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I bloody luff DD's new dungarees

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nickelcognito Wed 22-Aug-12 14:58:48


from M& Co.
they're in the boy's section, but what decent clothes aren't

I got them from my local store where it doesn't force you to genderize.

they're knitted cotton, and she's wearing them today with a red and blue stripy vest. they're soft, so soft, flexible and have feet and she looks super cute in them grin

5madthings Thu 23-Aug-12 11:35:57

aww lots of cute babies smile

i had some blue dungarees for my ds2 from m&s that were very similar only they had snoopy on the front and came with a red and white stripey top!

nickelcognito Thu 23-Aug-12 11:33:52

awww, they're all so cuuute! grin

nickelcognito Thu 23-Aug-12 11:27:10

dylsmimi - they have poppers at the bottom.

BikeRunSki Wed 22-Aug-12 23:24:29

Why won't it work? It shows up on preview.

BikeRunSki Wed 22-Aug-12 23:22:30


BikeRunSki Wed 22-Aug-12 23:14:19

This is my proof that my DD is cuter than Nickel's.

She was wearing dungarees under the bib, but they're nothing special.

McKayz Wed 22-Aug-12 20:26:43

Indith, they are very cool!

Indith Wed 22-Aug-12 18:36:15

These are the best dungarees in the world ever.

McKayz Wed 22-Aug-12 18:25:57

I want to attempt a picture too! Here goes!

GnocchiNineDoors Wed 22-Aug-12 18:24:31

Arg noo dont think I can do it from phone but if I recall theres one on my profile.

Cracking to check the site for dd.

NatashaBee Wed 22-Aug-12 18:23:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GnocchiNineDoors Wed 22-Aug-12 18:23:00

Nickel she is a little peach! I think she is around the same age as DD. Hmm....ill try and post a photo

NatashaBee Wed 22-Aug-12 18:21:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pascha Wed 22-Aug-12 17:49:55

try again

Pascha Wed 22-Aug-12 17:48:56

Mines lovelier I think, in his snazzy elf suit last christmas...

goodygumdrops Wed 22-Aug-12 17:48:46

She is VERY cute. Broody, broody broody ....

Tee2072 Wed 22-Aug-12 17:42:36

She loverly!

But not as loverly as my not so much a baby. As evidenced in the very old picture above.

dylsmimi Wed 22-Aug-12 17:41:49

Ahh she's a cutie! I love dungarees too but as Ds is potty training it would be a nightmare & really mean!
Can't wait to get out for Ds2!
I did find with m & co that the dungarees were quite slim fitting so had to get a size up & fitted fine!
Gwen - they have an online shop & if you sign up for emails there is normally a special offer every week (don't blame me for a large parcel of clothes arriving!!)

Annunziata Wed 22-Aug-12 17:38:33

Awwwwwww she's a doll!

GWenlockMaryLacey Wed 22-Aug-12 17:35:35

Cuuuuuuute smile Don't have an M and Co near me, never heard of it. sad

nickelcognito Wed 22-Aug-12 17:32:54

see, you've got to provide proof - that's what the picture feature is for.

find a pic on your pooter and upload it.

BikeMedalsRunningMedals Wed 22-Aug-12 17:12:36

She is cute, yes, but not as cute as mine.

nickelcognito Wed 22-Aug-12 17:09:15

ah, Natasha - it stops DD from scratching herself raw! grin

thanks SmartArse grin

nickelcognito Wed 22-Aug-12 17:08:04

McKayz - boo! to your SIL.

hope you get some - tey're bloody fab. grin

Nicholas - i might need proof...

nickelcognito Wed 22-Aug-12 17:07:10

it's new - it's been around a few weeks - see the "browse" at the bottom of the message box?
find a pic on your pooter and add it!

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