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Can you help find me the perfect bag please?

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MamaWantsABrandNewBag Sun 01-Apr-12 11:03:55

I am in the happy position of sitting on a pot of money I have made from ebaying old stuff and I reaallllly want to get a new bag grin .

My budget is absolute max £500 (less is better), I do want great quality though as I expect to get my money's worth - I won't be spending this much on a bag again for a long while. I am a sahm with two preschool dcs and the bag is just for my stuff. I walk everywhere so always have the bits and bobs the dcs need in the bottom of the buggy and I can fit lunchboxes etc in there too. So it needs to take the usual; purse, phone, keys, small pack wipes, hairbrush, pen, sunglasses, maybe a book or my kindle if I am out for the afternoon on my own(!).

A cross body strap is really useful although I don't want a bag that is just cross body iyswim and so far my front runner is this one -

I love the fact that I can wear it on my shoulder, cross body if I need my hands free and also as a clutch when I go out with dh/friends. I like the nude colour the best, I don't want black at all and wondered if the red would be a bit more limiting? I am a bit hmm about the pale leather though as I wear jeans most days and I would be very annoyed if the dye transferred onto the paler colour where I wore it across body?

I have already asked a few friends and have a few other ideas to go and check out irl although so far this looks the best to me. I should be able to get to London in the next couple of weeks to have a good look around a department store - which is the best one for bags? Selfridges? Harrods?


ps if you are one of the friends I have already asked (you know who you are grin ) please don't out me as have namechanged for this - ta x

Stylelostinlabour Sun 01-Apr-12 13:36:36

I really like the quality of jigsaw bags they have a lovely Nubuck saddle satchel in at the moment, feels lovely and can be across the body or over shoulder but not really clutch size but for the price you could get a lovely clutch as well?

I have about 5 jigsaw bags and a couple of mulberry and much prefer the jigsaw ones for everyday use.

MamaWantsABrandNewBag Sun 01-Apr-12 15:10:42

Thanks - I hadn't thought of looking in Jigsaw which is silly as I love their clothes! I did look at mulberry and was amazed at their prices now - I think I have a big budget but it wouldn't cover lots of their styles at the moment.

DontCallMeMummyPig Sun 01-Apr-12 15:12:36

I have the Mulberry Antony in chocolate but here it is on oak.
Fits all my stuff, feels robust worn with jeans and Converse by day...and luxurious and smart with, er, jeans and Converse by night!

MamaWantsABrandNewBag Sun 01-Apr-12 15:42:07

I know what you mean about jeans and converse 24/7 grin . I have seen the Anthony but would prefer something that is not just cross body - I find they slide around when I bend down to the dcs and bop them in the head which is not much fun for them! But the hands free option is, let's face it, kind of necessary with my lifestyle.

Poppygalore Mon 02-Apr-12 13:59:41

Alot of these have cross body straps.. am eyeing up a couple.. here

MamaWantsABrandNewBag Tue 03-Apr-12 05:44:25

Thanks poppy - I have seen lots of recs for peony and Moore here - do they have a shop or somewhere to see them irl do you know?

whitelillies Tue 03-Apr-12 08:16:00

I have a mulberry mitzy in oak - it s 2 years old and I find it great (have 2 young dc s and similar to what you described)

Also have a carrie bag from Nat and nin - and hope to get either their Jo bag or one of their other ones as they re just lovely (

Some of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Or
Dkny thus season are lovely
Too (Dkny have lovely blue green range )!

MoochaMee Sun 28-Apr-13 14:04:11

I have had the Mulberry Alexa reg size in oak for around a year, its the best all rounder bag I have ever owned, love it, goes from hand,shoulder, across body, even back bag if you put the the long strap though the handle, and it just gets better with age ...
The only other Mulberry I would love to have is the Antony small size in chocolate, or oak ... do like that one, one day :D one day ...
Other bags I enjoy are Tignanello, and Kipling, esp Kipling well made, and most afordable.

Eliza22 Sun 28-Apr-13 17:54:17

What about Blondie Mania? Nice, good leather and colours smile

HoneyStAngelo Sun 28-Apr-13 19:37:36

I prefer your choice of the maeve.

Allthingspretty Sun 28-Apr-13 20:27:43

What about this
Preloved and well under budget

Allthingspretty Sun 28-Apr-13 20:30:48

Pre loved mulberry under budget

Allthingspretty Sun 28-Apr-13 20:33:40

Dvf preloved and under budget

Allthingspretty Sun 28-Apr-13 20:36:07

There is also a large amulb alexa on there too but its over budget

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