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Returns policy at Kaliko

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smarmyarmy Wed 27-Jun-12 11:51:44

I bought a dress from the Kaliko website which didn't fit very well so I returned it with their prepaid returns bag. After almost 4 weeks I hadn't received a refund. I emailed them and they said they hadn't received it. I have proof of postage. They want me to send me the original proof of postage, with a covering letter which seems like a lot of effort when it isn't my fault. Couldn't I just email a scan of the receipt - seems like a huge lot of bother in my opinion! Pah! Won't be buying from them again! Anyone had any problems with them?

flowery Wed 27-Jun-12 12:35:41

I'm not sure I'd classify that as a problem with their returns policy tbh. They're not refusing you a refund are they? It isn't your fault but equally neither is it theirs. Did you ask whether a scan showing proof of postage with their address details would be enough?

I may be slightly biased as I used to be a manager for Kaliko many moons ago...

Wiseflower Wed 07-Nov-12 13:50:01

Kaliko claimed they never recieved my parcel last summer. I had forgotten about it and noticed that I had not received a refund from them. They asked me if I had proof of postage and thankfully I had a tiny scrap of evidence of proof of postage which I had to scan in and send to them. I finally got my refund.

Their warehouse must be a shambles with underpaid staff and no proper system!

Because , it happened again! I rang them to ask them if they had received my parcel - and of course, they said "no" and could I send them the proof of delivery.
So, before I first typed in my tracker number in the Royal Mail and found that they received it AND it was signed for by Kaliko staff!
I called Kaliko again and gave them my tracker number. She said - "I can see we have just received it from Royal Mail today" !! what a liar!! She went on to blame the Royal Mail service! Unbelievable! I told her that the parcel had been signed for by Kaliko staff in Northampton - date and signature was showing the Royal Mail online.

She said she would call the warehouse to check this and I told her that didn't she believe the Royal Mail? The proof is all there, what more do they want?

They work on the idea that us supposedly "scatty" customers will loose our proof of postage and in the meantime, they don't refund us and blame the Royal Mail!
Poor service Kaliko, very poor services.

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