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Can I wear this Anami Janine dress to a wedding?

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dontwakeupyet Fri 06-Apr-12 15:38:47

My first ever S&B thread, eeek!

I have been looking for something to wear to a family wedding in June - regisrty office and then reception at a pub/hotel. I often like clothes that are slightly quirky and unique without being too 'out there', but all I have been able to find so far are kind of bog standard wedding outfits. Anyway, thanks to a recent thread on Mumsnet, I think I may have found something:

I love the print and the fact it covers the arms a bit but am wondering if it is dressy enough for a wedding (would obviously wear heels and probably clutch bag)? Also, I am a bit short (5ft 2) and am imagining that the model is pretty leggy so am worried it might be a bit 'midi' on me (although I guess I could get it altered?) I am a size 10-12 and a pear shape - I often like to dress to accentuate my waist and cover my huge arse and thighs.

It also comes in purple:
which might be better for my colouring (brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes)? But as the coral one has black bits in, it might be better to go with the shoes that I want to wear (I have a pair of very high Louboutins that havent had an outing in ages!). Although a pair of 'on trend' mint green shoes would go with the purple one!

Argh, am just thinking out loud here sorry, its not that coherent! Does anyone have any thoughts?

nowadoubledee Fri 06-Apr-12 15:43:01

Both horrid, I'd keep looking if I was you. You can find much better dresses to wear than those.

BigBirdsFriend Fri 06-Apr-12 15:48:21

Loving the dress! And the label, thank you for introducing me lol!

A couple of questions
Are you the sister of the b or g? If you are, do you know what colour the bridesmaids are wearing? Just thinking that sometimes everyone in the bridal party are in pink or something and this is a statement dress.If you are a bit further out, I would say a nice clutch, good shoes and either a good up do or a small hat/fascinator and you will look spectacular.
Do you usually wear bright shades? This is a strong colour and it could make someone feel uncomfortable if they were used to something quieter.

But loving it and think that it is suitable for a wedding

tethersend Fri 06-Apr-12 16:08:32

I like the style, but not the print... how about:





dontwakeupyet Fri 06-Apr-12 16:40:34

Thank you. Ah how I love Mumsnet and its complete division of opinions!

Tethersend, it was actually the print that drew me to the dresses in the first place - however, I love the yellow dress you have linked (although it would probably be a maxi on me!)

It's my cousin's wedding, but I know that the colour scheme is a sort of spring green, so pretty far off in terms of that! Think I would be confident enough to wear it, in fact I already have a dress with a similar print, although it is a very soft pink.

Qurikydress Sun 30-Sep-12 19:42:37

Hello dontwakeupyet this reply is several months late but I just wanted to say that I am the designer of anami & Janine dresses and they are so perfect for weddings or anytime you want to look and feel special. The dresses are designed for all shapes especially pear shaped and will fit and flatter your figure. We design all our own prints and they are unique and conversation starting. Give you a try and you will not be disappointed. Take care Janine x

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