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Whoever reccommended the Soap and Glory Foot File....

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Byeckerslike Sun 25-Mar-12 12:34:35

you are a genius!

I bought one on saturday and my feet are like a baby's bottom!

It doesnt feel like its going to be much good but oh my word it's a wonder of science!

Thankyou kind person thanks

BelleDameSansMerci Sun 25-Mar-12 21:43:22

I got one from Boots online - had to search under Soap and Glory Accessories. Ordered Thursday, arrived Friday. It's a wonder.

EnsignRo Sun 25-Mar-12 21:50:46

It is truly a wonder, even got one for my mum. Best thing I've learned from mumsnet, and that's saying something!

shinecrazydiamond Sun 25-Mar-12 22:03:51

Blue - yes, it is that one.

lololizzy Sun 25-Mar-12 23:35:21

have been doing just a little buff each day, and go to bed with Soap and Glory foot cream on..these seems to be enough maintenance now...they've stayed supersmooth despite tons of walking

TheWisdomOfSolomum Mon 26-Mar-12 10:19:08

I tried to order online but had problems with signing in. Scoured Boots today, even looked in most obscure places but no luck, asked very nice lady if they had it. They don't stock it but have ordered one in for me. And the sales assistant is ordering one for herself.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 26-Mar-12 10:23:26

It won't let me order it online, page keeps crashing.

TheWisdomOfSolomum Mon 26-Mar-12 10:30:21

Oh and thanks (in advance) for the tip Shiney x

TheWisdomOfSolomum Mon 26-Mar-12 10:31:57

That's the problem I had Viva, but if you can get to a store they will order for you.

TheWisdomOfSolomum Sat 31-Mar-12 00:01:36

Wow! Just Wow! Used mine for the first time tonight, I can't believe how much came off my feet - and I had thought they weren't too bad!

My DD walked into the room and asked "Who spilled all that flour on the couch?" blush

So a big thank you from me too.

littledolly Sat 31-Mar-12 07:53:02

I ordered mine online & have just had a text to say its in store for me to collect. Can't wait - will use it & report back later.

jetstar Sat 31-Mar-12 08:10:08

I rushed out and bought one on the basis of the last thread and totally agree that it is amazing. There can't be too many mners in our town as there were a few left on the shelves. It's so lovely to have smooth heels smile
PS. Glad someone else has triangular little toes blush

whitelillies Sat 31-Mar-12 09:00:23

I just got one of these and used it last night... It s great. grin
Now I think I might have to get some nice sandals to show off my smooth feet !
Thanks shinny biscuit

Msarsebiscuit Sat 31-Mar-12 09:20:37

Me too, thank you Shiney, my feet are smoother than Nigel Havers coated in Teflon. I shall be buying one for my sister this week.

Misssss Sat 31-Mar-12 09:36:12

I had one based on the hype from the other thread, Best thing I hve ever used for my feet. I went to go buy one for my friend yesterday in a Boots in a small town I was driving through. Couldn't find it on the shelf so I asked an assistant. She immediately remarked, "Oh! The one from mumsnet, its amazing!" and took me straight to it. I was wearing my mumsnet scarf at the time so it probably gave the game away but we shared a knowing smile.

issimma Sat 31-Mar-12 09:43:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheWisdomOfSolomum Sat 31-Mar-12 11:06:07

Issimama ask them to order it for you if they have none in store.

shinecrazydiamond Sat 31-Mar-12 11:25:19

Do you know - I don't think there has been one bad review of this yet ? Wow - there's a thing - mumsnetters all in agreement

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 31-Mar-12 11:26:19

I'm addicted to filing now - do it every day without fail.

And yet it still hasn't made mumsnet recommends . . . .

sobenobu Sat 31-Mar-12 11:33:39

All the Foam Call (the freebie) was out of stock in my Bootssad, lots of files thoughconfused

TheWisdomOfSolomum Sat 31-Mar-12 11:47:16

I can't believe what a difference it made, and it was so quick and easy to use. No arm ache! I covered my feet in cream, and wore socks to bed last night and this morning they are like someone else's feet.

Now I just need to sort my toe nails out and I'm good to go. smile

FelicityKendalmintcake Sat 31-Mar-12 15:39:41

Bought this last week and it's fab, thanks Shiney.

I love the design of it - very ergonomic and easy to use.

Just wondering how long it's going to last, whether it will get blunt. Might take a look at that Sainsburys one someone said was the same, but cheaper, for a back up.

issimma Sat 31-Mar-12 17:58:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rococopops Sat 31-Mar-12 19:11:05

Bought this word...amazeballs

whackamole Sat 31-Mar-12 19:25:50

This is all the encouragement I need - saw them yesterday in Boots!

Snowinsummer Sat 31-Mar-12 21:57:09

One of my best Mumsnet purchases (also bought the foot cream which is divine). As effective for your feet (and mine are gross) as The Shred is for your body.

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