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Mn Vogue vol. 2

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MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 11:25:06

For anyone who likes to talk about style, nice stuff that they've bought and so on.

Mymumsdaughter Sun 02-Sep-12 16:45:11

Sorry about typos on 'phone

Popcornia Sun 02-Sep-12 16:50:22

Thanks, Marsha and cheese. Although looking back on it, I suppose black trousers and blazer are a "suit", though I was feeling un-suity in separates with my jumper, Wonder Woman necklace and bright shoes!

Mmdaughter, I like the idea of shoes brightening up a corporate look. Suspect for me undies will always be of the scaffolding type, though. (Sigh.)

Ants, I love the idea of a cream wool dress. I hate to think what my lifestyle (small children and commuting by underground) would do it, though!

AntPants1 Sun 02-Sep-12 16:53:38

Pop are you sure about suit? Does not sound like you at all. I work in Financial services which is suit fantastic and I have not worn one in a decide. My work clothes consist of DVF wrap dresses, pencil skirts in various hues and ciggarate pants. Like you I am a fan of jewelary and accessories. Love a bit of leopard print too - shoes, belt etc. Sounds like that is your style too. I think you may need to tone down your "look" a bit but I would not stray too far from it.

Popcornia Sun 02-Sep-12 16:57:52

Ants - I absolutely know what you mean, but would you dress the same for an interview as you would day-to-day? In my usual industry suits don't happen at all, but if you're in a suits-for-the-senior-people type of industry wouldn't you wear a suit for interviews?

(Oh help. Totally wavering now.)

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 17:01:32

Taking advantage of the last weekend this year when parking is easy in Rome - we drove to Ara Pacis, parked along the Lungotevere, had some of the best ice cream in town and saw an exhibition of Russian Avant garde art (think avant garde 100 years ago - Malevich etc).

City clogged with tourists. Usually the Tridente area is full of very sharply dressed people but today I saw more sensible shoes than I care to think about and the most horrific pair of bootcuts ever. Italian women are style conservatives and I saw also a lot of flares and bootcuts done right - floor length is the key. Many also wore boyfriend jeans. Skinnies are definitely not worn by the majority here. Saw also a woman wearing a cobalt top, white skirt and cobalt toenails - everything very understated and therefore superstylish.

We brought the cold weather and rain with us from the north: today's max temp was a positively freezing and drizzly 24 C. I have seen weak signals that sweatpants (think light gray marl) are making a major comeback - am dreaming of them just to envelope my legs in something warm and cozy.

Maisie dirt is white in Rome and the weather is quite dry - pale beige and pale gray are excellent boot colors here and leather soles doable. Not so sure how well pale suede works up north.

Hopefully words of wisdom! And yes I agree - two or three pairs of something you don't feel 100% happy with is often a poorer investment than something you will really love. Happy you have survived the move.

Popcornia my job is not supercreative or arty - hence I couldn't wear Marsha's exquisite things. I have a favorite red blazer over a black shift dress. In more casual settings I wear it over a navy tee or silk blouse and indigo jeans. Red color suits me, makes me stand out and gets people's attention, but also gives me some warmth. I tried on the Davina but it's too curvy on me. In fact, I do not feel powerful in dresses (they make me feel like a wedding guest or the wife - not the person in charge). I love structured, tailored jackets (have several pseudo Chanels and will eventually get an authentic one). But everyone has different preferences and body shape requirements: wear something that you feel confident and comfortable in. I feel powerful in red and black - navy and gray feel more submissive, and brown is not a good work color unless you want to channel your inner social worker. Oh and I use pinkish and coral and camel shades when I want to appear non-threatening and approachable.

Sarnie stay strong against mindless clutter wink Fritzi love you head-to-toe COS look, and great that so many of you found the new thread!

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 17:05:48

Sorry for scrambled super long message. In interviews I want to channel that I can do the job - and I also often need to talk about money with much more senior men. Being very girly and looking like a secretary won't do - hence the need for a hard shoulderline grin.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 17:17:57

Oh yes I should was for a very low key interview in a cafe. The first one to see if we got on type thing. So felt right for that.

But yes for strategy in boardroom I would wear a jacket. I only do it every so often, if I do it more I am very tempted to get a Stella suit. Because I imagine it would make me feel very good. I used some Marant heels last time, which worked. But didn't want to spend anything. If I do more I will.

I have to say I'm not really a Davina person either.

AntPants1 Sun 02-Sep-12 17:25:44

I wore a DVF wrap dress and jacket to my last interview. I suppose if I had one coming up I'd either wear that or wear a blazer with ciggarate pants and silk top. I just hate suits. For me they are a very male concept and I am a woman and I like a slightly more quirky, less conformist look. I know lots of people will now come on to say that they know loads of women who look amazing in suits but in financial services where I work I just see too many nasty ill fitting ones which scream no imagination....

