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OMG the shred!! i Think I am Dying! But its AMAZING!

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MistyRocks Wed 04-Jul-12 11:25:05

my shred dvd arrived this morning from amazon

Fuck! i started on level one and its HARDCORE!

and this comes from someone who has been doing pole fitness for 5 years!


reckon it must work though, and although it was hard, i really enjoyed it <weirdo emoticon>

Pinot Wed 04-Jul-12 11:45:47

It busted my knee sad Bloody thing. I'm only 37 too so not an old-age thing.

Do be careful - it works well but is tough on the old bod

Really - how is it hardcore - I am quite tempted by it.

I have been doing pole fitness for 3 years - how is it harder than that confused

Pinot Wed 04-Jul-12 12:01:23

I couldn't say if it's harder than pole wotsit or not.

It's harder than sitting on my botty typing on MN though <helpful>

I am tempted but I do something every day almost anyway so wondering if I actually would do it at home..........

Is it any more beneficial say than a spin session, body combat or badminton or is it more for people who dont do any other exercise?? I just cant imagine what it is.

mrssmooth Wed 04-Jul-12 12:20:12

I MUST get back into doing this - never got past doing it twice a week, so I really must do something. It is hardcore - you certainly feel like you've done a workout but just when you think you can't take it any more, she does something a little less heavy duty ... and before you know it you've done the first workout. [When I put it like that, why the HELL haven't I been doing it recently? hmm ]

shrimponastick Wed 04-Jul-12 12:20:46

Ooh- you did it for the first time this morning?

Wait until about 6pm this eve - the waddling will begin grin And tomorrow you may not be able to even waddle!!

It is fab though. I have it and do it periodically -a month at a time and then do something else. Each time I start anew - I can feel it.

Enjoy! I like it as it works. And it only takes up 20 mins out of your day.

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Wed 04-Jul-12 12:24:32

I keep thinking about ordering this, as I am addicted to watching Jillian and Bob yelling on The Biggest Loser, ....

BUT am a leetle bitty terrified of allowing Jillian into my living room. Bit like inviting a vampire over the threshold, will surely lead to a slow and painful death?

Hetaera Wed 04-Jul-12 12:47:21

So pleased for your discovery Misty! It really is wonderful. The 20 minute sessions are just long enough to make your body change but short enough to actually have the time to do them.
I have been shredding about three or four times a week since January (with a few gaps for holidays etc) and I still find level two to be a KILLER!
I was a size 20 with chronic endometriosis and have just bought several size 12 dresses and feel fab.
Keep going with it, "stick with Anita" when it gets tough and "no phoning it in"!

savoycabbage Wed 04-Jul-12 12:49:34

I stick with Anita. It's not your mother's workout!grin

Stannwigg Wed 04-Jul-12 12:51:34

Sitting on the toilet is almost impossible after Day 1!

worldgonecrazy Wed 04-Jul-12 13:05:26

There are a couple of threads about the Goddess Jillian Michaels over in the fitness section, so pop over and join us.

I love the Shred, and also Ripped in 30. I've just sent off for the Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD too, though that one is 40 minutes so I'm just doing it before I have to go on holiday and submit the public to my bikini body.

I'm size 18 20 and not very fit, should I get this or do something else first?

Hetaera I assume you changed your diet as well, what worked for you?

dexter73 Wed 04-Jul-12 13:21:14

I would imagine it would be quite hard to do if you are not fit. I go to the gym but thought I would try it and it killed me! Also made my poor knees ache with all the lunges. I just stick to the gym now.

worldgonecrazy Wed 04-Jul-12 13:25:37

I think it's okay for the unfit. As Jillian says when doing the warm up - she's got 400lb people doing jumping jacks and if they can do it, you can do it.

There are beginners and advanced versions of the exercises and the trick is to just do what you can. She says it's okay to take a breather for 5 seconds, and preferably keep moving, maybe march on the spot, until you're ready to challenge yourself again.

It is also about challenging yourself. It would be very easy to just stick with beginner levels and not push too hard, but it's only by forcing the body to get uncomfortable that we can make the changes we want to see. JM is very motivational - she knows what it's like to be fat so comes at it with more empathy.

Finallygotaroundtoit Wed 04-Jul-12 13:31:49

Worldgonecrazy, is the boost metabolism DVD one of Jillian's as well?

If so, how much 'plank' work is in it? I never got beyond level 1 Shred cos of problems with arms.

worldgonecrazy Wed 04-Jul-12 13:40:07

finally yes it is one of Jillian's. I've only done it once via YouTube, and loved it, which is why I've ordered it. If you go on YouTube you can see what exercises there are. There is some plank work but it's not all about the plank. I have knee and back problems so I swap some exercises - once you have an idea of what strength, cardio or abs moves are okay to do, then you can swap them around between levels. I can't do any moving lunges so I swap those exercises for others.

MistyRocks Wed 04-Jul-12 13:43:23

i love how its only 20 mins, i get bored so easily and have a tiny attention span, so when i have tried other fitness dvd's i am losing the will to live by half way through. also, i don't want to lose weight, just tone up. i started a thread the other day about this and have decided toning is the way forward as i am very small but wobbly blush

but when it got to the end i was like, what? it's Finished Already? (but very quite glad it was tbh)

and i felt great afterwards, kind of high

and the aching is starting in my arms

savy57 Wed 04-Jul-12 13:58:17

I started back on shred level one yesterday i done it a while ago but also have a dodgy knee so my air walker was a better form of exercise for me but I'm giving it another go, I don't hurt at all today so think I will go up to level 2 today and see how much that kills me. I do agree though if this is your first time ever then the pain will kick in soon but it only last a few days and by day 7 first time around I felt much better and found it easier to do

wildfig Wed 04-Jul-12 14:20:18

I've done it all the way through a couple of times, and got half way through the Ripped in 30 Days DVD but while my abs were amazing, it did terrible things to my knees too and the plaster in my house. I've had to take a breather from it to let everything recover - and that was with swopping the moving lunge reps and being really careful with form.

berri Wed 04-Jul-12 14:21:56

Is it really only 20 mins - does that include warm up etc?

Well, I've just ordered the 30 days shred - only £4.99 from Amazon so if it end up gathering dust with my natalie cassidy, clare richards and various other dvd's its no big loss.

I dont know why I buy into all this - am currently sitting at my desk in my new zaggora hotpants...what on earth will be next confused

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Wed 04-Jul-12 14:28:22

Awaiting my delivery from Amazon with trepidation...

Can someone tell me if you need to buy weights to use with the workouts?

MsIngaFewmarbles Wed 04-Jul-12 14:43:19

You can get hand weights dirt cheap in tesco or alternatively just use 2 tins to begin with.

wildfig Wed 04-Jul-12 14:44:13

You do need some weights (I got a £6.99 2x 3lb pair from TK Maxx), and with the warm up it's more like 27 minutes, but it's still very do-able, and Jillian isn't anywhere near as irritating as any of the celebs who do fitness DVDs. She's more like the very motivated PE teacher at your school who doesn't want you to let yourself down.

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