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Anybody else had customer service issues with Joules?

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sarahlundismyheroine Sat 30-Jun-12 09:34:16

I ordered directly from the Joules website last week for the first time. My understanding was that Joules is a really good quality brand and I expected decent customer service.

I got a 'confirmation of despatch' email pretty quickly and was quite excited that the goods would be with me soon. Within the despatch email they include a link to track your order. To cut a long story short I went into the email for the next 5 days and clicked on the link which kept coming up as invalid. Finally on the 6th day after receiving the email confirming desptach I emailed them to say that I thought the link in the email wasn't working and could they come back to me with details of my order.

I waited 24 hours with no response (not even a standard we will be with you when we can type response). So I emailed again and tried both the email at the bottom of the email and went on their website to find customer services email address. Another 24 hours - no response. Yet another 24 hours pass with no response to either message and I forward the previous messages to both email addresses. Fast forward another day - nothing.

I think this is rude. I spent over £100 (so probably a drop in the ocean to them) but that is not the point - it is really poor customer service. As it happens the goods turned up after the first two emails. I'm disappointed except one item but I'm tempted to send the whole load back and get a refund as I feel cross and annoyed at the lack of any response. I'm really astounded by their lack of customer service.

I think it really shows their brand in a bad light.

Anybody else encountered this or have I just been unlucky?? I feel like the invisible woman!

dexter73 Sat 30-Jun-12 09:48:33

I would have tried phoning them as they may have been having problems with their email system.

sarahlundismyheroine Sat 30-Jun-12 09:56:26

I did try but couldn't sit on hold indefinitely as was at work, hence the emails but yes they might have a glitch. Although I would expect any IT issues with emails etc to be fixed after 4 days. Plus I took the precaution of sending to the 'joulesteam' address as well as their specific customer service address.

I wouldn't ususally bother about it - if I'd had a reply of some sort I woud have shrugged my shoulders and said these things happen. It is the idea that you pay as a customer and once they've cleared your payment then it is fine to ignore ignore ignore.

suebfg Sun 01-Jul-12 10:51:39

Yes, I'm having issues with them at the moment. If I buy Joules again, I'm going to buy via John Lewis as their customer service is second to none. Joules customer service is non existent.

MrsBovary Sun 01-Jul-12 14:48:15

Yes. In a word, dreadful.

Similar problem with response to email contact - i.e. none. It was concerning very poor customer service received via telephone.

A final email eventually received a scripted, generic style, response, which didn't address my concerns in the slightest, so I gave up. I've bought very little from them since, the quality of the clothing isn't what it used to be either, so not a hardship.

2madboys Sun 01-Jul-12 14:56:08

I have had issues with their computers not being able to cope with the volume of sales during sales periods. I also had problems when I ordered dressing gowns for my two dss for Christmas. I wanted to get them both the same colour but one was out of stock - didn't tell me when I ordered, so I didn't find out until they arrived. However, when I phoned, they managed to get me one that had been returned and sent it express delivery (for no extra fee) and I think they may have knocked some more off it as well. Was very pleased with that. Another time I wanted a coat (also in the sale), but I wasn't sure which size or colour I wanted, so I ordered both colours in 10 and 12. They put my order through twice, so I got two massive parcels, and 8 coats delivered! However, when I phoned they sent me a free returns label so I didn't have to pay to return any of them. It seems that they have problems but are happy to sort them out - however I'm quite surprised that they've not ironed them out by now as this was a couple of years ago.

emsyj Sun 01-Jul-12 15:00:40

I have often ordered tons of lovely things vastly reduced in the sale, only to find that either nothing at all other than a note saying 'sorry sold out' or a single, lonely item plus a note saying 'everything else sold out' eventually arrives.

I've given up.

Liveinthepresent Sun 01-Jul-12 15:10:46

Also had a dissappointing experience very recently - both in store and by email.
When I phoned the person I spoke too was great - but that's not really good enough - as by then I had already had two wasted trips i0to the store.

sarahlundismyheroine Sun 01-Jul-12 16:28:14

That's interesting to hear - sorry I didn't see the replies sooner. I think it is a real shame that the customer service lets them down so badly. I think the quality of the items from what I've seen is defintely variable but they have a decent brand and should work at making sure it isn't ruined by the lack of responsiveness. And as yet - no response whatsoever to my 4 emails.

I was a bit disappointed to see that every item I bought was made in China despite all their sales pitch of being a British brand - I guess that is a sign of the times though

Marky121 Sat 14-May-16 17:17:10

Joules terrible customer service ! Rang their DEDICATED customer service dept today ,had a request about bad experiences people had with joules pricing and not receiving their goods .I wish I never to customer service department ,firstly Spoke to Scott who sounded like he never even wanted to be in work then because he kept putting me on hold Put me through to Ann Marie who went on to just talk over me and then went on to tell me how good at her job.thanks but I only wanted to check if it was okay and safe to order clothes for my baby girl as people have had issues with joules taking money for items and not sending the clothes then saying prices had changed and they would refund their money .not good !After the conversation with Ann Marie ill spend my money elsewhere ,as she indicated , fine do it .hows that for being good at your customer service job ! Well glad I don't turn customers away for my job .sorry everyone to go on !

pammiet Fri 07-Oct-16 16:34:13

I have just contacted joules to complain it has taken a whole week for my click and collect items to be delivered to the store. i was treated like an idiot with this ridiculous woman trying to justify why it was acceptable for it to take so long despite in store it promising 24 hours. No apology. Their customer service is rubbish. Think I will take my custom where it is better appreciated and I recommend any of you who have that experience to do the same!

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