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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

And so we Wisely turn away from any summer purchases to Avid thoughts of stylish winter coats. Which means (surely) that the sun will shine, after wool jackets are bought....

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notyummy Tue 10-Jul-12 12:24:44


DonaAna Tue 10-Jul-12 12:49:39

NY thanks for the new thread!

Blue hooray for the twitter success!!! I'm going to keep an eye on those Goat dresses for AW, but would like to get them on sale <wishful thinking> Are Blochs good in wet weather? If not, I'd wait for the AW purchases, as summer is half over...

Burberry trench colors are very unflattering on me. I would dye the Burberry navy if it's 100% natural fibers but I'd check out whether a professional could do it as polyester cannot be dyed with normal fabric dyes and it’s often used in coats (the polyester sewing thread will remain the original color - not necessarily a bad thing because you will get contrast stitching). This would not be difficult in Paris I imagine, and would be eminently possible here in Italy as well - consult your local laundry? I've dyed a 100% Malene Birger top bright red in the washing machine and it worked brilliantly. (Should use it more - maybe even in the next days.) It also dyed the rubber part of the washing machine which means that I'm not tempted to repeat the procedure too often. Will probably accumulate clothes to do a batch once a year or so.

Re: beige handbag, I would use Collonil Carole. But I don't buy beige or white handbags any more as they require a lifestyle that's much more dirt-avoidantl than mine. (Had a lovely Argentinian white leather handbag reminiscent of Bottega Veneta while expecting DD1 and in about a year of daily use it turned grayish <sob>). Others, any ideas?

Hopefully Tue 10-Jul-12 13:18:49

Thanks NY. I am going to try the dress on again in a bit, when I can face wriggling into it (it's double layer, attached at the bottom hem, so a complete PITA to get on and off!) I suspect it will be no good, but I can't give up after only one session. Would probably be great on you as I slightly think that one of the problems is that it's a fraction long on me.

Am v envy of your low carbing - I absolutely cannot do it, I refuse to even try any more. I am going completely stir crazy as I can't comfortably get a shoe on at the moment so can't even go out for a walk, and I can practically feel every calorie of cake I consume glueing itself to my hips.

Blue hurrah for my-w success, although what a pain it was such hard work. Twitter is an amazing tool, as people are so scared of it.

Decameron Tue 10-Jul-12 13:19:52

Carole, I'd also use Collonil and respray the bag every few weeks.

Blue, I think I'd wait for AW, although I like the lace.

Decameron Tue 10-Jul-12 13:26:09

I wasted lots of time on Twitter this morning reading irishshadesofgrey. Rufus, check it out, so funny!

Blue, could you contact Burberry and ask them about alterations and dying the coat?

Russianred Tue 10-Jul-12 13:27:40

Well done on the MY-W success Blue. Think I'd wait for AW and seek pumps elsewhere!

Thanks for the tips re. INSET outfit. Will do some try-ons later I think.

Not much news on the sartorial front. Am very taken with bright red mohair Mango jumper. It's slightly ridiculously oversized, but the colour is so glorious, that I don't care much. I would like to wear with leather leggings, but lack the physique, so will stick to black skinnies I think.

Having a little bit of an unsettled time at home at the moment. Stuff with DH that has suddenly come to a head and is going to need lots of talking through and support given. Bit hard.

Decameron Tue 10-Jul-12 13:31:52

Red, hope you are ok, looking forward to seeing you.

Russianred Tue 10-Jul-12 13:34:34

I'm fine, Decameron, just am going to be a very supportive wife and it's an area I sometimes lack in. I'm really looking forward to it too! Think him having a bit of time to himself next week will help in the interim.

OllieinOrange Tue 10-Jul-12 13:37:58

Thanks for the new thread notyummy

Love VB's dress here

Ice Age 4 was really good - we all enjoyed it.

Picked up the Cos jumper with the red sleeves to try on at home. Its slightly swing shape which Im not convince will work on me (being broad of hip) but will try on with various jeans to see. DS2 gave me the thumbs up in the changing room - but then red is his favourite colour.....

OllieinOrange Tue 10-Jul-12 13:46:52

Sorry to read about DH Red. Lots of hand holding going on here too (work related). Im sure you are doing the same already but have just been trying to make time for him in the evenings to talk things through without the tv or MN on and that seems to help. The odd text throughout the day seems to be appreciated too - but not of the 50 shades kind!

Talking of which, tried these black Zara shoes on - seem a good buy but did think they were the sort of thing to pop up in 'that' book. They looked fab in red too.

Russianred Tue 10-Jul-12 13:53:53

I need to do more of that Ollie. He's been not himself for a really long time and I think we'd got to the point where his personality shift was completely normalised. Big heart-to-heart at the weekend and he was been to the GP and is at the beginning of a long journey to getting better. Lots of background (his) that I won't go into. Feel a bit complacent for having not addressed this sooner - it's been going on since DS was born, but we've always put it down to tiredness, stress of new job, stress of moving etc.

Those shoes would be excellent. Can I see more of the COS top please?!

