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Anyone had Fraxel laser treatment done?

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madammecholet Sat 30-Jun-12 17:04:37

Am considering having it my fine lines and some sun spots on my forehead and wondered whether anyone has had it done? I'm 38yrs, olive skin, a few lines but not crevices (yet)...

lurkingaround Sat 30-Jun-12 21:48:26

Hi there. I've had 4 fraxels. For acne scarring. AFAIK, there are 3 strengths, I'm not sure which I had, the 2nd one I think. It was moderately sore. They put numbing cream on your face (Emla), and my dermatologist also gave me 2 Solpadol (paracetamol+30mg codeine pr tablet, i.e. a fairly hefty dose), PLUS a Valium 5mg. Yes, I was fairly, ahem, relaxed. Then they do the laser. Even with the meds it does hurt a bit. First few hours were ok, overnight my face became quite red and a bit puffy (they give you antihistamines to take to help this). Your face then starts to feel 'rough', over about 4 days it all settles and you have v smooth skin. As the rough skin 'settles', freckles and pigmented patches fall off also. They tell you it's fine to work, and I did, but I felt a bit red and noticeable for the first 2 days. No one said anything to me, I work with a v polite bunch!! The effects continue for about 6 months. You have to be v religious about sunscreen as your face is more delicate. Why spend all that money....

Results? I probably need another 4 sessions, but just can't prioritise the money for it ATM, hopefully I will do. I'm hyper-critical of my scarring so I'm not the most objective assessor, but there is an improvement, not dramatic, unfortunately. As a side effect my skin texture is very good, and I think my crow's feet (charming term) are improved, a bit younger looking skin, or maybe I mean my skin looks well for its age. Skin tone also more even. I think it's v good for pigmentation. I would love to do another few sessions.

Whew! Apologies the long post!

smilesandsun Sun 01-Jul-12 07:59:00

thanks lurkinaround. How did you decide where to get the treatment done and who should do it for you?

lurkingaround Sun 01-Jul-12 11:19:13

I did it cos I had finished having (or trying to have) babies, and breastfeeding, and I visited the dermatologist with acne. It wasn't terrible acne, just 2 or 3 acne-ic spots at a time, but each one could leave a tiny mark. I'd had acne since my late teens, when it was very bad. The dermatologist suggested Roaccutane. Which I did take, andq because I was older I only needed a small dose. I have had excellent results, and it transformed my skin really. Fantastic result. Anyone who's had acne probably understands the relief of not fighting the constant battle of nasty spots! And the fortunes you spend on cosmetic products in that battle! It even shrank my pores to a degree.

Anyhow, on a review visit she gently suggested Fraxel. I had read a bit about it and I was very concious of the scarring so I went ahead with it. The big downside is the cost. It's v expensive. Having said that, eventho I'm in my 40's now, my skin probably looks better than ever.

I would only do this kind of treatment under care of a dermatologist. And a reputable one at that. I don't live in the UK anymore, so I can chose (and pay!) a dermatologist.

Apologies again, I do chunter on a bit!! Esp when it comes to skin, there's so much nonsense out there.

madammecholet Sun 01-Jul-12 16:31:16

Thanks lurkingaround, i've not got any issues as such and have not had any acne etc.. However I have noticed age spots through sun damage and would like these addressed..

Do you think this treatment is too severe for me? I know you can have different levels...?

scripsi Sun 01-Jul-12 17:10:36

Lurking I would be really grateful if you could PM who did your fraxel. I have got some recent acne scarring due to PCOS (plus wrinkles) and have been dithering about not daring to go into fraxel territory because I couldn't find a personal recommendation.

lurkingaround Sun 01-Jul-12 18:15:48

Will do scripsi

madam, no, I don't think it's too severe for you. I suspect you would have a very good result from it. While I'm not totally pigment-free, I am very even toned. The more I'm examining myself, secondary to this thread, the better I think I look!!!

I just had a quick google of Fraxel, they've changed the website so I can't tell you which one I've had. Not the first level, it must be the second, they suggest there's v little down-time, but in reality there is a bit. If you could do it on a Friday afternoon, that'd work, most of the redness etc would have settled by Monday.

smilesandsun Sun 01-Jul-12 20:55:24

hi lurkin, I'd also love to know who did your treatment. Its hard to know who is good

lurkingaround Mon 02-Jul-12 10:31:33

Same done smiles!

donnie Mon 02-Jul-12 12:53:38

lurking - have pmd you

cazza40 Mon 02-Jul-12 14:20:54

Sounds really interesting and am wondering if it can help with my hyper pigmentation ?! How much does it cost roughly ?

lurkingaround Mon 02-Jul-12 18:59:17

Have pm'd you.

The hyper pigmentation I don't know about. It seems to work for most problems.

It's expensive. I think approx €550 (£450 approx) per session for full face. It's cheaper if you can do say, from forehead down, or just chin etc. I think it's usual to need more than one session, whatever the skin issue. Eventho I've had 4 sessions, I could do with a few more, esp around my chin, where my scarring is worst, and I would dearly love to have more, but y'know, I'm waiting for money to drop from the sky.......

OhThisIsJustGrape Tue 03-Jul-12 12:22:23

What sort of scarring did you have lurking? Was it pigmentation/marks or deeper, pitted scars?

I have a few pitted marks on my cheeks, large pores, some pigmented scarring and it kills me looking in the mirror sad. I am determined to get my skin sorted and willing to pay whatever it takes but, despite much research, I'm struggling to decide which treatment would be best. I guess speaking to a dermatologist would be my best bet but it's always helpful to hear personal experiences.

Some reviews I've read of laser resurfacing say that their skin ended up like orange peel afterwards - I think this scares me the most!

lurkingaround Tue 03-Jul-12 16:49:15

Isn't it such a pain. I don't really have pits, do you mean like ice-pick marks, I don't have those, but your average decent acne mark, like a big chicken pox mark, if you like. Mainly on my chin. The roaccutane really helped my pores size. No pigmented scarring. But I do have one deep scar, which is still there, but at least it falls into a facial line. The Fraxel has really helped the scars, but I really should have more. My skin looks a lot better. It's so expensive tho.

I had read about the orange peel thing, but in reality I think it's v rare. A good dermatologist with a reputation to maintain is your best start. Having eventually done it I would say just do it. Get the opinion and take it from there, decide then what you want to do. And make sure to ask what you can realistically expect.

Lb14 Sun 26-Jun-16 10:48:21

Hi - i appreciate your post was a while ago now but if you see this is there any chance you can also dm the doctor/practice that you got your treatment from please? Many thanks

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