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*sounds klaxon* 30% GA peel shizzle that you can do at home

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SeasonOfTheWitch Tue 20-Mar-12 08:40:04

thought i ought to do a public service and announce it properly as hardly anyone seems to know you can buy this stuff to use at home - and it works out sooo much cheaper than having it done at a salon even tho it's the exact same stuff.

i've only used it once so far (for 3 mins) but have been properly amazed by the results - as i posted on another thread, my 11s have reduced by 50% [holy grail] and my skin generally looks brighter and more even.

you do it weekly, building up the time over 6 weeks and then have a break.

the magic goo is here:

don't forget to get the neutraliser (apparently just bicarb but maybe has crushed fairies' castles in it too hmm so your choice) and use sun block in the day.

anyone a veteran of the stuff and care to share your results?

p.s. i don't work for bravura and i'm a MN regular recently name-changed to separate my S&B chat with my over-sharing on other threads.

Bluebirdpies Tue 20-Mar-12 08:48:06

How does your skin look the next day? My friend did one and she looked dreadful for over a week- peeling, scabby and flakey.

SeasonOfTheWitch Tue 20-Mar-12 09:01:57

really? after 30%?

mine was completely normal (but better!) - no redness, flaking or anything which seems typical from the couple of people i know who have used it.

i have microdermabrasion too (not at the same time obv) and i get more of a reaction to that (bit red, some flaking a couple of days later).

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 09:13:02

I have been reading this american dermatologists blog who recommends 15%

Suppose I could dilute the 30% if needed as I have sensitive skin

Love the thought of burning away those number 11s and it's cheap!

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 09:15:20

Seasonofthewitch- what sort of skin do you have , blog I linked to recommends higher % for oily skin. I have combo just to make it complicated.

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 09:16:44

and is your profile pic before or after the peel shizzle
you are younger and smoother than moi.....beeeatch smile

AnEcumenicalMatter Tue 20-Mar-12 09:21:43

Interesting. My friend lives abroad and has been having regular peels. She found out that you can buy the stuff here for home use and asked me to send her some. Is this what I'm looking for then? I'm far too delusional young and fresh faced to know about such things.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Tue 20-Mar-12 09:23:15

It claims to help with stretch marks - wonder if that's the case or will I fling it in the bin like everything else I've tried?
Also, do you reckon you could use it just on the area, ie blackhead-covered nose?

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 09:26:38

I can vouch for this stuff. I've just completed my first six weeks. I'm using it to clear my heavily congested, blackheady skin.

It is quite drying, and after the last session, when I left it on for 8 minutes, my skin was a bit flakey for about four days afterwards, but not unsightly enough for me to want to stay at home. I just use some Clarins facial oil afterwards to keep my skin moisturised.

Am now 2 weeks into a month's break, and already itching to use it again.

supernannyisace Tue 20-Mar-12 09:28:13

Looks good! But I feel a bit scared to try it ?

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 09:29:13

Best thing is, it's only £10, and I've only used about a fifth of the bottle, doing a six week course.

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 09:33:25

Test it on a patch of skin first, if you're scared. And only leave it on for a minute, the first time. Apply it to dry clean skin. I just put a few drops in my hand, then swipe it over my face, avoiding the eye area. Time how long it's on for carefully. It tingles a bit, which becomes more intense the longer you leave it on for, but not unbearably so. Then, when your time is up, you just apply the bicarb. You can actually just use water, because that neutralises it too, but less so than the bicarb. I then leave my skin with nothing on for half an hour. Am a bit red and tingly. Once that calms down, I moisturise with a natural oil.

fishie Tue 20-Mar-12 09:34:26

hmm I am tempted. Almost got some from america but couldn't persuade the site to take my card.

SeasonOfTheWitch Tue 20-Mar-12 09:35:58

ecumenical begone fresh-faced beast, you are not welcome here. but in the interests of your less fresh-faced friend - it could be, did she say she wanted GA (there are different types of peels)?

ggirl it is an 'after the shizzle' pic grin i'd say my skin is oily-combination. was oily when i was younger but less so these days. i reckon 30% is about right for mine but yy, maybe 15% would be better for you, o sensitive one.

quinn that's interesting that you found it drying even tho you have oily skin - was that only as you increased the mins?

SeasonOfTheWitch Tue 20-Mar-12 09:38:50

the only bit i found 'painful' was the neutraliser - bit of an ouchy few seconds then fine again. was just surprised as i hadn't expected that.

yy quinn i can not get over how cheap it is. i think i read it's 40 applications in one bottle. and costs about £40 (?) for the same hexing treatment in a salon.

SeasonOfTheWitch Tue 20-Mar-12 09:42:03

shotgun i don't see why you couldn't just use it on your nose. might just end up with a beak that looks younger than the rest of you tho grin

supernannyisace Tue 20-Mar-12 09:42:21

Will it bring out all the lurking spots though? A few years ago I used a Neutrogena wash -which had a lot of salicylic acid (if i remember rightly) after a few days i had definitely cleared out my chin pores - looked a mess!

Amworried that this would do the same?

Other than that -may give it a go for a tenner!!

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 09:42:29

ah fuck it ..have ordered the 30% am gonna burn those 11s and blackheads

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 09:48:19

Yes, the dry flakiness only happened when I left it on for longer, but I did that on purpose. I kind of wanted to give my skin a really good peel, if you see what I mean. And that was only after using it a few times, and knowing what to expect.

ilovemydogandMrObama Tue 20-Mar-12 09:48:48

can't use as breastfeeding, but used to use a glycolic acid wash and was told by someone working on commission that washes were more effective? hmm Can't wait to get back on a skin routine that works

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 09:49:18

Supernanny, it cleared up any spots I had, and I haven't had any break outs since.

supernannyisace Tue 20-Mar-12 10:05:16


Watch this space smile or face x

MissFoodie Tue 20-Mar-12 10:09:52

quinn sounda fba, so are you using the liquid gold every other night too?
I just started the liquid gold expecting something amazing to happen to pores on nose, skin feels softer but no major difference to these or capilaries on def tempted to get the bravura 30%

my god, what would we all do without mumsnet s&B?????????


Pinot Tue 20-Mar-12 10:31:14

Firstly, OMG @ your profile pic Season! Your skin is friggin luminous envy

Secondly, I must buy it now as ggirl has bought it and I follow her in all things make-up and skin related grin

<skips off to spend £ I don't have>

Levantine Tue 20-Mar-12 10:35:05

I feel a BBH moment coming on

Season, your skin IS amazing. And what lipstick are you wearing in your photo. I lurve it and I want it

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