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I had a liquid facelift today

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DameDoom Sat 11-Aug-12 21:07:03

Sorry - don't mean to offend the 'grow old gracefully' among you but I am a needle whore and have been for the past three years. Have had a constant supply of Botox and Juverderm Ultra pumped into my hang dog face in a bid, not to look younger, but less like a saggy shar pei. Went to a new doctor today and he advised me to try not to treat the symptoms but to tackle the cause, which apparently stems from the cheeks. Visions of an overstuffed pillow face flashed before me but I threw caution to the wind anyway. Had Juverderm Voluma which is much longer lasting and thicker than normal filler into my upper cheeks, a bit to turn up the sides of my miserable gob and extensive Botox. Okay, the tox takes a while to kick in but I am amazed by the results - my face is oval as opposed to a melting square. Jowls gone, can't find my double chin and eyebags have disappeared.All that from cheek work - Am bloody thrilled. Dr said Voluma lasts up to 2 years - double result.

dearprudence Sat 11-Aug-12 21:12:03

Who do you go to?

Oh, and pictures please! grin

thenightsky Sat 11-Aug-12 21:23:23

wow... we need to see your profile pics and please state your age!

DameDoom Sat 11-Aug-12 21:24:01

Yorkshireskinclinic. It runs out of my local Drs' surgery in York. The surgeon's name is Aaron Brown. Not much help if you are not in the area though. The thing is with fillers is that I find they can make you look quite flat faced and 2d -ish ( did for me anyway) but this Voluma stuff resculpts your face and as it is so close to the bone you can't see any tell tale filler. I started to sag badly at about 35 ( thanks dad) and it has made me miserable - normal fillers have helped to a certain extent but this has been a real breakthrough for me. My husband even noticed and said I look brill. Can't stop looking at my oval face.

dearprudence Sat 11-Aug-12 21:29:02

Thanks Dame. I've yet to take the plunge but I'm getting very close - will be this year I think. I just hate that I look cross, or tired, or miserable, when I'm not.

I want to feel like you do!

jalopy Sat 11-Aug-12 21:32:59

How do you know that you don't have that 'pillow face' look?

DameDoom Sat 11-Aug-12 21:33:12

I'll put a pick on as soon as my Botox kicks in so you can get the full effect. apart from the surgeon noone has ever seen a full on face shot of me for 10 years... have perfected the best side on beatific smile to hide melting face but I think I may have the confidence to actually go full on face. Am no raving beauty and look my 40 years -'cept now I look like a well-maintained 40. If anyone is prematurely saggy then I'd say do this if it bothers you - tis' fabulous. I know it's not for everyone but It has boosted my confidence 100%

DameDoom Sat 11-Aug-12 21:42:55

Fair point jalopy. When I had my nose to mouth lines done I think I did look slightly pillowy. there is no getting away from that and I can spot anyone who has has Juvederm Ultra there ( even when subtle) This has given me back an actual 3D look to my face - a bit like the difference between hanging your clothes on a dodgy wire coathanger or a posh wooden one. You may beg to differ and I completely respect that. These aren't Madonna cheeks, the only thing the Juvederm has done has hoiked everything back up to where it once was.

WoodlandHills Sat 11-Aug-12 22:50:01

Oooh we need to see pictures!

AgathaFusty Sun 12-Aug-12 00:04:59

Oh my goodness, I want some of this (I think, but I want to see pics first). We went to a lovely restaurant in central London today, full of bright young things. I felt about 90 - and all the fecking mirrors in the place confirmed that, yes indeed, I do look a bit in need of some facial help.

Tell us more, and post before and after pics too please grin

DameDoom Sun 12-Aug-12 01:52:48

I will post an after picture in the next couple of days where I will outline what has gone where - need bruising to go down first cos' this hurt a lot more than normal filler - well it smarted more so slight exaggeration for effect. I can't do a before unless I get a pic from Dr Aaron cos' I wouldn't have a full on face pic taken for ten years. I do not look like a twenty year old or anything like that - I just look a much,much fresher me.

Birdsgottafly Sun 12-Aug-12 02:13:11

Is it to a personal question to ask the cost of it?

DameDoom Sun 12-Aug-12 02:18:01

I must stress - this isn't a stretch your face to death, head on back to front thingy. Most people will hopefully think you have a stress freeish life. The look is more Helen Mirren than Madonna. Looking your age but without all the ravages that you don't want - or if you do want. I doubt most people have aged as badly as I have.

DameDoom Sun 12-Aug-12 02:29:34

Birds - cost £575 but that is for 2 years worth of Voluma so works out quite well compared to other fillers. Botox for 3 areas £295. If I'd known before what a difference the cheeks made I doubt I'd have bothered with the Botox again - it's not kicked in yet but I already look way fresher.

Charliefox Sun 12-Aug-12 09:48:38

Dame doom, I bet u a pound to a pinch of salt that u wouldn't spot my nose to mouth filler. Not that we can put it to the test mind, cos this place is anonymous, innit! Good for u tho - I know that feeling of feeling refreshed and improved and it's fab!

Birdsgottafly Sun 12-Aug-12 10:18:10

I've had botox and filers but i seem to throw them off quick, so that is good value.

I am going to have a consultation, thanks for sharing this.

KJL193 Tue 22-Dec-15 13:37:17

I've had Juvaderm at Tracy Mountford's Cosmetic Skin Clinic
I went there because they are conservative, but they have underfilled to the point that nobody, not even my husband has noticed any difference
They are now suggesting Sculptra - another £1, 500 at least. I am really disappointed that they didn't suggest this in the first place. They are supposed to be the expert and advise on what will make the most difference to you. Also, I am still waiting for my before photos which they did not show at follow up. Has anyone else had a bad experience with Tracy Mountford? Also what do people think of Sculptra? I'm happy to wait for the results of Sculptra but have read reviews on RealSelf etc where people complain about no results after several treamtments over many months - and it's expensive! Any insights much appreciated!

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