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Gap sexy bootcut jeans

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MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Sat 14-Jul-12 12:10:32

I tried these on yesterday as they were in my leg length (34) so was irrationally excited when they fit.
Now I've got them home I'm not sure. i usually wear skinnies or straight, and don't know whether They are frumpy.
I am 6 feet and size 12.
And why are they sexy?

PrimaBallerina Sat 14-Jul-12 12:24:10

If you're not sure get your money back, it will niggle you every time you wear them.

I think bootcut looks a bit dated at the moment. Then again they are the most flattering shape apparently.

Topshop and H&M stock 34 inch legs if you're struggling.

QueenCadbury Sat 14-Jul-12 12:56:31

I love mine and never feel frumpy in them(I wear with fitted tops and converse)

shineypenny Sat 14-Jul-12 13:02:06

Are they the Long and Lean ones? I have two pairs of these - they are the only standard brand jeans I have found that are long enough to cover my feet and I love them smile

cybbo Sat 14-Jul-12 13:29:01

Hmm I'm not sure about boot cuts

I can't imagine wearing them again...if they make you feel frumpy, take back

yellowraincoat Sat 14-Jul-12 13:29:42

Boot cuts are really not attractive. They look so 90s.

cybbo Sat 14-Jul-12 13:29:46

Mrs RD go to Primark, their jeans are long, cheap and faulous

Cloudminnow Sat 14-Jul-12 14:17:10

I got them last year and although I have worn them a lot, I don't think they live up to their name i.e. they are not sexy at all. I find that they look best with converse boots, and I tend to wear them at home or on days when I'm not really doing much. They are quite comfy though.

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Sat 14-Jul-12 21:19:15

Cybbo has spoken.
They will go back.

likeatonneofbricks Sat 14-Jul-12 23:57:00

bootcuts ARE sexy in the right body for them - much sexier then people wearing skinnys when they don't have the legs for, bootcuts can flatter a lot of figure types if you are medium height or tall and have a bit of curves - they make the hips look due to balance! It's also how you walk in them that makes you sexy.

likeatonneofbricks Sat 14-Jul-12 23:57:16

*ON the right body

germyrabbit Sun 15-Jul-12 00:01:11

i just got some massive flares from gap and i love them!

bootcuts are also flattering on the right shape agreed

shinecrazydiamond Sun 15-Jul-12 00:03:09

I have some new Gap jeans called 'sexy boyfriend 'hmm

I am unsure. The size 12 hangs off me in weird places and they seem a fraction too short.

Fifty quid wasted as i have worn them twice.

germyrabbit Sun 15-Jul-12 00:03:56

did you not try them on?

TheMightyMojoceratops Sun 15-Jul-12 00:05:22

I will never wear skinnies, they look awful on me. How you feel in the jeans is more important than what randoms on t'internet say. If they make you feel not-sexy, take 'em back.

I realise bootcut aint fashionable, but as my 3yo would say rrrsssspppp! Don't care!!

likeatonneofbricks Sun 15-Jul-12 00:20:13

exavtly Mightly! if you feel they sit well and you can move well in them you will feel and look sexy! among the sea of skinnys bootcuts can look cool (if they suit).

fedupofnamechanging Sun 15-Jul-12 12:02:55

I think that people should wear the jeans which suit their shape, rather than be overly concerned with what is deemed fashionable.

Stonewashed denim excepted, of course wink

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Sun 15-Jul-12 18:02:20

Actually I tried them again and decided to keep them.
They are going to Wales with me tomorrow, and the fashion police don't hang out in Aberdyfi grin

lotsofcheese Sun 15-Jul-12 18:13:47

I always wear Gap jeans - they wear well & flatter. Never skinnies - look hideous in them - always boot cut. Don't care if they're fashionable or not, as long as they suit.

Ps am jealous of your 34 inch legs - I'm a short-arse 28 inches!!!

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Sun 15-Jul-12 18:16:48

You wouldn't want the hassle of trying to get trousers long enough though.

lotsofcheese Sun 15-Jul-12 20:02:37

You wouldn't want the hassle of getting them short enough either wink

Oh, to be 5'4"...

SpringGoddess Sun 15-Jul-12 20:13:15

Boot cut are at their most hideous when they ankle flap with mum boots. As long as they reach the ground with shoes on then you'll have avoided the biggest of fashion/style crimes.

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Sun 15-Jul-12 20:18:16

I do not have mum boots shock

i did, then read MN.

wildfig Sun 15-Jul-12 20:23:00

I'm wearing a pair right now and I think they're pretty flattering. They look less 90s bootcut and more 70s rocker skinny flare, I think. And I know I look fat in skinny jeans whereas at least in these I can tell myself that the flarey bit is balancing out my hips.

shrimponastick Mon 16-Jul-12 08:39:01

If you aren't happy then take them back.

We are all different shapes, and suit different styles of jeans.

I have the Long and Lean -not sure if they are the same? they are definitely bootcut and suit my body shape. I am tall, and have hips. Due to said hips and muscly thighs and calves I cannot wear skinnies. They look ridiculous on me. I do however have a pair of Gap Straight leg - which look almost like skinnies on me, but are passable.

I hate jeans shopping - it is by far the hardest piece of clothing to shop for.

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