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what colour stockings with red undewear?

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alexsmum Thu 09-Feb-06 09:43:53

that's it really!

colditz Thu 09-Feb-06 09:44:34


nitfreecod Thu 09-Feb-06 09:45:46

er yUK

Frenchgirl Thu 09-Feb-06 10:01:43

if you must
natural colour
black and red a bit tarty (sorry)

nitfreecod Thu 09-Feb-06 10:02:16

the french gal speaks sense

TambaTheDragonSlayer Thu 09-Feb-06 10:02:18

black (although I do have slutty red ones )

colditz Thu 09-Feb-06 10:05:27

I thought that was the point, FG?

alexsmum Thu 09-Feb-06 10:12:51

the underwear although red is not tarty - i wish i could do links, it's on the bravissimo site.
it is however ....a bit ....saucy? which is the effect i am going for!
would like to wear stocking s with it for added sauciness but not sure about black. def not natural, reminds me of prosthetic limbs.

Frenchgirl Thu 09-Feb-06 10:15:28

hmmmm I think you can do sexy without doing obvious tarty you see
a beautiful shade of natural doesn't have to look like prosthetic limbs (lol though)

alexsmum Thu 09-Feb-06 10:17:15

i know what you mean frenchgirl- but not natural. think up something better for me please!

Feistybird Thu 09-Feb-06 10:21:10


alexsmum Thu 09-Feb-06 10:22:32

great isn't it feistybird

Frenchgirl Thu 09-Feb-06 10:23:26


Moomin Thu 09-Feb-06 10:24:54

LOL at red stockings. my legs would look like they'd been parboiled, like those horrible big joints of boiled ham!

alexsmum Thu 09-Feb-06 10:27:27

maybe i should just abandon the idea of the red underwear and go for clasic black. much easier to coordinate.

although who am i kidding that how coordinated my underwear is is going to be an issue for dh!

Frenchgirl Thu 09-Feb-06 10:27:59

anything you like here?

alexsmum Thu 09-Feb-06 10:28:09

ditto the boiled ham legs in red stockings(shudder)

TambaTheDragonSlayer Thu 09-Feb-06 10:35:36

My legs dont look like boiled ham in red stockings they go with my dark hair (head hair!! ) but they are darl red. I do think light red looks slutty (but that might be because my spet mother used to wear it and seeing as she ran off with my fathered id say she was a slut )

alexsmum Thu 09-Feb-06 10:36:35

aahh, but tamba i guess you have nice slim legs? not big sides of beef like mine!

TambaTheDragonSlayer Thu 09-Feb-06 10:38:14

deffo not nice slim legs but they look alright with heels on and my dh is usually so pleased to see stockings he wouldnt care if they were rainbow coloured just as long as it meant he was getting some

TambaTheDragonSlayer Thu 09-Feb-06 10:39:27

this is what i wear them with here

TambaTheDragonSlayer Thu 09-Feb-06 10:40:41

/link{\and here}

TambaTheDragonSlayer Thu 09-Feb-06 10:41:12



alexsmum Thu 09-Feb-06 10:42:35

sorry they just wouldn't look like that on me.
very nice though.

think i'll change plan to black underwear and black stockings. have very pale skin so that can look quite nice.

alexsmum Thu 09-Feb-06 10:43:46

ok new question. anyone know where you can get extra long stockings-for my extra long legs?

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