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What clothes have you bought this year and how much have you spent?

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hackneybird Mon 02-Jul-12 12:18:00

I'm always curious to know what others spend on their clothes. Some of my friends think I spend too much on clothes, and that everything I have is designer, but to be honest most of my stuff is high street. This year I've bought a lot of capsule item type basics, (some for work) as well as a couple of fashiony things and one big 'investment' treat. I earn about £35-40k a year. I'm a self employed freelancer and pay for my sons childcare and household bills (about £1100 a month) while my husband pays the mortgage and monthly food bill.

So this year I have bought:

2 x pairs dark denim jeans from Uniqlo at £30 each: £60
1 x pair pink Converse trainers = £30
1 x pelican print peter pan collar top from Zara= £25
1 x floral print scarf from Zara = £20
1 x full length black summer dress from French connection in the sale = £25
1 x striped dress from Cos in the sale= £19
1 x parka spring coat from Uniqlo = £59
1 x pair beige chinos from Gap = £30
1 black fitted shirt from Cos = £35
2 x fitted tshirts (1 x back, 1 x grey) from American Apparel at £19 each = £38
1 x neon yellow tshirt from H&M= £12
1 x pair gold gladiator sandals from Clarkes 25% off = £30
1 x pair black ankle boots from Kurt Geiger in the sale= £100
1 x full midi skirt in a blue and white print from Jaeger Boutique in the sale= £85
1 x camel trench coat from Jaeger in the sale= £149 (this was my big investment treat. It's a classic and should last me for years).

Now that I've written it all down it feels like a lot! The total comes to: £717. I'm averaging £120 a month. Maybe I should slow down a bitsmile.

madammecholet Mon 02-Jul-12 14:40:02

There is no way in hell I would list it. a) because I might faint b) because DH WOULD faint...grin grin

Abzs Mon 02-Jul-12 14:41:59

I've just added that lot up. I have to do more freelance hours...

ceeveebee Mon 02-Jul-12 15:04:25

fluffy well done and don't blame you for buying loads, I plan to when I finally get back to my previous size!

Fluffy1234 Mon 02-Jul-12 15:07:44

Thankyou, I just have to stay this size now as all shopped out!

LaCerbiatta Mon 02-Jul-12 15:11:51

Of course I forgot things:
Parka from Zara in the winter sale: 38 pounds
Jeans from boden on eBay: 18 pounds
Breton top from Tesco: 5 pounds

alwaysrunninginheels Mon 02-Jul-12 16:31:53

There is no way on earth I would tot it up. My husband did point out recently that my wardrobe could be exchanged for a small sports car........

justtryingtodomybest Mon 02-Jul-12 16:34:46

This is definitely not the thread for a spendthrift like me!

PrincessOfChina Mon 02-Jul-12 16:43:55

Erm...I doubt this list is complete:

Jones Nude Patent Heels -£130
FCUK Rhubarb Sorbet dress - £66
Phase Eight prom dress - £135
Oasis floral dress - £35
Oasis tan sandals - £25
Oasis tan bag - £28
Oasis Navy trousers - £45
Oasis Breton stripe t-shirt - £20
Assorted vest tops - £30ish
Oasis lace t-shirts - £35
White cons - £25
Running shoes - £35
Black skinny Leigh jeans - £38
Pink skinny Leigh jeans - £38
Grey jersey jacket - £40
Oasis silk butterfly t-shirt - £50
Gap khakis - £42

About £750? Add another £100 for things I can't even remember. I have got three weddings to go to hence the expensive dresses and I have made £300 on eBay this year from selling dresses and shoes. So actually not so bad as it could be.

SmileItsSunny Mon 02-Jul-12 17:19:34

Oh my... You've inspired me to go and check OP...
Shoes 9
2 dresses on sale 50
Sandals and dress 29.40
Hair accessory 4.

Less than 100, but still more than I would have guessed. Just goes to show, the excitement and memory of buying new clothes doesn't last long for me!

dreamingofsun Mon 02-Jul-12 17:52:16

i had decided not to, and thought i had actually bought no clothes this year - after all the weather this summer and last has been so crap what is the point. then i added it up and has spent £323.

scary thread

SmileItsSunny Mon 02-Jul-12 18:08:54

I know dreaming, I thought it be a grand total of about 4.80. I did have two weddings to go to though.

Now if you asked me how much I spent on childrens shoes and clothes....well please don't!

Blimey - erm...

