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Can anyone recommend a genuine 'stay put' mascara?

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NellyBluth Thu 12-Jul-12 09:22:54

I swear I must blink about four times as much as everyone else, because every single mascara I have ever worn has ended up staining under my eyes by the mid-afternoon! The only way around it is to coat my lashes in clear mascara after black mascara, but this just means I get through a LOT of clear mascara, and also it often does look as though I have loads of mascara on, so not really appropriate for the day...

However I've recently moved from glasses back to contact lenses so my usual eyeliner (instead of mascara) is looking to heavy. Can anyone recommend a mascara - hopefully not too expensive - that doesn't run or stain?

Pinot4Pattykins Thu 12-Jul-12 09:24:12

The one from blinc - just can't be bettered. Gets rec'd alot on S&B.

LurkingAndLearningForNow Thu 12-Jul-12 09:24:19

Waterproof. I use Covergirl lashblash smile

LurkingAndLearningForNow Thu 12-Jul-12 09:24:29


Subarashii Thu 12-Jul-12 09:28:30

Watching with interest. I bought Benefit They're Real because I was told it would stay put. Not on me it doesn't!

Which is the one from Blinc? I've never even heard of the company blush.

anniewoo Thu 12-Jul-12 09:34:50

Marie Claire is giving freebies of 3 dofferent types of Avon
Mascara this month- i got the volume one - green container and wiould buy it again.

poppedoutforapintofmilk Thu 12-Jul-12 10:50:48

Just google blinc and you'll get a link to their site. It doesn't make your lashes look thicker but really stays on. And it comes off easily with a cotton pad dunked in hot water. It lasts for ages, doesn't go gloopy and the company send a couple of 20% off vouchers per year. The black is VERY black. I get brown which imo is virtually black. It has a wet consistency so you have to apply it carefully and give it a minute or so to dry. BUT it is the only mascara ever that has been smudgeproof for me. I tried their eyeliner but didn't like it and found it sort of peeled off. But I would really recommend the mascara.

Trills Thu 12-Jul-12 10:56:46

Blinc is the stay-put-iest of them all, but I don't find it amazing at being mascara.

This Clinique one has their special "warm water removal" thing, it doesn't come off til you rub gently with warm water, and it's the best waterproof mascara I've come across even though it isn't advertised as "waterproof".

PhoneyM Thu 12-Jul-12 14:05:09

No7 waterproof is really good - first one I've had that stays put. Comes in brown/black too

NellyBluth Thu 12-Jul-12 14:19:01

Phoney - its No7 waterproof which is still smudging of sad - I swear there is something wrong with me!

Is Blinc worth the money? I see its not cheap, but then if it stays on and lasts a while...?

valiumredhead Thu 12-Jul-12 14:21:08

I was going to suggest No 7 waterproof...

ihatethecold Thu 12-Jul-12 14:23:36

i quite like max factor false lash effect. lasts all day, doesn't seem to end up underneath my eyes and i on offer i think in superdrug

LostInFabiensEyes Thu 12-Jul-12 14:28:28

This one from Clinique is amazing. I am incapable of keeping mascara anywhere near my eyes and normally end up with it all over my face instead. This one is almost like a soft plastic coating on my lashes and does not smudge ever. I also have quite sensitive eyes and it does not bother them at all. Comes off like a dream with warm water as well in flakes rather than smuding all over. Can't recommend it enough.

HazeltheMcWitch Thu 12-Jul-12 14:31:26

Sw this thread and came on to recco the one that LostInFabiensEyes just did! Clinique Lash Power. Honestly, 'tis great. REally buildable, stays put (and I work really long days, and often itch at my hay feverish eyes), with no flaking, AND is easy to remove. Have been using it for years; I love it!

HazeltheMcWitch Thu 12-Jul-12 14:31:41

Sw SAW...

hectorthestandbyhawk Thu 12-Jul-12 14:32:03

I absolutely can. All waterproof ones run on me. The only one of all I've tried that doesn't run is an everyday mascara by bobbi brown called perfectly defined. It dries to something like the consistency of thin plastic. Ironically the bobbi brown waterproof one runs just as much as any other.

Granard Thu 12-Jul-12 15:25:16

Blinc is my favourite. If you use it with the primer, you can build up the lashes to required thickness before applying the mascara. It doesn't budge when I swim and only comes off with pressure and water.

ihatethecold Thu 12-Jul-12 17:00:40

I want to go and buy mascara after reading this thread.
Damn you mumsnet grin

Freshletticia Thu 12-Jul-12 17:17:36

I secind the Clinique 'warm water removal' one. It stays one in a field all day in the rain, but comes off in the shower.

HepHep Thu 12-Jul-12 17:21:58

Watching with interest. I've got a tiny black blinc sample if anyone wants it, I couldn't get on with it at all. Used it twice only. I'm used to Mabelline pink and green tube, Great Lash - Blinc just seemed really thin and didn't make my lashes look good, plus it came off when I rubbed my eyes anyway so not what I'm looking for. I need something volumising but bombproof as I do running, it rains a lot in Cornwall and I'm always welling up at the telly grin

When I searched MN I heard good things about Boots Natural Collection waterproof mascara, which is only £1.99 and comes in brown and black. My local shop was out of stock but this is the next on my list to try!

HepHep Thu 12-Jul-12 17:24:32

(oh, and - it's got to be brown, black looks all wrong on me. Why oh why don't mid and low end waterproof mascaras come in brown as well? Bah.)

poppedoutforapintofmilk Thu 12-Jul-12 19:11:28

trills does the clinique one stay on as well as the blinc? I have to say that I only use blinc because its the only thing that has ever stayed put on me BUT i agree it doesn't do anything wonderful re length or thickness. If the clinique has the same anti-smudge properties I'll definitely try it next.

wheresthepopcorn Thu 12-Jul-12 19:15:18

Lancome mascara is just great. Every other mascara makes me panda-eyed. Try the waterproof one for extra protection from smudging.

wildfig Thu 12-Jul-12 19:44:25

Have you thought about getting your eyelashes dyed? I find it much less irritating when I'm wearing lenses - no flakes to get stuck or smeary!

NellyBluth Thu 12-Jul-12 20:04:19

Ooh, no, *wildfig, I hadn't thought of that! How long does it last?

Thanks for all the recommendations, I think I might try Blinc first and then Clinique and Lancome (can you tell tightarse here is working her way up from the cheapest?!)

Unless, HepHep, no one has PM'd you for your sample, in which case can I exercise OP's perogative...? wink

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