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Nail polish recommendations needed (please!)

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cakeismysaviour Tue 08-May-12 14:23:17

Nail polish never lasts long with me and I am fed up of seeing others with lovely neat toe and finger nails. I need to know the secret to making nail polish last!

I have tried various brands, including Sally Hanson (?) which was meant to be chip-proof - but chipped very quickly! sad Have also tried base coats to no avail.

Colour recommendations too please! smile

QueenCadbury Tue 08-May-12 14:55:34

I don't have any secrets as mine chips after 2-3 dys too. Best brands I find are nails inc, opi, rimmel, bourjois and marvala.

Worst is Chanel.

Do you use top coat?

cakeismysaviour Tue 08-May-12 15:55:35

Well you are doing better than me. I'm lucky if I get 2-3 hours! grin

Have tried top coat (only cheap stuff) which made an improvement, but not a massive one.

Am I just weird?!

cocolepew Tue 08-May-12 15:59:37

I've had a nails inc on for 4 days so far, good going for me! There are 3 free shades to pick from in this months InStyle magazine, good value as they are £11 each.

ethelb Tue 08-May-12 16:03:37

Get Shellaced. Mine lasted 12 days before I had to get it taken off.

I have another appointment booked next week.

aerynsun Tue 08-May-12 16:32:57

Stargazer (a cheapie brand) seems to last ages. Usually get it on eBay but I think they've their own website (prefer it to OPI)

Henwelly Tue 08-May-12 16:52:46

I always find opi the best, need at least two coats - three is better, make sure you paint over the edge of the nail.

Nails inc also good - Chanel rubbish!

Mine usually lasts a week.

kelly2525 Tue 08-May-12 17:08:07

Chanel and Calvin Klein are crap, bourjois is really good, and shiny/glossy ones will chip faster than pearly ones.

Nail wraps are probably the way to go, they last around two weeks on my fast growing nails, and cost £15.

PinkChampagneandStrawberries Tue 08-May-12 17:10:50

I usually have shellac on but if not I usually paint them every 2 - 3 days opi is good and get a good top coat

Henwelly Tue 08-May-12 17:13:33

Btw - not the skin edge, the tip edge!!

Lottapianos Tue 08-May-12 17:16:29

Sally Hansen is total rubbish - it peeled off my nails within a day or so. Best brands are Rimmel, Bourjois and (best of all) OPI. Seche Vite is a fantastic top coat - you can get a bottle on eBay for about a fiver. You shove it on over wet polish and it sets the whole thing to a lovely hard glossy finish in about 10-15 minutes. Wonderful stuff.

keepmoving Tue 08-May-12 17:22:45

Base coat, 2 thin coats of colour and top coat. Allow each coat to dry and take the top coat over the nail tip. I do my nails each Sunday night and they usually last easily until Friday. I use OPI base and top coat, and OPI, Essie or Jessica nails colour. Some may post thatv they get longer but my nails must grow quickly because I have a bare gap at the base of the nail by Friday evening! My mum tried to persuade me to try Revlon - it lasted less 2 days even with OPI base and top coat.

oohermrs Tue 08-May-12 17:22:54

I use Jessica nail polish and their quick dry drops. I figured if lots of beauty salons use Jessica it had to be pretty good and it is. Fave colour is merlot.

ethelb Tue 08-May-12 19:14:57

what is Jesssica nail polish? Is it a gel or shellac or normal polish? Just about to book a manicure for a wedding now and the spa only offers that.

MadAboutHotChoc Tue 08-May-12 19:21:42

Rimmel and Barry M for me - all cheapies and yet last 2-3 days but that is long enough for me due to my fast growing nails (hate the gap between the polish and nail base).

You need to wear rubber gloves when washing up to prevent chipping.

vix206 Tue 08-May-12 19:36:31

No advice just sympathising. I've tried it all. Shellac lasted 3 days before it chipped horribly on me. I have a zillion different nail varnishes - OPI, Essie, Rimmel cheapies, Nail Inc, Revlon, Barry M, No. 7 etc. etc. and I have tried loads of top coats including the very-recommended Seche Vite. I always wear a base coat, apply at least 2 coats of colour and let them all dry. I don't abuse my nails, I wear rubber gloves when cleaning and washing up and yet I have never had my nails last more than 12 hours without chipping. I wonder if its something to do with natural oils or something? Because I really can't see what I am doing wrong!!

When I had acrylic nails the polish lasted 2 weeks with no chips which is what makes me wonder about natural oil being a problem, or something to do with the texture of my natural nails..

DirtyMartini Tue 08-May-12 19:48:18

Make sure you haven't got any trace of hand cream or anything along those lines on your nail surface before you start, too - anything like that sitting under the base coat/polish can make chipping much faster.

Some nail blog I was reading once recommended swiping a cotton wool pad soaked in vinegar over nails as prep. Never tried it though as I am not a loon.

Bienchen Tue 08-May-12 20:26:13

Undercoat, one coat of Maybelline Forever strong colour, one Maybelline Salon Manicure topcoat last me about 3 weeks on my toes (I am on my feet all day and wear safety boots, so feet/toes are working hard). I find the varnish grows out before I get chips!

Can't speak for finger nails as I hardly ever varnish them.

EllenParsons Wed 09-May-12 01:07:31

I find Maybelline really good - better than some of the more expensive brands.

OPI also great. Nails Inc is over rated IMO!

Krumbum Wed 09-May-12 01:50:18

A good base coat, the best ones are orly bonder and CND stickey as they create a smooth but tacky base for the polish to adhere to. Opi and china glaze polishes are both fantastic in colour range and they don't chip too easily. The very best top coat is seche vite, it dries to a thick, glossy finish in about 1 minute and is rock hard. I buy mainly from Internet or Sally beauty supplies as they have a huge range of professional quality stuff.

PinkFondantFancy Wed 09-May-12 01:52:01

Where can I buy OPI?

vix206 Wed 09-May-12 06:26:51

Opi is in John Lewis and I think some larger boots (nail envy is anyway). I buy mine on eBay though. Much cheaper!

4aminsomniac Wed 09-May-12 07:00:00

I find that 2 coats of Polish then seche vite top coat, and my toe nails will last 2 weeks or more.

ethelb Wed 09-May-12 09:22:28

Oh, nail lovers should get down to this tomorrow.

free manicures in London

40notTrendy Wed 09-May-12 09:28:28

Boots No 7 is good. Rimmel good, especially their Pro range, as is Maybelline. I find letting each coat dry for at least half an hour before applying another helps. Revlon rubbish. Estée Lauder stains!

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