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Bloody French and their bloody innate chic. It's all true.

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BandersnatchCummerbund Wed 22-Aug-12 23:31:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaurieFairyCake Wed 22-Aug-12 23:36:55

Can't link on my phone but the wedges you're talking about are Russell and Bromley - Kate Middleton wore them a couple of weeks ago.

The woman you saw must have stood out against all the shoddy summer wear everyone's wearing - summer stuff seems scruffier to me (I include me in summer wear)

BadEducation Thu 23-Aug-12 00:01:12

I always think black clothing looks chic!

HerRoyalNotness Thu 23-Aug-12 01:53:01

I agree! We have a French woman in th eoffice just now from one of our Vendors, she wears jeans, casual tops and ballet flats etc.. but just looks so chic all the time, it's innate. Sometimes she'll have a scarf tied around her neck, if I did that, I'd look like a dick.

DonaAna Thu 23-Aug-12 06:30:16

It's probably the details that count. Was it polyester, pleather, crumpled and shoddy? The French and Italians know that yor wardrobe consists mostly boring high quality classics which you can upgrade with one or two trendy / striking elements. Have you read the Ines de la Fressange style book?

alwaysrunninginheels Thu 23-Aug-12 06:47:33

fairycakes are the wedges winter ones and loved the R&B summer coco pop ones and was hoping for a winter version?

Babyrabbits Thu 23-Aug-12 06:51:53

It's not inate, their mothers teach them. They have much less clothing that most uk ladies but it is expensive so has to count. They dress to suit their figure.

In aldi a few weeks ago a teenage girl was french, i knew before she even opened her mouth. She had well fitting jeans, nice pumps, simple t shirt and a cotton short sleeved jacket. He papa was also stylish. When they spoke i smiled.

I'm teaching my daughter what matches and not buying gharish clothes for her.

As said above thy accessorise well ( less is more) and they are groomed!

MarshaBrady Thu 23-Aug-12 07:23:30

A Parisian friend only wears monochrome but this still looks incredibly different, interesting and very stylish each time. Although I love her for giving fab compliments about how I look too.

It is from the mother/family. My dgm was French so passed it to my dm who would talk freely about looking good etc

kerstina Thu 23-Aug-12 08:27:08

Yes I don't think they are fashion victims. They wear what suits them.I could not imagine them in black tights and hot pants for instance!

MadAboutHotChoc Thu 23-Aug-12 09:53:33

Much as I love french chic, I also love the individual fun way Brits dress.

CapuccinoCannoliLover Thu 23-Aug-12 10:03:56

I love French and Italian style, but agree that they are not all perfect, although most seem to be. I have seen over-tanned women in Milan who could give Mr T a run for his money with their gold. I have always tried to emulate that classic way of dressing with stylish rather than trendy clothing, nice accessories, long hair, always wear lipstick and perfume, but remembering Coco Chanel's advice of taking one thing off before you go out and she said "fashion fades, only style stays the same".

AbsofAwesomeness Thu 23-Aug-12 10:12:42

Yip, I hear you. Imagine what it's like marrying into a French family. Any event, I turn up looking vaguely alright, SIL turns up looking AMAZING in just a dress or something very simple. Even the cousins, who are more "out there" in terms of dress (e.g. DH's aunt turning up to a wedding in something very similar to a long tutu) still look chic and polished. My DM is in awe of my MIL - MIL always looks very tasteful, chic and relaxed. I don't know how they do it. (though, DM and I are South African, which tends more towards the casual end of the dressing spectrum)

I think one of the issues at the moment is that the weather has been hot, and as it's such a rarity in the UK, very few people have the clothes for it. They just have to drag something from the back of the wardrobe that they wear max 10 times a year and hope for the best.

But - I agree that in the UK there's more excitement/individuality in the way people dress, which can either go spectacularly wrong, or spectacularly right.

But - I think the best dressed are NYers. They're all "groomed", good quality clothes, fabulous hair. They're also very good at dressing for hot weather (as they're used to it)

BandersnatchCummerbund Thu 23-Aug-12 11:11:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AbsofAwesomeness Thu 23-Aug-12 12:01:54

The other thing is that people will (and do) quite openly comment on how you are dressed in france, in rather a blunt manner

BandersnatchCummerbund Thu 23-Aug-12 12:10:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VerityBrulee Thu 23-Aug-12 12:50:24

Bandersnatch what way do you wear your hair? If it's long enough there are great tutorials around for 'messy bun' type hairdos which always say 'French insouciance' to me

Here is a great set

I think you are right about the shops too. The french 'high st' is full of Sandro, Maje, Iro and Comptoir which have very chic style at around the Whistles price range. I love Zadig and Voltaire too, especially their knitwear and tailored jackets.

GaryTankCommander Thu 23-Aug-12 12:56:29

What a previous poster said... Our high street stores are horrendous. Next, Dorothy Perkins, Oasis, New Look, M&S... I can't stand going shopping because I walk in these stores and think euuugghhhh. I feel so disheartened when I shop. Because the quality is poor, the sizing and fitting are bad, the sales assistants often don't care. sad

Trills Thu 23-Aug-12 12:57:24

Women in hair tutorials always have very long shiny (often also very thick) hair to begin with.

Havering Thu 23-Aug-12 13:09:51

Like Abs I married a French bloke - I remember being so intimidated when we went out with his friends in the beginning (this may also have been my tendency to get drunk - which they didn't!)
I'm not quite there yet but I would agree with all of the above
Monochrome and neutral colours, plain or simple patterns (think Breton stripes)
Classic styles and only natural fabrics
Less items but more expensive
And shoes are very important - don't ruin a great outfit with ugly shoes or in bad condition!

But can I say when the French do get it wrong - its usually really really wrong grin

BandersnatchCummerbund Thu 23-Aug-12 13:09:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Babyrabbits Thu 23-Aug-12 13:10:52

Abs ...what do they say? ( when they comment openly)

Is it true you don't answer the door in france if your not made up?

marge2 Thu 23-Aug-12 13:15:49

I work with loads of French women. Some of them have it and some don't. One was a mess.

Viviennemary Thu 23-Aug-12 13:17:34

I think it might have a bit to do with how they carry themselves. Always standing up straight and so on. Bit like ballet dancers. They're supposed to be very chic. At least they are in the books I've read. grin And also grooming. Even if it looks effortless it isn't. Or so I've been told.

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Thu 23-Aug-12 13:22:52

I think Boden might have black wedges cheaper than R&B ones. Hang on a minute, I'll have a look ...

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Thu 23-Aug-12 13:24:08

Like so:

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