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Shampoo and conditioner after Keratin hair straightening treatment

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Biscuitsandtea Tue 31-Jul-12 06:32:02


I've been reliably informed by my hair dresser that having had that keratin hair straightening thing done, my shampoo and conditioner needs to be 'sulphate, salt and paraben' free.

At the time of having it done, as part of the package, I got a shampoo and conditioner but the price on the back of them is £16 each for a 250ml bottle! Pricey shock

So I wondered if anyone could recommend somewhere to get them cheaper? Or even better if there is a brand put there already that fits the bill?

Many thanks smile

Biscuitsandtea Tue 31-Jul-12 20:16:35

Anyone? confused

what sort did you get from the salon? Not too hard to find sulphate free ones but AFAIK they all have salt in - sodium chloride, at least all the ones I have ever read the ingredients of.

Biscuitsandtea Tue 31-Jul-12 22:30:34

The make I got was Lisse Design Keratin Therapy - I assume this is the sand brand as the treatment they used but no idea really! <clueless>

The bottle says 0% sulphate, salt and paraben.

Any ideas to save me some ££?

Aveda products are parabens free and some are sulphate free. They are expensive too though.

LauraWolfhart Wed 01-Aug-12 00:20:48

At my salon we use a sulfate and parabens free shampoo called Cocoa Keratin Daily shampoo. We had to get it online though, a site called Beyas. It's the best we've had so far so I think you should take a look at it. There's also one called Pro naturals moroccan argan oil shampoo, it's really mild and I recommend it for people who have had hair treatments. They also have a conditioner.

Snap890carpentry Wed 17-Oct-12 20:26:26

Tresemme have bought out a salt free shampoo for use after a keratin blow dry called Keratin Smooth at the moment it is half price in the supermarkets, just £2.49.

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