powder from the brows
Up.Pencil in or Brush color into (shape)your Brows.Now-Curl lashes,close the
Eyes quickly Spray a light "puff"of hairspray on your curled lashes.Let dry for
2 minutesUsing the Magnifier-side of Mirror,put a very Thin Film of lash Glue
On the false lashes.Use a Good Tweezer! Hold lash by the Inside of it.Lay Onto
The Inside of your lash,closest to the nose.Press.Let go.Quickly grab the Outer
Lash by the End.Push it into place at the End of your lashes.Hold in place.Use
The Other End of the Tweezer to "Tamp Down" the Entire Lash.Takes about
30 seconds for all this when you get Good! Jill.

Naysa Tue 16-Oct-12 12:37:23

Do your makeup first, if it's your first time put a thick line of liquid liner on, that way if it's a tiny bit wonky then it will be less noticeable. I find that if you put them on first, before makeup then any powder settles on the lashes and in the glue, making them look very fake. If you look on lisaeldridgedotcom's youtube she has a tutorial for putting on strip lashes.
Also it is easier if you put the mirror on the floor, pointing to the ceiling and looking down into it. To blend them in with your natural lashes, curl you eyelashes before you apply them, add mascara, apply the falsies then curl your lashes and the fake ones together and apply a coat of mascara smile

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