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Gilets - good or bad?

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minibmw2010 Thu 06-Sep-12 10:32:32

I'm a size 14/16 but have always liked Gilets, am I just setting myself up to look enormous?

What do you think of these ones?

Fat Face

Another Fat Face

greenhill Thu 06-Sep-12 10:40:32

I don't like the rat fur / nylon collar on the second one but would wear the first one all the time.
I have a duck down one that I had to be prised out of last winter.

StinkyPig Thu 06-Sep-12 12:34:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dexter73 Thu 06-Sep-12 12:43:52

You don't need it to cover your arms to keep you warm. It is a bit like wearing a vest to keep warm. If your body is warm then the rest of you keeps warm too.

SilkInsideAChestnutShell Thu 06-Sep-12 12:52:09

I don't think they're uber-stylish, but they are uber-practical and keep you lovely and warm.

MadAboutHotChoc Thu 06-Sep-12 13:24:04

Very unstylish but I wear mine all winter as I live in an old cottage. I put it on top of my nice cardigans/jumpers etc so I don't look too bad (I think!).

Mine is a proper duck down one (North Face) - no hood or fur etc.

CointreauVersial Thu 06-Sep-12 13:29:20

The Fat Face gilets (second type) are absolutely gorgeous - properly heavy and duvet-like. I hankered after one last winter, but thought it was a bit pricey, and every week envied my mate snuggled in hers as we stood on the touchline at football.

They aren't really my style day-to-day, but are perfect for outdoor casual.

GobblersKnob Thu 06-Sep-12 13:35:41

I have a Fat Face down one very simiar to the second one you linked to, but it doesn't have the hood or fur.

It is about four years old now and still look fabs and is very warm.

NotQuitePerfect Thu 06-Sep-12 14:55:16

I used to be quite meh about gilets until I tried on then bought a Joules navy, hood-less one with flowery lining last spring. Wore it endlessly, great for driving in (unlike a coat), light but cosy. Can't wait til it's chilly enough to wear again! Like the second one you linked better than the first but I'm not a fan of chunky knits.

AlfalfaMum Thu 06-Sep-12 15:46:52

I agree about great for driving. Handy for cycling, too.
More practical than stylish.
I was just eyeing up a black one from Gap

WhyTheBigGoldPaws Thu 06-Sep-12 16:03:44

I tried both of those on this morning, really liked them but haven't decided whether or not to buy as they're quite pricey. The wool one is really cosy and the other is gorgeous but the hood is massive so it would be for really cold days when you may actually need a proper coat - I tend to wear a gilet on in between days so wonder if it's a bit heavy for me. Both are lovely though.

In terms of style, I don't think they're an especially stylish thing to wear but they are extremely practical and I get a lot of wear out of mine - actually I need a new one because I've lost weight and given mine to my Mum. I've also been wondering about this one - I know WS is hated on here but I don't mind some of it <defensive>

minibmw2010 Thu 06-Sep-12 18:03:22

Thanks all. I'm torn between the padded one from FF (and the hood is detachable) or one from Joules which is less padded. Hmm


dexter73 Thu 06-Sep-12 18:10:54

Or how about one from Gap? I have a spare 30% off code if you want one!

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Thu 06-Sep-12 18:14:06

I have the 2nd FF one from last year in navy and wore it twice.

Dh lives in them...must have about 6, dcs have Jack Wills ones, but I wear the wrong sort of clothes for a gilet.
Plus I don't want to look like a Joules family when we go out.

dexter73 Thu 06-Sep-12 18:16:30

MrsRobertDuvall - do you not skip around together holding baskets and puppies looking all fresh-faced?!

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Thu 06-Sep-12 18:22:06

I had a Joules heavy padded one and it was so uncomfortably hot in the middle and then left my arms cold.

I ebayed it and got one of their lightweight ones and it is gorgeous and I too had to be prised out of it. What is the point of a heavy thick gilet? If it's that cold put a coat on!

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Thu 06-Sep-12 18:44:09

More like stomping silently, with faces like thunder, me muttering things like "if we were a normal family..."

That's what any Duvall family trips out end up like.

I may have to put my gilet on ebay.

NotMostPeople Thu 06-Sep-12 18:46:24

I don't think they are stylish, I have one that I wear for dog walking during early spring/autumn. Practical, but I wouldn't wear it out as such.

ComradeJing Thu 06-Sep-12 18:50:14

I love them and think they are pretty stylish as long as they and the rest of your outfit are clean, neat and well put together.

The one issue I have is that I always wish they were slightly longer.

AlfalfaMum Thu 06-Sep-12 20:07:51

I really like the look of the White Stuff gilet WhyTheBigGoldPaws linked to, it makes the Gap one I had wanted look cheap and crappy.
Re. White Stuff I heartily joined in a slagging thread, but got an email of their new stuff the next day and loved all of it blush Oh well, if I can't be fickle here in Style and Beauty..

boodles Thu 06-Sep-12 20:16:10

Since discovering gilets I have not worn a coat, I love them. I was looking to get the above FF one, although I did find it a bit puffy, but then saw this one and bought that instead. Not so puffy, but the material looks nice, lovely furry inside too. Only downside is that it isn't duck down, like the FF one, however it is half the price.

boodles Thu 06-Sep-12 20:17:04 sorry better link (I hope)

boodles Thu 06-Sep-12 20:18:52

I don't like the pockets on the White Stuff one.

PurpleAndPoppyWearer Thu 06-Sep-12 20:21:37

I have lived in gilets the past few winters, perfect for hiding excess flesh and (one winter) the early stages of pregnancy with DC2!

I swear by the Joules ones in navy blue.

almapudden Thu 06-Sep-12 20:29:53

I have a navy blue Jack Wills one without a hood. It's four years old now and I wear it all the time (when I'm not at work) in Autumn and Spring. I think they're really versatile but I'd avoid a hood.

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