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Where to get good quality leggings?(apart from Boden)

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frumperina Mon 20-Aug-12 20:34:00

I read about Boden leggings on here a while ago and ordered some in July.Well I'm still waiting for the bloody things and am truly fed up with Boden. Anywhere else you can recommend to get nice, non see-through, non baggy leggings?

boodles Mon 20-Aug-12 22:46:27

Honestly, after trying a good few pairs from different shops the ones I love are from Sainsburys. They are the ones marked up as their 'luxury' leggings and they are £10 a pair, but they are lovely. The fabric used is thicker and good quality, doesn't go see through and they also do not go baggy at all.

Magicmayhem Mon 20-Aug-12 22:48:17

I love the next plain legging... they do 3/4 length and normal length, I've had a couple of pairs for years and they've done me proud.

RugBugs Mon 20-Aug-12 22:51:35

Another vote for sainsburys 'luxury' £10 leggings!
Much better fit around the ankle than next (why shops assume my ankles have grown along with my backside?)

boodles Mon 20-Aug-12 23:00:17

Just read that Sainsburys have a 25% off weekend this weekend, so ideal time to buy a pair.

frumperina Mon 20-Aug-12 23:09:45

Thank you, would never have thought of sainsburys. Now I just have to find one that sells clothes. Will have a look in Next too ( have ankles to match backside!)

overthemill Tue 21-Aug-12 14:34:28

white stuff are good but expensive i think

Mumelie Tue 21-Aug-12 14:41:41

M&S (Indigo or Autograph ranges) seem pretty good. Dont buy the cheap ones though, bit see through!

Medal Tue 21-Aug-12 16:32:50

I got some great cotton ones from Sea Salt and they are so much nicer than most of the other leggings I've seen (and similarly priced), and soooo comfortable.

mummysmellsofsick Tue 21-Aug-12 21:07:01

Falke are good

AllPastYears Tue 21-Aug-12 21:09:53

I got some nice ones in TopShop for about £20. They have loads of different ones though, some thick, some flimsy, so you'd have to hunt around.

RedBlanket Tue 21-Aug-12 21:11:28

American apparel, especially of you're tall. Usually
Cheapest on amazon.

hellswelshy Wed 22-Aug-12 09:03:59

My vote would go for Wallis leggings; high waisted so tuck everything in, keep everything smooth and good quality fabric. Next leggings however have been disappointing, quality varies greatly from pair to pair?

Laquila Sat 20-Apr-13 09:01:24

I also have the Sainsburys Luxury Soft Touch ones for £10 and they're great (although I've only just bought them and haven't washed the yet).

Pre-preg I'm a 12-14 in most things, but always buy 10 or 12 leggings and I find any bigger than that are too baggy, particularly round the knees and ankles.

I bought the Sainsburys ones in 14R, and they are perfect round the waist for my 21wk bump (still quite small) and nice and snug on the legs and ankles.

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