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Is the Elizabeth Storksak change bag quite large?

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Downbytheocean Sat 19-May-12 20:07:28

I am considering buying an Elizabeth Storksak change bag, I have only seen it on the internet and it looks quite big. Perhaps too big to be lugging around as well as a baby and 3 year old. Does anyone have one and can confirm if it is larger than your average change bag? I don't want to spend all that cash and not want to be taking it everywhere with me.
I am also considering the Pacapod Napier if the Storksak would be too large if anyone has experience of this. Sorry if there's somewhere else I should have posted rather than s&b but it is definitely a style concern rather than pregnancy! I had a rubbish change bag for my first ds so I want a nice one this time as I know I'll be using it tons over the next two years.

chaosisawayoflife Sat 19-May-12 20:29:53

I know someone always comes along and says this whenever someone asks about change bags, but seriously consider buying a normal bag that you love and will fit what you need, rather than paying well over the odds for a dedicated change bag that will have very limited long term use. I also have a baby and a 3 year old and I just use a normal, large bag and stick a small nappy pouch in it. It's a jujube one that I had from dd1, poss called bequick, but can't remember. All changing bags look like changing bags, iyswim, no matter how much they try to disguise themselves, and in a year or so it will be useless to you. A decent normal bag will last you much longer.

dairymoo Sat 19-May-12 20:37:20

I'd have to disagree with chaos in that all change bags look like change bags. The fact that the Elizabeth doesn't look like a change bag is precisely the reason that I bought one. It's a lovely, lovely bag and I am v happy to use it as a large handbag on the (rare!) days that I'm off somewhere on my own. I got one when DC3 was born and found it big enough for extra pairs of pants for my DTs (then 3) as well as all the baby gumph - muslin, nappies, wipes, etc.

When DC3 no longer needs me to cart her stuff around, I'm def going to hang onto it and continue to use it as all the pockets inside are great for keeping my keys, phone, book, etc organised too.

My DH managed to get about 20% off from some random promo code site so do hunt a round to see if there's anything now, as it is v expensive.

Downbytheocean Sat 19-May-12 20:57:11

Chaos, appreciate your response but I do want a separate change bag as I found all the different compartments really useful with ds1 when he was little.
Dairymoo, thanks that was what I was hoping to hear. DH says I should get the one I really want so as long as it's not too big then I think I better go for it. This is my last dc so I should treat myself and my eBay sales are going well to contribute!

dairymoo Sat 19-May-12 21:08:56

Mine was a treat too. And totally worth it. I use it every day and have got many compliments on it. I hate the look of normal changing bags, and love the fact that the Elizabeth looks reasonably stylish whilst carting all my stuff around. Not too big at all either, although when it's full and I'm wearing it across my back, I do occasionally (accidentally!) whack into people. blush

Red13 Sat 19-May-12 21:32:55

It's a great bag - I don't find it too big to lug around with my 3yr old and 7mth old, and agree that it doesn't look like a change bag. It's just a very lovely bag with a handy waterproof lining, change mat and useful compartments inside.

Rowanhart Sun 30-Sep-12 21:34:18

I don't suppose any of you are ready to part with your Elizabeth bag yet? Looking to buy one second hand!

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