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 17:27:52

Or Stella jacket. Something good in any case.

Yes I bet Ants.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 17:40:07

Dona your work style sounds great too.

It is just what works really isn't it. What makes you feel really good/ confident.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 17:54:23

Ants I totally see your point and DvF dresses are so lovely and flattering. Perhaps it's also a personal hangup - I wear dresses a lot when I'm the wife or the hostess - for me dresses signify a different social role (carer/listener/decoration/trophy - not the decision maker, not the most interesting person in the room).

Marsha none of my outfits would not work among creative, arty people grin - dress codes and subtle signals of status and power would be totally different among them. (Spent the summer in a neighborhood that has a very strong arty/designer/indie vibe. In fact I had a meeting with two fashion/creative people - the woman had her nose and ear connected by multiple silver chains and wore an elaborately layered black outfit; the man was was dressed in white and wore knee-length white canvas boots...)

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 17:56:12

So your take-home Pop - wear anything that makes you feel strong and confident. But if you get a nose chain and don't get the job, don't blame me wink

shopafrolic Sun 02-Sep-12 18:02:21

Pops head up to say hi on new thread!
I have always worked in quite 'suity' environments and always wore suits for interviews but usually trouser suits as agree with Dona re: dresses - I never feel as 'in control'.
I always tried to wear or carry something to remember me by. A pop of colour, a silk scarf in good colours, a fab bag. Managers male and female have always commented and I think it helps for you to stick in their mind amongst a sea of candidates. Good luck!

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 18:05:12

Ooh good one Dona. I don't do that type of thing anymore. I used to be quite out there in early 20s. My friends and I would wear all sorts of concoctions. Although always simple and very mild, not piercing etc. I don't have my ears pierced even!

But in the industry I'm in people have the finance sector or property or whatever can afford the services as their clients. So the men would tend towards very good suits. My favourite was a boss who always wore exquisite Prada suits. And I do strategy sometimes now, so it's all about directors etc so have to look presentable. So it's quite conservative, although nice conservative.

As for the very creative. Ah I'm kind of out of that scene and am in 'prep school creative'. A different kettle of fish! Marant leather, fur, APC and vintage abound.

Oh and where we go out is quite good. Yes different signals. Most definitely the winner is I don't care but I look awesome kind of LA-ish summer vibe.

Berlin was more like you say. I haven't seen that kind of dressing, real alternative, for ages.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 18:06:20

Hi Shop!

pickledsiblings Sun 02-Sep-12 19:25:29

I'm a big fan of the "I'm pretending I don't care" look (on others) Marsha as it makes me smile and feel superior, whatever I'm wearing grin.

Ants, I love your style smile.

pickledsiblings Sun 02-Sep-12 19:26:42

Oh and Marsha, meant to say, I just could not see you in a Davina, why is that I wonder?

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 19:37:42

It would be so wrong for me I think. If I tried one on I could probably say why. But then I can't do any LKB, not their shoes or bags. All wrong, wrong!

Yes Ants, very lovely style.

Actually I will amend that look I see to I don't need to try but I look awesome look grin

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 19:38:54

Try that much.. That is.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 19:45:51

Pickled I envy anyone who looks good in LA casual. I don't sad

Earth shattering news - it's official, I've found a new neutral. I look good in cream! (Have had an aversion of the color since I was 13.)

Lounging in a cream loose long-sleeved tee <shaking my head>

Have eaten about 5000 kcal today. Italian food is simply too good.

Oh and went out earlier dressed in the clingy cream floral dress, orange Stylesnob ballerinas and green Mini Gracie. Perfect example of how different cities require different styles - prissy chic is not a problem here wink

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 20:37:29

Dang I just get to muck around with different parts of one city and what I wear. You get different cities Dona grin

Sounds lovely.

pickledsiblings Sun 02-Sep-12 20:50:39

Dona, my 13 year old neighbour came over tonight and she looked divine in a cream lace above the knee flared dress, gold thong sandals and a blue/grey waterfall cardi - sounds weird but it worked, complete with her Italian tan that is.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 20:57:14

Pickled cream did not work on me at 13 because it matched my pasty face grin.

Not sure what has happened in the meantime... I discovered blusher? The ozone layer disappeared? grin

notyummy Sun 02-Sep-12 22:42:56

Quick hello to mark my place. Family weekend so not posting much. Back next week!

mirpuppet Sun 02-Sep-12 22:47:39

Sometimes lurker here delurking to thank DonaAna for mentioning the folly of getting duplicates. I was just about to that; but I know she is right that only one will be worn all the time. Next up packing up summer clothes & reviewing & purging autumn/ winter items.

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