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Fake Tan

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LittlebearH Thu 31-May-12 02:57:30

Every year I vow never again. But I have very dark hair, blue eyes yet I am very very pale. So much so that I have been consious of it since my early teens. Strangers have commented on it too. Do I bath in bleach? You would be gorgeous if you weren't so pale etc.

I have had a slight tan in the past due to excessive sun beds but since I I got pregnant 3 years ago have given them a miss.

I am not a lovely pale like Liv Tyler or redheads. More of a blueish tinge like corned beef. Not helped by the fact I have very transparent skin like a road map. No nurse has ever had a problem finding a vein on me.

Anyway..I have tried loads of fake tans and thrown a lot of money at it, this year since tried the best fake tan (Vita Liberata - you can see where you are putting it) recommended on MN and also invested in a mit with the promise my annual fake tan disasters would be a thing of the past.

The end result is much better...but my legs and feet seem to reject it. It still looks patchy and streaky and my knees, ankles general feet look awful.

I see these very fake tanned women (TOWIE) seem to have mastered it. No I wont go to a salon as it is bad enough to get naked in front of DP.

Anyone got any fool proof advice? Anyone have the same problem or is it just my legs that are allergic to self tanning??

Sorry this is a bit long...if you are still reading!

Loveleopardprint Thu 31-May-12 05:37:21

I am the same. Very pale and have tried many fake tans. They seem to form little patches of colour and leave other areas white. I also had a funny tan line all around one calf this year. Giving up and living in maxi dresses.
Sorry not much help but empathising!!

Cartoonjane Thu 31-May-12 07:12:10

I use Dove moisturizer with a bit of tan. You have to apply often as it doesn't stain like some but it's easy to apply and doesn't smell too bad- there is a bit of a whiff but not as bad as some. It depends where you want it. I do legs only just to remove the glare, might not be suitable all over because of the need to apply so often.

roughtyping Thu 31-May-12 07:14:24

Go to a spray tan booth - you have to get naked but not in front of anyone - they tell you the instructions then leave you to it (machine repeats instructions). Well, mine does anyway!

Charliefox Thu 31-May-12 13:05:10

I take it you're exfoliating like Billy-O beforehand?

miniwedge Thu 31-May-12 13:10:04

Exfoliate the day before.

Don't moisturise right before you apply.The day before is ideal. (You're more likely to streak if you moisturise first)

If you need to shave do it the day before. (Shaving right before can give you chicken legs effect)

Wait at least half an hour after you get out of the shower to apply. (Let your pores close to stop that weirdy brown rash thing)

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 31-May-12 16:59:45

What you use to exfoliate it can affect the result, anything greasy eg oil based stays on the skin and doesnt let the fake tan absorb.

I use plain glycerine (buy it from the pharmacy not the baking aisle) and sugar. It rinses off then I moisturise but I do this in the morning and then do fake tan in the evening so all the moisturiser has absorbed too.

I only use Aldis Lacura body lotion in the BLUE bottle, not the white. It's mainly plant oils which absorb into the skin unlike mineral oils that tend to sit on the surface.

I use sally hansen airbrush legs too because my legs always have a tendency not to tan as much as my arms for some reason.

drywhiteplease Thu 31-May-12 17:17:55

This is what I do;
Shave legs and exfoliate etc.
Apply Dove or Johnsons gradual tanner liberally.
Then pat excess off knees,ankles and heels.
Pat elbows,inside of elbows on the crease where the arm folds and the inside of the wrist and wash hands really well.bthis avoids build up on dry patches.

PullyWoolOver Thu 31-May-12 17:21:23

Littlebear - my legs are the same bright blue/ white. Not great in summer.

I've just tried St. Moritz tan lotion applied with a mitt and it worked quite well. It's dirt cheap at £2.99 and using the mitt to apply it really made a difference.

You could also consider using those instant tanners - again, apply with the mitt for a little colour. They work for me, just watch it when it's raining!

BonnieBumble Thu 31-May-12 17:23:23

Too much faff. I have people say that if you get your colours done and wear the right things you will never need to bother with fake tan again.

poppedoutforapintofmilk Thu 31-May-12 20:24:51

I've thrown in the towel with fake tan. My hair is dark brown and ive got greeny eyes but am a sickly, ill looking white. I've tried every fake tan from the cheapest to the most expensive. I've tried spray tan but no matter what I try I just look like a mucky blotchy giraffe. I've finally decided that I will let the sun just take the edge off my whiteness, wear makeup on my face and forget about a sunkissed, healthy tan. sad

Sarcalogos Thu 31-May-12 20:29:49

Psst. The 'I'm a sickly/corned beef white' thing is a myth it's all in your head. You are pale and beautiful just like the other women who you recognise are pale and beautiful.

