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Mumsnet Vogue - first edition

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FritziGreenEyes Fri 17-Aug-12 09:21:01

For everyone who wants to harp on about their new purchases, enjoys links and some chat. Here is to new beginnings!

DonaAna Sat 01-Sep-12 11:20:24

A quick message - taking a brief rest before leaving for the airport in a hour or two, Rome-bound.

Am just recovering from the monstrous task of packing. Have given up on suitcases (too much dead weight), pack everything in strong plastic sacks that have handles. Empty weight 0, sturdy enough and hold clothes beautifully. In my experience also some electronics (a hot kettle, an iron, my Kindle) survive the trip if packed inside everything else. This is possibly the first time in 5 years that I do not need to pack a stroller - DD2 is 2.5. I know both the departure and destination airports really well, down to knowing exactly where the playrooms and duty frees are located grin. Keep fingers crossed for me this afternoon - flying alone with 2 under 5-year-olds is no picnic - they have had terrible tantrums in the past <traumatized>. I have a bag full of distractions and snacks plus usually resort to iPad and iPhone at some point... Sticker books are usually the best.

Yummy I already have two mink fur coats in my closet (it was -20 C and windy here last winter) still moth and fur mite free. My mother has taught me how to handle fur - exposing them to very light rain once a season keeps fur looking good and they should be taken to a cool fur storage facility in the spring. Vintage fur is a potential source for pests, but you can get rid of them by heat or freezing them. (Maybe I should just leave the freezer on now? grin}

Fritzi I've been in a head-to-toe pseudo Chanel outfit in a toolshed like kiddie birthday setting that sounds like your mink stole / bowling alley mashup (the toolshed was inside a country club in Rome). All other parents wore fleeces, body warmers and sweatpants grin Was mortified but just pretended I was on my way home from some very swish early afternoon party...

Going to wear on the plane a boring outfit of Roxanne skinnies, a white H&M vest (yes Amber one of those long 3.99 ones - they are the best under everything), MJ chambray shirt, cream Stylesnob ballerinas and cream Zatchel. If I flew alone, I'd wear a dress (sweater dresses are comfier than yoga pants), good shoes and one of my better bags, but will be in survival mode this afternoon...

MarshaBrady Sat 01-Sep-12 11:35:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarshaBrady Sat 01-Sep-12 11:36:06

Wrong thread! Good luck Dona!

MarshaBrady Sat 01-Sep-12 11:41:32

Love your mash up term btw. Ive had bad short haul but weirdly better long haul.

I hope to repeat an ok one at Christmas.

FritziGreenEyes Sat 01-Sep-12 15:59:48

dona Have a safe journey back. Hope your DDs are on their best behaviour pn the plane.

Popcornia Sat 01-Sep-12 16:06:40

Hopefully, I am reading your What Katie Did recommendation with interest. I take the same size as your sister and am on the lookout for bras that will give me a nice shape without sodding padding. And don't even get me started on padded push up bras - disastrous.

I so wish you hadn't linked to the plum, v-neck Me & Em dress. I have the navy cap sleeved one from earlier this year and I love it. Oh, tempted.

Amber, I threw my nursing bras away with relish. They were sized 34H. Each cup fitted over my head. Your thrifting finds have reminded me I need to do a little more looking for that sort of thing.

Thanks all for the interview wishes! Sadly this particular opportunity is with a fairly conservative organisation, so I have just dropped my (only) suit at the cleaners. It's not a bad option as suits go - navy, wide-legged trousers, very fitted single button jacket with a very nipped-in waist. I will have to bring my laptop, so my bag options are limited. So my creative thinking is all around the top, shoes and accessories - sadly, shopping my wardrobe is making me feel quite uninspired. I am trying to tell myself it would not be presumptuous to get a new top and shoes before actually getting an offer.

mignon, the format is interviews with three different groups of people and involves a case study, so I will be doing some presenting but with very little time to prepare it. So no pressure. (Gulp.)