Leather biker from Oasis - 100 pounds
3 pairs of skinny jeans at 22.50 each from M&S
1 pair bootcut jeans from Oasis - 30 pounds
1 jersey dress - White Company - 49 pounds
1 nightdress - White Company - I think it was 15 pounds
I purple vest - Hobbs - 12
2 black tops - Hobbs - about 20 odd each
1 red jacket - H&M - 15
1 pink jacket - H&M - 15
1 purple jacket - Hobbs - 29
1 party dress - Planet - 40
2 tops from M&S - about 15 pounds each
1 silk top from Warehouse - 25
1 bag - Hobbs - 60
1 pair boots - Dune - 40
1 pair leopard print ballet flats - Clarks - 30
1 maxi skirt - Gap - think it was 15
1 bra - 25
6 pairs knickers - 20
red jumper M&S think it was 15

There may be more but these are the ones I can remember and I have only bought things that I know will either be worn to death (black tops, biker for example) or that were to replace things falling apart (underwear, boots) or can be used for several 'events' (party dress / silk top). And just about everything was in the sale. And I never, ever spend more than I can spare.

notjustamummythankyou Mon 02-Jul-12 18:19:34

I had a baby back in February, so combined with reduced salary, I've been pretty careful.


2 nursing bras - 20.00
2 White Stuff tops (new, labels cut out) from eBay - 26.00
1 cardigan from gap - 18.00
Jeans from gap - 28.00
Vest tops - 8.00
Carvela nude patent shoes - 99.00 (but they were bought with a gift card so don't count!)

I'd love a splurge, but just can't justify it while I'm embroiled in baby drool and scuffing around on floor with toddler ...

Imlostwithoutahope Mon 02-Jul-12 20:59:07

Oh gosh, I've just gone through my wardrobe.
Since Xmas I've bought:
Jacket next 50.00
Bikini next 22.00
Cardi asda 10.00
Jumper next 19.00
T shirt next 8.00
Strippy dress oasis 40.00
Tunic oasis 35.00
Dress joules 42.00
Dress coast 175.00
Dress assesorize 22.00
Navy long sleeve oasis 20.00
Navy vest oasis 15.00
White blouse with beading oasis 35.00
Navy blouse next 25.00
Stripy blouse oasis 30.00
Cardigan oasis 35.00
Scarf oasis 16.00
Cropped jeans next 25.00
Shape jeans next 40.00
White skinny jeans next 20.00
Cream dress next 40.00
Leggings next 10.00
Tan jeans wallis 20.00
Coral shoes asda 10.00
Multi ballet shoes next 35.00
Blue sandals next 22.00
Brown ballet peacocks 11.00
Red shoes Dorothy Perkins 16.00
Silver wedges eBay 15.00
Patent black heels next 30.00
Two bras debenhams 35.00
Fat knickers debenhams 20.00
Wrap debenhams 30.00
Pjs next 15.00

That's a lot. I've also bought a bag and jewellery and spent quite a bit on dd and ds too. So why does it feel that I still never have anything to wear!!

Imlostwithoutahope Mon 02-Jul-12 21:04:26

I forgot my winter coat too from lands end 140.00

I'm doomed

NewChoos Mon 02-Jul-12 21:36:40

Interested to see how much I have spent...
Black mac £150
Anya Hindmarch wedges (bargain sale) £65
White company T shirt £45
White company night wear £30
Whistles top £50
2x pairs of shoes from clarkes for work £75 ish
4 pairs of skinny jeans M&S £100 (fit very well!)
In Winter Boden Sale - coat & 2x tops £90
Navy bag £145
Navy spotty dress Monsoon £40
Sun dress Monsoon £45
Navy sun dress M&S £15
French connection evening dress (sale) £65
Jigsaw T £40
2x French connection tops £60
Butterfly scarf ebay £8
Laura Ashley Jumper £45

I think that's it. So including 2x colour and cuts, make up & threading, I think about £1250 for the 6 months. Not too bad????

Matsikula Mon 02-Jul-12 23:05:49

Apart from undies and socks, I've written down everything bought since the Jan sales (so some technically in December, but I am including it here).

This will be cathartic!

Sam Edelman tan sort of cowboy/chelsea boots £120
Cos sweatshirt £30
cos navy skater skirt £45
Princesse tam tam night shirt £30
Red swing line pea cot from Sisley £50
2 m&s long sleeve Ts
M&s slouchy silver sweatshirt
Gap ecru and pink neon stripe t shirt £24
Michael stars white t shirt £35
Top shop jeans £30
Natural colour blazer, hush £50
Hush pjs £55
Blue nike trainers £32
Great plains emerald green top £46
Gap blue shorts £17
Gap white embroidered top £30
Gap grey cardigan £19
Emerald green massimo dutti top £30
Navy chinos, topshop £28.40
American apparel 2x baseball tees, £7.50 each
Oxfam - toast top, ted baker cardi, jigsaw dress for £30
Olive below knee full circle skirt £45
Mellow yellow (french brand) sandals £100
Seqfolly swimsuit £90
New look vests About £20 worth

It all works out at about £200 a month, which is sort of what I expected. Perhaps a bit too much given my earnings (especially since on maternity leave) but fine in the context of our overall household budget, I think. What's really annoying is that quite a few things were bought while still pregnant and don't quite suit my shape at the moment, or were bought on the odd hot day we've had and have been languishing ever since.

