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Inner thigh chaffing, find me an answer

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zanz1bar Fri 25-May-12 19:32:40

i look better in summer dresses, but suffer from the dreaded red sore inner thigh.
I have tried lanacane, hair spray, baby powder all work for an hour or so but need reapplying.
I have bought spans like pants with long legs and that works like a dream, but I really don't need the tight bandaging around the waist.
So I am looking for some sort of very light long leg pants, something like control top tights with a bit of thigh cover so I can washy down the street and not walk like John Wayne.
Any ideas?

RancerDoo Fri 25-May-12 19:34:44

The answer to this is Mitchum roll on deodorant. Apply to inner thighs and stand like a cowboy for 5 minutes. That's all, and I have never needed to reapply.

CMOTDibbler Fri 25-May-12 19:38:10

Buy control top tights, and cut the tights bit off. Or Evans do 'comfort shorts' which are designed to be worn to stop chafing

cocolepew Fri 25-May-12 19:40:36

Spray on deodorant works all day

hotheels Fri 25-May-12 19:41:12

Vaseline apparently, you should also usr it on shoes that rub. Saw it on a tv shoe years ago and works!

weasle Fri 25-May-12 19:41:42

Leggings? Watching with interest!

CarpeJugulum Fri 25-May-12 19:44:34

Body Glide

It's the only thing that got me through pregnancy and I find it invaluable now.

(it's also good for feet when on nights out)

NinthWave Fri 25-May-12 19:50:36

Ooooh RancerDoo you are a GENIUS! I've got some Mitchum - am going to try this tomorrow. (I spent today trying to get a pair of cut-off tights to stop rolling up to the top of my legs...)

EclecticShock Fri 25-May-12 19:51:29

Lansinoh, is very good for blisters or chaffing. Mainly sold as a breastfeeding cream but it is brilliant.

EddieIzzardIsMine Fri 25-May-12 19:55:43

I've just had a google for those Evans comfort shorts and cant find them, do they not make them anymore?

Gutted if they dont as I get this too and they sounded a really good solution...

welliesundermeballgoon Fri 25-May-12 20:13:40

Dry oil spray (avon/bodyshop etc.) Really good

zanz1bar Fri 25-May-12 20:17:01

Brilliant, I knew you ladies would have some ideas, and I wouldn't be the only girl in town with this problem.

JoyceDivision Fri 25-May-12 20:20:09

I am so glad I have seen this thread! I have worn a skirt for two days, this is the first time in about 2 years and my inner thighs are v sore! Will try the mitchum tip!

hermioneweasley Fri 25-May-12 20:27:53

I present my solution which I am going to patent one day. <drum roll> Take a large square or rectangle of heavy natural fabric (linen is perfect). Drape it over the gusset of your pants and let it hand down either side, thus allowing the fabric to rub against itself and not your skin - a sort of reverse chaps, but nice and cool. The fabric has to be heavy to hang without getting caught up.

One day, when I know you better, I will describe how I discovered this.

JoyceDivision Fri 25-May-12 20:45:24

I feel like I've known you all my life, hermoineweasley So (shuffles up with wine to sofa) pray do tell...

hermioneweasley Fri 25-May-12 21:01:56

Well, if you insist....

Was in Madrid for work, it was about 30degrees. Was ok in air conditioned office, but went for a walk after work before meeting friends for drinks. Only had skirts/dresses with me. So, after doing some touristy stuff and then walking what felt like the length and breadth of Madrid for drinks and tapas, my inner thighs were chafed beyond recognition. By the time I got to the hotel they were red raw and I was walking like john Wayne. Tried powder, lotion, nothing soothed my red raw skin. When anything touched the area while I was sleeping I would wake up from the pain. By morning, there was no improvement. I was in despair, I had no trousers and couldn't walk like John Wayne all day in the office, but the pain of my thighs touching was unbearable.

So, my breakfast tray was delivered covered in a large linen rectangle. As I contemplated my miserable fate, I had a flash of insight. The rest is history.

I shall patent it one day and make my fortune!

mirpuppet Fri 25-May-12 22:32:07

There are items called pettipants (slips that are like shorts so silky material) which supposedly work well.

GiantPuffball Fri 25-May-12 22:34:56

Be careful with Lansinoh it stains clothes like a Bastard

polyhymnia Fri 25-May-12 23:18:34

Sorry to hear Lanacane didn't work for you. I'm a total convert to this which was recommended on this site last year. I took it with me to Italy last year when it was about 40 degrees in July and was able to walk around in lovely light dresses in total comfort for the first time Magic.

Loveleopardprint Fri 25-May-12 23:26:11

I have just ordered some long short leg sloggi pants. They came today. Shall wear them tomorrow and report back. Last year I had control shorts from bhs which did not control but stops the friction.

Loveleopardprint Fri 25-May-12 23:27:19

Realise long short leg does not make much sense. (on the fri night glass of wine!). I mean they are like long cotton cycling shorts grin

Loveleopardprint Fri 25-May-12 23:30:36

Has anyone actually tried pettipants? They look like they would rub too???

Loveleopardprint Sat 26-May-12 13:28:58

Sloggi cotton shorts are fantastic. Not sweaty like control wear and no chaffing. Really recommend. wink

HouseOfBamboo Sat 26-May-12 15:03:08

Yes, antiperspirant between the thighs works perfectly.

Vaseline or lip balm good for rubbing flip flops - or hair serum (anything siliconey is great for 'slip' and preventing rubbing).

lizardqueenie Sat 26-May-12 16:15:24

loveleopard do u have a link for where you got you long sloggi pants from?? smile

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