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BB Cream recommendations

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Zipitydooda Wed 15-Aug-12 18:27:25

I like the idea of BB cream; all-in-one and good for skin. Can anyone recommend a particular brand as they all seem to have one at the moment? I have the no7 one but I dont think it's great for my skin as I get spots.

Scootergrrrl Wed 15-Aug-12 18:30:22

I have just got the L'Oreal Nude Magique one and it's very nice - much nicer than the Garnier one which was a bit orange and shiny. The L'Oreal one looks really weird cos it's a bluey coloured thin liquid with little flecks of blue but it goes on really well ad makes my skin nice and matt.

Bunbaker Wed 15-Aug-12 18:32:38

Not Clinique. I got a free sample after being accosted by a Clinique consultant in Boots the other day. It makes me look like I have talc on my face. I don't like the consistency either. I much prefer tinted moisturiser.

sue52 Wed 15-Aug-12 19:24:53

I'm using the Estee Lauder one. It's nice but a bit cakey looking so I mixed it with a bit of Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser and I look really rather good.

Bunbaker Wed 15-Aug-12 19:28:36

The Clinique one was cakey as well. Too thick. Perhaps I don't need BB cream.

DontCallMeMummyPig Wed 15-Aug-12 20:06:06

I got a sample of the Bobbi Brown one... It's lovely and matte but quite thick and hard to rub in properly. Poss cos it has a high SPF. Loads better than the greasy Garnier one though...

CoffeeMummy Wed 15-Aug-12 20:36:34

I have tried the Garnier and L'oreal BB creams recently as I also like the idea of them - but I've just switched back to my good old Olay touch of foundation tinted moisturiser. I have a sneaking suspicion the BB creams have not been good for my skin - it might be coincidence but I've noticed a lot more spots since I started using them.

The Garnier one was quite good and smelled nice and slightly citrusy, and I like the weirdness of the blue tinted Nude Magique - but now I've gone back to Olay I much prefer its coverage and consistency.

musttidyupmusttidyup Wed 15-Aug-12 20:48:21

I've tried garnier and l'oreal and not much in it but I prefer the garnier one. I just use a little around middle of face area to even out colour then dust with powder. Don't think I'm orange. Def got a few spots when strayed using but now skin clearer than has been for years.

FrankelSaysRelax Wed 15-Aug-12 20:49:50

Another vote for the Garnier one here. I've got the one for oily/combination skin and it is very good.

Iatemyskinnyperson Wed 15-Aug-12 20:55:26

I have the Estée Lauder one, like it a lot. I don't find it cakey at all... But I use a small amount on moisturised skin. I have some of the Korean ones, v good value on eBay. Skin79 (in bright pink bottle) is a good one

CockBollocks Wed 15-Aug-12 21:01:25

I have the Maybelline one, its more like a tinted moisturiser in texture and really nice.

I did get spots though but have carried on and my skin has got used to it.

Zipitydooda Wed 15-Aug-12 21:39:11

Thanks very much, most votes so far seems to be Garnier. I might give that a go next.

MrsLocog Wed 15-Aug-12 21:59:11

I also have the maybelline one which I love - people told me I looked really well only 3 weeks after DS was born when I was wearing it! Been wearing it every day since!

Casmama Wed 15-Aug-12 22:05:58

I have only used the Garnier one but really wouldn't recommend as it is greasy and very orange even in the lightest shade

wildfig Thu 16-Aug-12 11:50:23

The Bobbi Brown one is very good but not cheap at £28 for a smallish tube - although you only need a tiny bit, as it's quite thick (which makes me a bit hmm about any sun protection claims). Everything else I've tried has ended up too orange and shiny for my pale skin.

fruitybread Thu 16-Aug-12 11:58:08

Maybelline! Believe it or not. It's much more sheer than other BB creams I tried - less thick and greasy. It gives a really nice finish and light coverage. Just evens things out rather than hiding them.

Is also splendidly cheap.

TheTermagantToaster Thu 16-Aug-12 12:01:12

Hated the Garnier one, made me properly orange. Am really liking the No.7 one atm.

fruitybread Thu 16-Aug-12 12:14:17

re: sun protection, I don't believe at all that the Maybelline offers SPF 30. It's too sheer. I wear a sun block underneath (so in fact just treat it as a tinted moisturiser. Over my normal moisturiser. Hmm. Actually I just use it as a very light foundation, don't I)

CockBollocks Thu 16-Aug-12 12:51:24

I can vouch for Sun protection in maybelline, was on hols and spent days in the sun with no redness - freckly pale skin!

fruitybread Thu 16-Aug-12 14:30:25

Then I am even more impressed with the Maybelline! glad you didn't get fried.

GooseRocks Thu 16-Aug-12 14:36:36

Not entirely sure what BB cream is? What does it do that tinted moisturiser doesn't?

Got an email from Bodyshop re theirs. Anybody tried it?

ValerieDavis Thu 16-Aug-12 16:52:09

I've used the Garnier version and it's not great to be honest with you! Makes my skin feel greasy, doesn't have great coverage and if you're pale, i'd stay way clear! Even the lightest colour is orange!

CatPower Thu 16-Aug-12 17:07:20

I tried the Garnier one and it's the worst £7.99 I've spent, it makes me look orange and greasy and awful - and that's the lightest shade!

cornybootseeker Thu 16-Aug-12 17:09:40

I have ginvera green tea bb cream. It's ace. Got a free sample in my beauty box and loved it.

ElizaDoMore Thu 16-Aug-12 19:36:33

Boots 17 is lovely! SPF25, down to £5.99 just now and comes with fab freebie (lipgloss, eye shadow and bronzer).

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