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Rosehip Oil - awesome and fantastic

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hiddenhome Thu 30-Aug-12 22:55:47

I bought some rosehip oil after a recommendation on here (can't remember who by, sorry) and it is fantastic!

Enlarged pores have diminished by about 70%, my skin is clearer, blemishes have toned down, pores are clean and my wrinkles that were starting around my eyes have virtually gone shock I can't believe it. Skin is soft and clear smile

I am so happy. I apply it after doing the OCM and some microfoliant every other day. That's all.

Thank you to whoever recommended it smile

bluepencil Thu 30-Aug-12 23:02:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

candytuft63 Thu 30-Aug-12 23:06:01

I am going to try it (ordered some today). I have acne-prone skin, but its also dry and so many treatments dried my skin until it actually hurt and bled.
Something has to work , eventually !
Glad it worked for you, hidden smile

hiddenhome Thu 30-Aug-12 23:13:25

Yes, it seems to help dry areas too. My nose isn't as itchy either. I really hope people find it works for them, I'm chuffed as my skin has always bothered me (large pores).

Einsty Thu 30-Aug-12 23:36:58

Ok, tempted. How do you use it?

HappySunflower Thu 30-Aug-12 23:41:25

Where do you get it from?
Is this going to be the new BBB? grin

hiddenhome Thu 30-Aug-12 23:44:55

i just massage it in each evening after cleansing. i bought it via amazon.

lotti37 Fri 31-Aug-12 01:01:06

Rosehip oil will have to try some of that as I have large open pores? Where did you get it from and how do you apply it? Thank you !

lotti37 Fri 31-Aug-12 01:02:42

Sorry just seen the message above . Will try it

lotti37 Fri 31-Aug-12 01:18:27

Hi just looked on amazon . Which one did you go for as there are quite a few? Thank you !

happywithit Fri 31-Aug-12 01:28:24

yes. i didnt know which one to choose is wll.

chocolatespiders Fri 31-Aug-12 02:08:14

sounds worth a try and its pay day today!!

Hopefully Fri 31-Aug-12 07:18:44

It is awesome. I got the Trilogy one, because I only decided to try it when I saw it in John Lewis a few weeks ago.

Has instantly improved my greasy skin (no more oil slick 3 hours into the day), minimised pores, prevented new spots appearing and improved my forehead lines. Proper miracle product grin

ElizaDoMore Fri 31-Aug-12 07:46:57

£5 of Tesco Clubcard vouchers gets you £10 of Beauty Expert vouchers and they have Trilogy for about £16, if that helps. You can go through Topcashback too for an extra discount.

hiddenhome Fri 31-Aug-12 09:03:07

I got the Naissance one. It arrived quickly. I only bought a small amount to try, but will deffo be ordering more. I also use them for my castor oil.

hiddenhome Fri 31-Aug-12 09:08:11

this is the one I got It costs next to nothing as well grin

Cartoonjane Fri 31-Aug-12 10:43:35

Is it just good for oily skin or dry too?

monkeysmama Fri 31-Aug-12 11:38:29

Dry too.

Pinot Fri 31-Aug-12 15:30:36

It's very very good, just annoyed that I paid £16 for the Trilogy one if the Naissance one works just as well. Ach!

WilfSell Fri 31-Aug-12 15:33:42

Boots botanics have just revamped their range. I've been using their body oil on my face for ages to good effect but they've also now got a facial oil with rosehip for just a few quid. It is lovely.

hiddenhome Fri 31-Aug-12 16:57:59

It's good for oily, dry and combo skin. It seems to even things out and relieve both kinds of problems.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 31-Aug-12 17:41:21

Ok, I've ordered it.

If it doesnt turn out better than the snail gel incident and the argan oil then I'm not trusting any of you again.

If it does work then you're all luffly, luffly people.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Fri 31-Aug-12 17:43:55

Baa-aaa-aa dunnit too, what Fluffy said grin

hiddenhome Fri 31-Aug-12 18:50:23

What happened with the argan oil? I thought that was supposed to be very good.


What on earth is snail gel? grin

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 31-Aug-12 18:53:11

Snail gel is meant to heal scarring, it's mainly alcohol so it bought me out in spots and made my skin sore. The lady in Holland and Barratt was NOT gracious when I returned it.

Argan oil doesnt do much for my hair, maybe it's soft enough anyway. DH uses it now.

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