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Skinny jeans suit everybody?

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juneau Sun 02-Sep-12 07:24:39

Yesterday, for the first time in about two years, I had a day shopping in London. Top of my list of things I needed to buy was a pair of jeans. I knew exactly what I wanted and went to the two shops where I have always found boot cut jeans in the past that are the right length and style (plain, no chunky pockets, etc).

The only thing I could find was bloody skinny jeans and I lost count of the number of times I was told 'skinny jeans suit everybody'. I beg to differ. I look crap in them. I'm not huge (size 10), but I'm an hourglass shape and skinny jeans just accentuate my arse and thighs, while boot cut or flared jeans balance it out. I've tried them on, but I hate the way I look in them. I also hate the narrow ankles on skinny jeans that make getting them such a pain. I'm clearly too old and unfashionable to go shopping any more sad

CumberdickBendybatch Thu 06-Sep-12 10:59:21

Urgh.. horrible. Presumably only look good on tall skinny 18yo's smile

Ephiny Thu 06-Sep-12 11:10:06

They definitely don't suit everyone. They look horrible on me, when I can even get them on. They are no good if you have a 'womanly' shape.

Good to hear bootcuts are back, not that I've ever stopped wearing them...

PerryCombover Tue 11-Sep-12 00:09:17



GoodHeavensNo Tue 11-Sep-12 00:36:38

They don't suit me either, I'm 5ft 3, pear shaped and have weirdly chunky calves for someone of my size.

Jean shopping is a nightmare and being a short arse most jeans are a couple of inches too long. I long for some uniqlo trews but I know they'll probably be as long as I am tall sad

I've got some topshop marthas that I like and so I'm just living in them until the fashion world sees sense.

fuckadoodledandy Sat 15-Sep-12 22:01:34

Another hourglass here (with oddly overdeveloped calves - wtf that is all about I do not know), so no skinny jeans for me either.

By far the best jeans I've found in years are GAP Curvy (or Curve?)...wearing mine now, and have bulk bought because they are ruddy great. Not too straight, not too bootcut, and fit perfectly for those with an hourglass hip/thigh ratio. (Plus they're 30% off at the minute.)

WerthersUnOriginal Sat 15-Sep-12 22:12:54

God I sometimes wonder if even bootcut jeans suit me...skinny jeans are never going to be ok on me, the clue being the word 'skinny'--which I'm notsad--

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