MarshaBrady Tue 10-Jul-12 13:58:52

Thanks NY

Speaking of seeing each other. Waves to Annie hope you are ok lovely.

Ollie that dress is lovely and looks best on VB.

Low carb really does change ability to drink alcohol. Out last night had two glasses of wine and awake until 5am due to some kind of rush.

OllieinOrange Tue 10-Jul-12 14:04:13

Red dont beat yourself up. Life can so easily get in the way - I know how easy it is for me to 'ignore' DH, as often I just don't have enough mental or physical energy leftover for him. Totally understand how you begin to normalise behaviour too. The important thing is you've have both recognised the need for change and done something about it.
Sending you a big virtual hug, one of these brew and some of these Xxx

notyummy Tue 10-Jul-12 14:07:56

Red - sounds like you are both taking action and I hope you are able to get the space and time to support him. Perhaps the holidays will help? Thinking of you.

And Ollie - FGS stop tempting me with delicious links when I am being the soul of self denial grin <Eyes up another slice of chicken.>

CaroleService Tue 10-Jul-12 14:08:36

<<sidles in looking for help>>

Ladies, I had a nude/peachy Chloe satchel delivered this morning. It looks as if it would mark if I so much as breathed on it.

Anyone recommend a good leather protector? It is calf I think.

DonaAna Tue 10-Jul-12 14:20:21

Red ((((virtual hug)))) hope things get sorted out. And hope the bright red Mango brightens your day a bit!

Carole some suggestions above. I have a bag that came with gloves to handle it - am starting to think it's craziness - it's ok to have a really good bag but having to scan the weather forecast so that the bag will survive the day is a drag.

Have managed to fill a Matches basket with €€€€ worth of reduced items - all high fashion, classic and AW proof, ie with long sleeves. Won't touch that... <smell of burning credit card - NOT!>
Is there a Betty Ford clinic for shopaholics - I think I'd qualify.

MarshaBrady Tue 10-Jul-12 14:23:35

Oooh sounds very tempting Dona. Links perhaps? grin

Hope you and your dh are ok Red. Get the Mango sounds good.

Russianred Tue 10-Jul-12 14:23:55

Thank you ladies, you're lovely. Getting him to go to a GP was a really, really big step. Am slightly furious as they told him to go back in 6 weeks to see if things had got any better. It's been like this for 3 years FFS! Saw a bad locum though, so am sending him back tomorrow to my favourite, sympathetic GP.

Kaloobear Tue 10-Jul-12 14:43:08

This thread moves SO quickly! I am in awe of you all. Also loving all the pinterest boards and links to beautiful things (that I sadly can't afford!). Lurking a lot. Sorry to stalk you grin

Sorry to harp on about it, but do those of you that had colour analysis find shopping online a bit of a minefield? There's a few things I've bought recently that have turned out to be quite different colours to how they appeared on screen.

DonaAna Tue 10-Jul-12 14:44:42

Really do hope that things will work out!
Marsha, need your help - just say no six times on Pin, will you?

MarshaBrady Tue 10-Jul-12 14:45:32

hahahahhaha just saw your uploads. grin

Am going in....

MarshaBrady Tue 10-Jul-12 14:59:20

Dona Favourites are
green Mini Harper
Silk DVF

The others
Not Bruno - when I say sharper I mean more elegant, edgier. Not um sharp!

I'm tough on the wedges and think no but dh gives me a hard time about wedges so I am no longer unbiased. Apparently someone called Sam wore them a lot at work 2000 - 2005 and hasn't got over it (name changed to protect the innocent)

Balenciaga it is a Balenciaga! skips momentarily. Ok no,. Gngngnng so hard.

The Lanvin the shoulders!. Could you handle the shoulders? The straight on pic

Hard to not be someone who encourages. Have to really make myself type these words of non-encouragement grin

Hopefully Tue 10-Jul-12 14:59:33

Dona I have just given my (entirely un-expert and un-asked-for) opinion too.

Kaloo a bit, but I have got better at (a) looking for the same garment on other websites to see what it looks like in different lights 9easier with designer than high street) and (b) seeing what other garments they have in the same fabric, so you can see how it looks in different images (easier with e.g. suits). I have also found that you can basically tell if a garment is cool or warm toned, and dusty or clear coloured, and the chances are if it's the right level of cool/warm, dark/light and murky/clear, it will tone in with your palette, even if not a perfect match. There have been odd failures (I'm thinking of a pair TS porcine jeans here), but mostly it works fairly well.

MarshaBrady Tue 10-Jul-12 15:01:33

Ooh the Lanvin's got a video...

The pic is too much. It's less shouldery than that.

It's a
Dvf green
and silk for me

AmberNectarine Tue 10-Jul-12 15:23:56

Well my Bekkets came in and the toe area is very shallow and crushed my foot. Off the wishlist. Waiting for the Bobbys to come in now, but if they're no good then Ash will have to satisfy my high top needs.

Popped into Trilogy and accidentally bought this top as it will be a useful basic.

Saw an amazing cocoon coat in MaxMara. Bloody lovely, but Yellow, of course. Will link in a sec.

Dona I have offered my comments, unbidden.

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