So chin up, stop covering your body in chemical gunk and be you. Beautiful as you are. I mean do you really aspire to be TOWIE like? (thought not).

<creeps away having dropped wisdom which is controversial but true>

Monty27 Thu 31-May-12 20:38:40

Pully where do you get that tan stuff for 2.99??

Price of this stuff is horrendous, there doesn't seem to be many offers around this year for johnsons etc, I've been looking <skint>

PullyWoolOver Thu 31-May-12 22:02:40

I got the St Moritz from Home Bargains Monty; you can get it from Savers shops also I think, and from Amazon. It is v good - I would say on a par with St Tropez but a much more bargainous price!

Monty27 Thu 31-May-12 22:03:56

Thanks Pully very helpful

(sorry for jacking OP)

TheGruffalosbitch Thu 31-May-12 22:19:48

I have the same colouring as u and now embrace my inner snow white. Pale is also beautiful don't ya know x

KatoPotato Fri 01-Jun-12 00:24:49

I'm evangelical in my praise for St Moriz... the mouse is foolproof - slips on super fast and dries quick too. I did a blog post review but not sure if I'm allowed to link? It's based on the dark version (because I'm a bit of a ned like that) but the normal stuff washes off really light and natural promise!

and it's £2 !!

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 01-Jun-12 00:33:35

i am going to try that st moriz in a last ditch attempt at fake tanning - op i am like you - a blue white with dark hair and ive got green eyes.

i dont tan naturally either, but fake tans work however i go blotchy, especially on my legs.

if the st moriz doesnt work then i am truly giving up!

PollyLove Fri 01-Jun-12 09:05:01

For anyone using st moritz I'd really Recommend you buy a tanning mitt to go with it, it makes the world of difference. It really is a great tan, really does work!

henrysmama2012 Fri 01-Jun-12 22:15:17

Don't know if this is useful but I use Boots own brand or Ambre Solaire self tan mist. I'm lazy and don't bother exfoliating, just throw on a bit of moisturiser beforehand, then wait about 3 mins then put some clothes on. Even with that lazy effort it always looks good save for a bit of a streak here and there but my effort level when applying is ridiculously minimal, so a little streak age is to be expected smile it's great...the face one is great too smile

Iatemyskinnyperson Fri 01-Jun-12 23:45:32

I am exactly the same OP. My shins reject fake tan, no matter what I do, so I have given up. For occasions, I use Sally Hanson & tights. Otherwise, the general public will just have to put up with my pasty pins.

Gingefringe Sat 02-Jun-12 08:17:33

Another pale St Moritz fan here. The stuff is really easy to use with a mitt or latex gloves (I have tried the mousse and spray and both are good). No horrid fake tan smell either - go for it.

ChaoticismyLife Sat 02-Jun-12 10:29:18

St Moritz is also available at Morrisons.

HouseOfBamboo Sat 02-Jun-12 12:05:15

I think it's incredibly difficult to use fake tan on blue/white skin. The skin's base colour is just too different to what you're trying to 'paint' it with, and every streak shows. Skin which has higher amounts of natural melanin or a bit of a tan is much more forgiving of streaks.

I'm sitting here looking at my streaky shins, which have had ONE application of the much-vaunted St Tropez Gradual TWO days ago (and two baths since). They are bright orange in places, blue/white/red corned beef in others. And yes, I exfoliate my shins every single day with a buffer.

I get sucked in every year and end up thoroughly pissed off. I think tbh the best solution is to keep your skin in as good condition as you can and wear colours which flatter your skin tone (my colouring is similar to yours, and I find blues are best for summer). Forget the orange dream!

(ps: and for the record, the St Tropez stinks in a stinky way.)

spottymoo Sat 02-Jun-12 14:36:32

Barrier cream is the key with any fake tan apply it on any dry skin on your body only a light covering is needed we use Aquarous cream on all our clients for spray tans we apply it on feet elbows knees palms of hands and knuckles the tan still goes through to these areas but the barrier cream stops patchiness x

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