MarshaBrady Sat 01-Sep-12 20:01:26

It would be nice. Do you know what you'd like to get if you did Pop?

DonaAna Sat 01-Sep-12 21:43:37

Pop you could and should stand out during the interview.
I repeat - I wear red to those things. I get the jobs and I get the contracts. And I negotiated a substantially higher initial salary and terms than what was originally offered.
Do you have a mentor who could prep you for the interview - if not, this book is very good in mimicking one.

Ciao from Italy. DC were little angels on the flights, fueled by Oreos and mini cinnamon rolls. Love to be back at home <3

shopafrolic Sun 02-Sep-12 07:50:14

Are these classic and beautiful or nasty?
I quite fancy channelling the geek school vibe this autumn but not sure if these are the domain of 20 year olds?

FritziGreenEyes Sun 02-Sep-12 08:12:21

shopafrolic Dona is our resident satchel expert and wears them with aplomb in bright colours. smile

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 08:23:13

Shop I have two satchels - a smaller in green and a bigger in cream (both from Zatchel). Nobody else carried them in the Nordics or in Italy - received lots of compliments and they are my favorite bags atm (the smaller one carries my iPad and the bigger my work laptops and notebooks). What I love about them is their sturdiness and resistance to rain. And also how they add a punch of contrasting color to my boring outfits.

Breakfast in bed at home in Rome. Windows thrown open, mellow sunlight streaming in. Have enjoyed browsing this book - enjoying it, although you might think I'd already know about classic clothes wink. DD1 has put on an empire-waisted pink chintz party dress - DD2 is very interested in my crazy shoes and keeps complimenting them. Will need to practice walking in them - want to wear them to a few parties here.

I'll do a mountain of laundry today (Nanny and our cleaner will sort it out later) and should start a good wardrobe purge. Perhaps not throwing anything away - we have a big cantina downstairs - will only storage the items that are not on high rotation and repair/dye/doctor the ones that need some TLC.

Have identified an AW wardrobe gap to fill - cream or light camel sweater dress, possibly cable knit. Would wear it constantly. How about you - any must-haves you need to find for fall?

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 08:27:14

Indeed Fritzi grin
Perhaps I'm really an ingenue. My aunts are and they are 70+ blush

I've also seen some to-die-for vintage Valentino dresses (not to be worn with a satchel) - decisions, decisions...

FritziGreenEyes Sun 02-Sep-12 08:32:02

dona Snap smile Cup of tea in bed with windows wide open. Reading the Sunday Times on iPad. DD is wearing a lilac tulle princess costume and tiara.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 08:34:09

Oh and Shop I don't have them in neon colors - just regular bright green that amazingly goes with nearly all of my clothes. The cream accents neutrals and cobalt blues. A very stylish friend has a Cambridge satchel in post it yellow. The rest of her outfits are black, nude and neutral.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 08:37:30

Ooh Fritzi snap. I'll see your tiara and raise butterfly wings grin

PS Last minute pre-departure purchase - this COS dress.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 08:54:39

Rome sunlight sounds divine and making me want to go somewhere.

Glad your travel was ok Dona.

I might be entering a shoe shortage. I would love something for gap between now and boots. Slipper / loafer or sturdier ballet flat. Will send the Charles ones back and look.

My blonde sleeping mop just woke up.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 08:55:32

Great Cos dress!

SilkInsideAChestnutShell Sun 02-Sep-12 09:02:06

shop scaramanga are great for satchels. Not sure if they do lovely colours, mine is a geeky tan.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 09:24:04

Geeky tan is good Silk - just purchased a vintage tan satchel (a minitrend in the Nordics - the other street style winner: small cross-body vintage leather saddle bags).

Marsha brogues or loafers? In the North it was already boot weather, in Italy sandals and ballet flats are still good... Wore various types of wedges before boots. Am trying not to do the slipper loafer trend - somehow it does not look like it will flatter my feet.

