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Small boobs...

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1950sHousewife Fri 11-May-12 18:20:43

AIBU to think that I could find a bra that is uplifting, but not wodged full of foam, which will be flattering on those of us who are not overendowed on the boobicular area?
At the moment it either looks like I'm completely flat chested, or have two bean bags shoved down there.

I am struggling to find a bra that's pretty and supportive. Any recommendations?

StatisticallyChallenged Sun 07-Apr-13 17:11:07

I'm going to guess you mean inches!

Unfortunately nowhere (literally) makes bras in that size. If it existed, she'd be a 22C. The New Look/Primark ones must be quite a lot too big for her I would guess. The smallest readily available bra on the market is a 28AA which is really designed for someone measuring 28 both under and over but I suspect the cups would be entirely the wrong shape for her.

If you can sew (even a little) I would suggest ordering some 28A and AAs and trying to find one where the cup looks like a decent-ish fit, and then adjusting the back to make it smaller. There are a few ways you can do it and as you will be adjusting it by a fair amount I would probably do more than one alteration.

The easiest one is to take the fastening off the back, cut a small amount of fabric off and then reattach the clips. From what I have read you can get away with taking 1-2 back sizes off a bra this was but you don't want to do any more or the straps will be in the wrong place.

Another option (which I suspect would be needed here too) is to take in the central gore which brings the cups closer together - chances are that any cups on a 28 back would be too far apart for her. A combination of both could probably get you a reasonably close back size.

Realistically none of this is going to give her an amazingly well fitting bra - it's going to be a case of making do until she grows a little more. It's probably worth figuring out how to do the alterations though as if she is only 22" just now you're going to be taking in bras for a while yet.

Silverstar2 Tue 09-Apr-13 14:43:27

Well I am still not totally happy. I know that the best style for me is a full cup, but then they dig in under my arms. I measure 35.5 under, and about 46/47 over,and have gone from a 38D to a 34H, but have tried the andorra, (ouch) Panache Melody full cup (not so bad but still a bit ouch under the arm) and although I like the Cleo Juna styles, they are a bit narrow in the band under the arm so I still get a bulge under my arm and back fat.

Hmmmm just thought - are all those ones I mention by Panache? What other full cups can I try? Have also tried the Kara and Elodie by Fanatsie - can't do those side supports, they are like torture! Just send back a Bravissimo Pretty as a pin as the shape was all wrong on me.


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