libertychick Tue 03-Jul-12 01:46:12


Fat face oversized linen T - £10 in TK maxx
Trench coat - Gap sale £35
Cream short sleeve crochet jumper - £15 - TK maxx
Breton style dress - Massimo Dutti sale - £25
Hobbs black jersey top reduced- £22 (Remus recommended!)
Hobbs outlet A line skirt - £45
Gap navy stripy T in sale - £5
Gap white loose knit linen jumper in sale - £15
Pink cotton shirt - £8 TK Maxx
Black Milly Bag - Poeny and Moore - £195 (reduced from about £260 I think) - a purchase totally influenced by MN (Madame Cholet, the bag enabler!)
Orange stripy jumper - TK maxx - £15
Oasis pink flowers scarf - £16 20% off
Primark scarf - £4
Superga pink trainers - £20 TK Maxx
Blue top - Principles - £12 (in sale)
Black and cream stripe vest top - £10 Gap (sale)
Zara black lace scarf - £20

Ordered 5 tops in HoF sale on Friday night and waiting for them to arrive - cost £96 (all between £15 and £22 and all reduced from between £30 and £40) but when I do this I usually end up only keeping one as v hard to please!

So £472 - £78.60 per month (excluding the HoF order) - have a feeling I may not have counted it all. But I buy lots and return it. And the bag was a treat. Have never spent that much on a bag before. I earn decent money and could probably spend more but the guilt gets me every time - I spent at least 8 months agonising over whether to buy the bag or not.

Typing it out makes me realize what a limited number of shops I go to! and that I never pay full price...all of it reasonably good buys I think apart from the orange jumper which is a lovely shape but I am not completely convinced the colour suits me.

RubyFakeNails Tue 03-Jul-12 02:59:33

God I am too mortified to list what I have spent this year and thats from what I can remember. Think I will just list the items price free.

Zara Faux Fur and Leather Coat
Joseph Coat
Acne Pistol Boots
Zara Faux Fur Gilet
Zara Military/Leather Jacket
Zara Blazer
Alice Temperley Jumpsuit
Opening Ceremony Shoes
Topshop Trousers x 4
Topshop Blouse
Topshop Jumpers x 2
Topshop Jersey Tops x 2
Nike Trousers x 2
Nike vests x 3
American Apparel Hoody
Reiss Skirt
Helmut Land Top
Jersey bits from Toast
Acne Jeans
VW Anglomania Top
J Crew Shirts x 2
Sam Edelman Smoking Slippers
Sam Edelman Sandals
Stella McCartney wood and leather boots
Whistles Dresses x 5
Whistles Suits x 2
Equipment Shirt
Whistles Blouses x2
COS Jumper
COS Dress
Ash Wedge Trainers
Desert Boots (can't remember by who)
Jarbo Skirt
M&S Pyjamas x 3
Bikinis x 4
Kaftan type things x 2
Loads of underwear as I had to change most of it due to terrible back problems

Think I'll stop before I scare myself. If I'm honest I shop once a week. My budget is quite large but it fits with our household, plus most of what I buy is form my own money not the money I have with DH.

lupo Tue 03-Jul-12 06:57:27

Well have set a budget of £50 a month on clothes for me and this year have started to write down purchases. So far, have managed to stick to it and got some lovely items in the sales including a stunning betty jackson dress reduced to £13 and lovely H and M grey jersey blazer. Budget helps me buy better stuff in the sales, have also binned lots of items. Atleast I don't have to worry about summer stuff, have lots that has not even come out of the wardrobe. Love this thread!

higgle Tue 03-Jul-12 09:15:37

As I've read everyone elses posts I've realised I missed loads of stuff from my list! a Howies dress, boden skirt and denim shirt, hobbs sundress - not all new but another £130 and I have a £200 order from the Boden Preview awaiting delivery (+the boiled wool coat that DH is buying me for my birthday ) everlikely wardrobe door won't shut, must get ebaying soon.

poachedeggs Tue 03-Jul-12 09:31:09

I could weep, I last bought clothes last summer, a pair of jeans from Asda and two vests, a long-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of leggings from Matalan, total cost under £50! I always look like a washed out faded hobo.

Clothes are a luxury in my head. We're skint. So I don't buy any. Explains the hobo look!

MarshaBrady Tue 03-Jul-12 09:33:40

I haven't bought so many items. But they were quite big things. Like a Celine bag and Lanvin shoes. Some skinny jeans.

But am freelance / se so sometimes I have a lot to spend and sometimes not.

The biggest thing for me is that it will all last for ages and I love wearing/having it.

ceeveebee Tue 03-Jul-12 10:21:06

Marsha I want to be like you (not sarcasm, genuinely) but how do you resist high street sales? I am a sucker for a discount code.

MarshaBrady Tue 03-Jul-12 10:32:48

Ceevee aw that's nice thanks! smile

I used to buy lots when I worked in Covent Garden for high street (6 years ago now) and my wardrobe filled up with things I didn't really want to keep or lost interest in wearing really quickly.

And for ages, since twenties, I've got a little kick out of buying nicer things. And other stuff like colour.

I just had a look at the pinterest wardrobe and worked out over half the stuff in my wardrobe was on sale. Which I agree is a very nice feeling indeed.

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