I've just found all the stuff I left behind grin Wearing a Brazilian clingy cream floral dress and gold Havaianas.

Oh and shall we name the new thread MN Vogue Vol 2 or something else? Hoping there will be enough posters to keep this open thread going...

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 09:31:42

The best AW flat I've had we're some Anne Valerie Hash from Liberty - glossy-ish deep red flats. Stiff but comfortable, so better than Lanvin (I can't help but see them as just for summer).

So a bit more to it. I'm not sure I can do slippers. But most of all I need an inch at the back. Totally flat drives me to distraction.

I agree, love this thread nice to pontificate so much on style and nice stuff. I think it should be simple as possible yes like vol. 2.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 09:33:51

Mn Vogue Vol. 2 that is (can it be just Mn Vogue or does that get confusing?)

FritziGreenEyes Sun 02-Sep-12 09:44:25

Let's keep it simple: MN Vogue Vol. 2 is perfect.

DH has taken DD swimming. I will de-clutter my wardrobe some more smile

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 10:23:58

Just started a ruthless wardrobe purge - applying the wisdom gleaned from "You are what you wear".

Major observations - a quick style psychoanalysis
*I should not buy multiples (too many wool cardigans and LBDs - at least 10)
* stuck with too many work clothes. I work from home for most of the year and for the rest I dress colorfully and fashionably, so why do I have all these corporate drone pieces???
* a pile of clothes need tailoring/repairs, missing buttons, side seams that need altering. Will start a to-do list.
*some old favorites have worn out - time to bin them - thanks for the good times, time to move on...
*about 10 items need dry-cleaning and/or pressing
*am discarding some black polyester. DO NOT BUY SYNTHETICS
*some clothes are clearly too mature/ formal/ boring for my current lifestyle. Am storing them in the wine cellar / purgatory
*too many leftover cocktail dresses from the tropics. Pretty and classic styles - will store them, who knows where we will live next...
*a few pieces (a Malene Birger cardigan, a safari jacket) would look good on many of you but are not me - do not get worn
*one stripey piece - unworn. Purge and do not buy stripes, ever...
*too much black from the time I did not understand color. No more black.
*Frumpy things: too long A line skirts, dowdy dresses that are slightly too big.
*Overall, I have far more formal and work clothes than chic casuals. Do not buy more party dresses/formal pieces/workwear.

What I like and should wear:
* monochrome punchy color
*clean and sharp tailoring
*some pattern (but phasing that out)
* navy, camel and white basics
*I'm tall and have a good body - tailoring and some bodycon items look good. Much better than oversized, dated stuff.
*learn to put together great casual outfits

Gaps in my wardrobe
* one or two good long-sleeved silk blouses
*a stunning wool pencil skirt
*a camel sweater dress
*one or two flowing under-the-jacket tops for layering
* a high quality pair of classic Marlene Dietrich trousers in black or dark gray

Anyone else ready & willing to do a style psychoanalysis? wink

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 11:19:01

The great purge is over!
End result:
*7 pieces discarded / recycled
*14 need cleaning and pressing
*3 need repairs
*21 party dresses go to the special occasions file in the cantina - about 10 still left in the cupboard
*10 pieces go to too old/corporate file
*2 items demoted to workout wear

58 pieces survived the purge and will remain in active duty (this does not include the to be laundered/repaired/stores items)
I do not need new clothes for any season.

Also noticed many outlet bargains are not necessarily bargains - they are often impulse purchases even if they are great quality designer stuff - poor CPW. Avoid outlets from now on... stick to Marshalogy!

Also noticed that having my colors done has really improved my wardrobe. Nearly anything that is navy, denim blue, cobalt blue, emerald green, coral, camel or white gets worn a lot and has been a good investment. I clearly prefer solid color over pattern - will try to remember that too.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 11:26:04

I am going to come back and join in Dona.

Just going to slide in here with link to new thread.

Cooee come over.

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