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Perfume on a budget...

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Fourfingerkitkat Thu 26-Jul-12 19:04:37

It's my birthday tomorrow and although I've got about £100 to spend (yipee !) I don't want to spend £40 on one bottle of perfume...I'm not working at the moment and want to get as much for my money as possible. I've smelled a few perfumes in M&S in the past and Zara and thought they were quite nice, from memory they were around £10...can anyone recommend any nice cheapish perfumes...?

BandersnatchCummerbund Thu 26-Jul-12 19:23:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DizzieSiddal Thu 26-Jul-12 19:25:28

Lush solid perfumes are lovely and about the £6 mark - they're a bit different from all the same old, same old department store perfumes too. I love the Vanillary one best - it's my 'signature' scent smile
Body Shop have some nice ones too.
Happy birthday!

Itsgottabebags Thu 26-Jul-12 19:26:35

Try TK Maxx for perfume. May cost a little more than a tenner but will cost considerably less than the RRP OP.

Lovemy3kids Thu 26-Jul-12 19:39:56

Next always has some lovely ones. Try the supermarkets for your rave brands, they are sometimes cheaper too smile

minsmum Thu 26-Jul-12 19:40:59

Lidl do a very nice perfume for I think 3.99. When I wear it without fail I get told how nice it is and asked where I got it.

It was recommended by an MN'er too

wriggletto Thu 26-Jul-12 20:09:30

TK Maxx is good for a lot of perfumes.

Or, if you want a cheaper option - Yardley's single note floral eau(x) de toilette(s?) are actually surprisingly pretty and refreshing, and cheap as chips at Boots. I like Royal Diamond, which smells very similar to Chloe, and Peony, which is a lovely pinky floral. Royal Daisy is also summery and light. Not a huge amount of staying power, but so bargainaceous you can spritz away happily.

I always have a bottle of White Musk perfume oil from the Body Shop on the go too.

Babyrabbits Thu 26-Jul-12 20:13:30

Lidl purfume is fab, just like chanel and. £4.

snowmummy Thu 26-Jul-12 20:34:06

I love the lush solid perfumes too.

Belshels Thu 26-Jul-12 20:37:22

Avon new perfume by Fergie is very good and £15 for bottle, handbag size spray and body spray

Fourfingerkitkat Fri 27-Jul-12 09:03:17

Thanks for the replies....Have smelled the Lidl one and didn't really like it to be honest. Will give the Lush solid perfumes a look, like the sound of them. Also found L'Occitane solid perfumes online so will have a look at them in town today too....After my liquid lunch !

glastocat Fri 27-Jul-12 09:05:34

Ohh where did you find the L'occitane perfume online? I love it but its pretty expensive in the shops.

ILikeMagicMike Fri 27-Jul-12 09:17:23

Whatever you do, don't get a "celebrity" perfume. They are all vile IMO.

Some work colleagues once got me the Katie Price perfume as a birthday gift...I felt like saying "Thanks, but do you actually know me?" grin

It went straight on eBay

I was given a Victorias Secret perfume as a present and it was lovely. Found a seller on ebay and have bought them for other people as a present now...

LottieJenkins Fri 27-Jul-12 09:31:32

I lurve Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden which isn't vastly expensive!!!

otchayaniye Fri 27-Jul-12 09:33:05

actually, sarah jessica parker's lovely is a very well composed floral musk.

i've got near fifty bottles and recommend fragonard soliflores for cheapo smells. or khiels musk oil.

i buy lots on ebay.

otchayaniye Fri 27-Jul-12 09:33:51

should add that's fifty different bottles (not fifty bottles of lovely)

LynetteScavo Fri 27-Jul-12 09:36:00

I think Next do a few different purfums. None were quite to my taste becasue I am a purfume snob but they wouldn't break the bank.

TheonlyWayisGerard Fri 27-Jul-12 09:37:45

River Island have a lovely perfume called Perfect. It costs £7 I think.

BupcakesandCunting Fri 27-Jul-12 09:47:08

My favourite perfume at the moment is Eden by Cacherel. It smells expensive but you can get it for around £11-12 from Superdrug. I usually spend £30-£40 on perfumes but I am sticking with this now. My mate had it on when we were out a few weeks back and everyone complimentedher on it. I was shocked when I found out it was cheapola! It is in the same vein as perfumes like Rive Gauche/Belle d'Opium/Alien. If you like heady/musky scents then try this one. Last all day too.

ILikeMagicMike Fri 27-Jul-12 09:49:07

Off to buy some Eden - sounds like my kind of scent - thanks Bupcakes!

SkinnyVanillaLatte Fri 27-Jul-12 09:50:55

Vanderbilt is absolutely gorgeous,and v.reasonable. Also lasts well.

I agree with Bupcakes that Eden is lovely and also Lottie with Sunflowers (though I find that doesn't last on me quite so well)

SkinnyVanillaLatte Fri 27-Jul-12 09:54:23




CutItOutAndRestart Fri 27-Jul-12 10:12:20

would you consider perfume oils? That way you can have the smell of an expensive perfume at a fraction of the cost.

do a search on ebay for perfume oils, I have had lots in the past from base.notez and have been very happy smile

DonaAna Fri 27-Jul-12 10:28:35

I buy sample size versions of niche perfumes. For a fiver, you get something very valuable at Les Senteurs. I love Grossmith perfumes and Andy Tauer's L'air du desert marocain.

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