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I'm allowed one S&B thread per year and this is it...

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ShowOfHands Wed 08-Aug-12 16:25:45

With the advent of the picture option on S&B, I thought it was probably about time I started my annual thread begging for help.

You'll all be horrified to know that I've already purchased a dress. I had a baby 11 months ago and have lost a lot of weight due to lugging him around. I'm also an entirely different shape and very little fits. It was necessary that I shop for the first time in two years. The dress is a done deal. I like it.

We have not one, but two weddings to go to. One of them is in the dead of winter, the other at the height of summer (so it'll be the same temperature at both of them and will no doubt rain). Winter wedding is in a medieval castle. I was thrilled when I heard. DH noticed and informed me that "if you wear that godawful velvet cloak, I will divorce you. You are not auditioning for a part in Merlin". Bastard. Anyway...

The summer one's in a church in Ireland, v Catholic, v posh. No doubt I'm not allowed to wear my cloak to that either.

The only shoes I own are Dr Marten's and the clumpier the better really. I don't wear heels. Is there something I can buy that is flat but will go with that dress and I can wear in winter and summer? Can I just wear tights in winter? I quite fancy some tan leather boat shoes. They're not really wedding wear are they? What do you wear at weddings? Do I have to wear a hat to the church (I have hundreds of hats, all ridiculous, one says 'ban the bomb' on it in tie dye, oh yes).

And what do I wear over it? Cardigan? Jacket? Er, my cloak? Money is very tight. I could KNIT something? That's probably a resounding no too, right?

GnocchiNineDoors Wed 08-Aug-12 17:22:04

what about red loafer types?

Tee2072 Wed 08-Aug-12 17:22:21

I only stride purposely. ::nods::

Triple wrong, is how bad those are. ::shudder::

Trills Wed 08-Aug-12 17:26:30

Those are awful Showy. Not just for that dress but awful in general.

Trills Wed 08-Aug-12 17:47:05

Showy do you have a blog?

EduStudent Wed 08-Aug-12 17:48:01

Put the Creepers down and back away.

ShowOfHands Wed 08-Aug-12 18:31:07

Ooh those loafers are good. I like red shoes. They are very red. But £35 is steep. Do they contain a portal to Oz?

Creepers, arf. Good name. I really like them. Dancing shoes.

Do I have a blog? Bloody hell NO. Can you imagine? I do write stuff online though <vague>

Finallygotaroundtoit Wed 08-Aug-12 18:38:26

Can't help with accessories but need want to know how you got an armless, headless mannequin to float in a doorway ? confused

Love the dress grin

ShowOfHands Wed 08-Aug-12 18:43:18

I put a curse on her.


talkingnonsense Wed 08-Aug-12 18:53:30

I like the dress. Where's it from?

ShowOfHands Wed 08-Aug-12 19:11:52

Thanks talking. My clothes always come from the same places. I'm v resistant to change grin. It's an Uttam London dress.

I am liking those red loafers more and more. I've shown them to dh and even he approves. I wonder if they'll still be on sale in a fortnight.

Brandnewbrighttomorrow Thu 09-Aug-12 01:26:47

I liked the velvet shoes upthread, don't think the loafers would be right with the dress (which is lovely btw) especially not for a wedding.

cocolepew Thu 09-Aug-12 01:37:50

Wear what you are comfortable in, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks! Stand firm.
Wear the cloak.

Trills Thu 09-Aug-12 08:53:53

I can see that you write stuff online - you are doing it here.

EduStudent Thu 09-Aug-12 10:17:20

Some slightly cheaper new look options here, here and here

ShowOfHands Thu 09-Aug-12 15:42:40

Why the questions Trillsy? I do write some stuff for other people to peruse online. In a place other than here. But it's not a blog and it's not clean very interesting.

I am afraid I still very much like the loafers. The velvet ones Trillsy linked are marvellous but I fear they might not cope with the weather or work with tights.

Edu the ones you linked are all a bit delicate. I need brighter and clumpier.

coco, 99% of the time I wear what I like but at a wedding I fear that there's an etiquette to be observed. People are supposed to gaze in adoration at the bride, not in astonishment at the Morgana Le Fay wannabe in the corner.

Trills Thu 09-Aug-12 15:54:06

I just thought that if you had a blog I would probably like to read it, that's all smile

GetOrfMoiRing Thu 09-Aug-12 15:55:51

What the fuck is that!?

How are there pictures there?

Fucking hell!

GetOrfMoiRing Thu 09-Aug-12 15:56:18

Sorry I will reead the thread now

Trills Thu 09-Aug-12 16:02:15

There's a button.

EduStudent Thu 09-Aug-12 18:33:57

There's a button

What, a big leopard printy velvet button to let everyone know that it's time for Showy's annual thread? wink

Sorry, will look for something a little less dainty country laydeeeeeee-ish. Not really my style either. Though they might be the sort of thing a normal, rational person unlike me would suggest grin

cocolepew Thu 09-Aug-12 18:40:18

There is similar loafers in M&S but I didn't notice the price. wear the cloak

EduStudent Thu 09-Aug-12 18:50:40

Ps, I'm another in favour of the cloak.

Do it do it do it do it do it do it

EduStudent Thu 09-Aug-12 19:25:13


Trills Thu 09-Aug-12 19:54:18

A button to add pictures!

ShowOfHands Fri 10-Aug-12 11:18:46

They're too ballet like Edu. I'm not remotely ballet like. Unless you saw Dawn French dancing with Darcey Bussell. I'm a bit like that. More my kind of thing. I like these too. Look these are velvet.

I absolutely cannot wear my cloak to somebody else's wedding. You all have NO idea what this cloak looks like.

I'd like to write a blog. I like wittering on but have no idea what I'd witter about. And I'm not entirely sure how people start blogs.

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