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Skinny jeans for an apple shape

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HaveAGoodDay Fri 22-Mar-13 09:40:39

I'm an apple shape too, I feel best in skinnys from new look, I also have a couple of pairs of the m&s jeggings which are really comfy & look nice on. I have a pair of jeggings from Sainsburys too which are nice & are quite high waisted, elasticted, only about £12.50, they wear well when they just been washed & dried but next day they can get a bit loose, but not bad.

armagh Wed 20-Mar-13 18:28:02

Thank yousmile

miche8 Wed 20-Mar-13 18:17:18

Have just bought the river island Amalie skinny jeans, they have a mid rise, very pleased. I'm apple shaped to and skinny jeans suit me as long as I have a looser top but it doesn't have to be bum covering. The problem I have with most jeans is that they go baggy on the legs but this hasn't happened with these and I've washed them twice, I best get a back up pair.

goodjambadjar Wed 20-Mar-13 18:11:23

I think Evans do a good shape based range. they start at size 14. I think their straight legs are quite thin. not sure if they do skinnies or what size you are OP. I don't expect you to share that here! Good luck. x

wrongsideoftheroad Wed 20-Mar-13 18:08:43

i am an apple but have quite muscly thighs so avoid skinnies.

just wanted to suggest straight leg jeans as well if you want to avoid bootlegs.

ladyintheradiator Wed 20-Mar-13 18:05:54

Topshop Kirsten are great, they stay put all day, I love the vintage wash. Also Gap high rise, they'd be perfect if they just kept their shape a little bit better, they don't go too baggy just don't stay so skinny as the others.

New look do some for £22.99, I have bought a pair but not worn them out yet as they feel a bit thinner and its too cold. I didn't find the M&S jeggings quite high waisted enough, totally in the wrong place for me but others rave about them, they are a nice fabric and colour and cheap too at £22.50.

FairyPenguin Wed 20-Mar-13 18:02:44

Try GAP - I bought some in the sale and they were great. I also bought some from Debenhams (own brand) which were a bargain, and stay up without a belt.

armagh Wed 20-Mar-13 18:00:18

Any recommendations from topshop?
Next didn't suit me

NewChoos Tue 24-Jul-12 20:44:39

Try M&S Jeggings - very flattering!

madmomma Tue 24-Jul-12 20:40:14

I'm apple shaped and have just bought some grey Isabella Oliver skinnies in the sale. V pleased with them. They're nice and soft, which I love as have squidgy IBS midsection.

Gillybobs Tue 24-Jul-12 14:10:09

The normal ones do, the high waisters don't (ime)

anniewoo Tue 24-Jul-12 13:40:59

Do Next skinnies not fall down? Mine do so i have to wear a belt which adds to my middle sad

Gillybobs Tue 24-Jul-12 12:53:44

I have all sorts (not all high waisted), Next, Gap etc current faves are J Brand 811s. Dont normally spend that much on jeans but got these for a bargain price from ShopBop.

BTW, Next do their high waist skinnies in colours too (I think), a great way to mix it up

Lottapianos Tue 24-Jul-12 12:16:25

Thanks Gillybobs - £28 sounds like a good deal. Can I ask what brand of skinnies you wear?

Gillybobs Tue 24-Jul-12 11:26:31

Do it!

Im an apple and high waist skinnies are a life saver. Hold you in a treat and definitely no hoiking! Start with an inexpensive pair to make sure they work for you. Next high waisters are around £28 I think?

Lottapianos Tue 24-Jul-12 11:08:46

I'm really clueless here. I like the idea of jeans for casual wear - being able to just pull them on in the morning and they go with loads of stuff. I wear mainly leggings and dresses for work and I love them, but would like a change at the weekend. I've always worn bootcut jeans but have gone right of them now. But I'm scared of the skinnies confused

I have a friend who's also an apple shape - she bought some high-waisted skinnies and loves them, she looks great in them too. She wears them with a longish (bum-covering) top and ankle boots or hi-tops. She says they don't creep down her legs during the day either so she's not constantly hoicking them up or picking them out of her bum (sorry if TMI).

Where do I begin? <sings> Help me MNers! By the way, I have a good bum and legs but a very non-flat stomach. Can I get away with skinnies? Or should I forget the whole thing and stick to leggings forever? smile

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