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where have all the TALL clothes ranges gone??!!!

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mumandtwo Mon 04-Jun-12 10:28:00

We had New Look Tall, Dorothy Perkins Tall and now we don't! Ok we have Top Shop Tall still, but only if you travel for miles to a big store and are a teenager! And Long Tall Sally? again you have to travel and it is expensive and most of it a bit "old" for me (43).

Don't get me started on shoes......size 10.....

I know we can shop online, but most of it gets sent back and that costs more! I would just like to be able to buy some size 12 jeans in a 36" inside leg without having to travel 60 miles to Birmingham. Ok, winge over....any suggestions? Is there a long leg in any high street shops that I've missed??

saythatagain Mon 04-Jun-12 10:33:49

Shift up's shit innit? Add into the equation that I don't have pots of cash to splash either. Mmmmm! And my nearest city is Hull!

SoupDragon Mon 04-Jun-12 10:37:12

I buy my jeans online from Esprit now as they go up to 34" leg. Sadly not up to 36" though.

mumandtwo Mon 04-Jun-12 11:02:34

I just don't get why there are still so many petite ranges!! Without meaning to cause offence to anyone, shorter women also have the option of buying children's clothes now that kids styles are so much like adult styles now, and they're cheaper!!!!!!
People always say, how lovely to be so tall (6'2") and all that, but it would be nice to just go into town and shop like everyone else does wouldn't it?
Never mind, shouldn't moan really...

SoupDragon Mon 04-Jun-12 12:37:05

I'm only 5'7" but have only very rarely been able to buy trousers on the high street and only then in a very limited selection.

ThoughtBen10WasBadPokemonOMG Mon 04-Jun-12 12:40:49

I want to be able to buy New Look Tall hoodies with long arms but with a feminine cut still angry

mewkins Mon 04-Jun-12 20:49:07

Have you tried Zara or Mango trousers? haven't bought them for a few years but they always came up long with the idea you hem them to the right length.

My main problem is with dresses..I want something knee length but they always finish mid-thigh. I'm only 5'7"!!

JimbosJetSet Mon 04-Jun-12 21:19:53

It is rubbish, I agree. I am tall and currently pregnant too. From the tiny choice of tall maternity clothes on the market, I can only assume tall women don't generally have babies sad

bronze Mon 04-Jun-12 21:20:56

The ones that have them like dps have such a small shite range

bronze Mon 04-Jun-12 21:22:00

I want to cry for you
I remember feeling Like such a frump when Pregnant because of lack of clothing. It made me feel shit when I should have felt great

amistillsexy Mon 04-Jun-12 21:27:37

The last time I ordered anything from Long Tall Sally I sent it all back as it was all such shit quality.
See-through tshirts with twisted seams, skirts with crappy little seams that wouldn't last a minute.
And they are NOT cheap!
I rang them and said I wanted a full refund on P&P both ways, as it wasn't worth keeping. They refunded me, but gave no explaination or apology.

If anyone has any ideas for clothes for the larger tall woman, please let me know. I'm about to resort to having stuff made for me! grin

bronze Mon 04-Jun-12 21:29:48

I sometimes buy stuff from tall girls don't know if they're any use?

QuiteOldGal Mon 04-Jun-12 21:38:35

Next do a tall section, but again only online, you can have them delivered to store though (try them on and return there and then if they don't fit) The trousers and jeans are very long, at least 36 leg I would say, and not as expensive as LTS

PersonalClown Mon 04-Jun-12 21:43:42

Sucks, doesn't it?

I have found that Asda long jeans are pushing 36 inches. Trying on is a must because they vary from style to style.

I have really small feet for my height! 6ft and have size 7 feet.

tunnocksteacake Mon 04-Jun-12 21:46:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tunnocksteacake Mon 04-Jun-12 21:50:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chandon Tue 05-Jun-12 09:24:43

I do what tunno does! I find their jeans hit and miss, some are fab and expensive looking and well made, others a bit thin and shoddy.

Am 6ft1, and just wear dresses and skirts a lot. In winter I wear quite short skirts with opaque tights. In summer I am always on the quest for a knee-length skirt.

I find Jigsaw caters for us tallies (but not cheap)

thinkfast Tue 05-Jun-12 09:38:31

M and s trousers come in a long length

Chandon Tue 05-Jun-12 11:39:47

IMO, M&S normal range is for people up to about 5 ft 3, their 'tall' range is for people 5ft 4-5ft 9. Not the 'real' tallies!

JimbosJetSet Tue 05-Jun-12 14:36:55

I agree, most shops with a long leg range tend to be aimed at women with a 32/33" leg. Next do an XL length which I think is about 34" long, which you can occasionally find in store. Although they tend to flap around my ankles too...

Longdistance Tue 05-Jun-12 14:45:05

I feel your pain. I'm 5'10", and nothing fits, it's always too short, badly tailored for us tall ladies.
I was lucky enough to have a tall range in my local New Look, and got loads of trousers from there. Tops were always good too, as the length was better at cover my bum.
I now live in Oz, and funnily enough their trousers are a good length confused
My inside leg is 34", and always had a problem. Always went to a LongTall Sally sale. Have a few of their dresses.

Longdistance Tue 05-Jun-12 14:48:35

Oh yeah, and I'm great fun to shop with as my feet are a size 8, and my bra size is 38g, so I'm a barrel of laugh's when I can't get what I want grin

HerRoyaleHoighnessDirona Tue 05-Jun-12 15:14:32

ooh shove up, I've got chocolate cake.

6ft, size 10 shoes and I told new look off the other day as their range was good and cheap and usefull for emergency so I went round the shop pulling cats bum faces about their lack of tall clothes.

Hours drive away to the big shops so I'm now charity shop converted grin

Rant over

HerRoyaleHoighnessDirona Tue 05-Jun-12 15:19:58

I'm a size 18 so a fatty too.

Australia has a great range for tallies and the shoes <swoons>.

Might have to emigrate as the shops here don't cater for Amazonian grin

Longdistance Tue 05-Jun-12 15:22:54

I'm an 18 too. I love a shop called Crossroads. It's not for tall women, but their sizes are really good. They cater for up to size 22, and their long length in trouser's are a proper long length.

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