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going for a consultation on saturday for semi permanent make up...anyone ever

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MistyMountainHop Thu 15-Mar-12 08:29:38

been here ?

or if not there, has anyone ever had it anywhere? and what kind of results did you get?

MistyMountainHop Thu 15-Mar-12 14:13:39

...anyone sad


valiumredhead Thu 15-Mar-12 14:26:03

Are you sure you want to go there OP? The photos look really awful imo. What do you want done?

MistyMountainHop Thu 15-Mar-12 14:40:20

do you think so? i thought they looked quite good blush

i want to have my eyebrows done....

shinecrazydiamond Thu 15-Mar-12 14:42:28

PLEASE don't do this OP! It always looks so harsh and 'fake' and I can spot it a mile off.

Far better, imo, would be to consider HD brows? And maybe a splurge on some lovely new make up? Chanel, Dior and ByTerry are all very nice - and, I suspect, cheaper than this option.

HugeFurryWishingStool Thu 15-Mar-12 14:43:46

Photos should be in colour imo, and I would need to see a gallery of previous clients, if I were to make this kind of commitment!

Havingkittens Thu 15-Mar-12 14:45:03

I don't mean to be negative but I have to be honest as I am a Make up Artist and have come across quite a few clients over they years who have not been discerning enough and have been stuck with bad eyebrows/lipliner etc for years.

There are not many photos on the site and the ones that there are don't look particularly good. I wouldn't make any decisions without seeing a lot more of her work. When looking into semi permanent make up I would insist on seeing an extensive portfolio of past work and preferably go to someone who also has make up training or background. When you look at the pictures think to yourself "If I went to a beauty counter and someone did my brows/lip liner (whatever it is you're considering having done) like that would I be happy or would I want to go home and wash my face?..... and would I be happy to wear it the same for the next 5 years?"

axure Thu 15-Mar-12 14:47:03

No don't do it a work colleague has got one of these "Scouse brows" it looks ridiculous and scary.

MistyMountainHop Thu 15-Mar-12 16:57:20

oh god don't worry about being negative, i want to get as much advice as i can, good stories AND bad

and of course i will definitely be asking to see a portfolio of all her previous work.

and shiney HD brows wouldn;t work on me i dont think as my brows are so thin, sparse and blonde they are almost non existent sad i dye them at home every week and i hate it, its messy and time consuming but if i leave them i honestly look like i have NO eyebrows. i look so much better when they are dyed. and i could not be arsed / have the time to pencil them in every day, fook that grin

Havingkittens Thu 15-Mar-12 17:18:31

Would you consider coming to London? I know someone very good.

jalopy Thu 15-Mar-12 17:28:24

The lips picture is awful. Good job you're not having that done.

Havingkittens Thu 15-Mar-12 17:30:42

Yes, I was a bit shock at the lips too. If someone even did that to me with lipliner I'd wipe it straight off!

valiumredhead Thu 15-Mar-12 17:36:10

I was thinking the other day that soon it won't be the fashion to have strong look eyebrows and then what? There will be tons of people stuck with something that looks dated. I honestly have not seen any HD brows that have looked good imo - a good tint and thread is far more flattering.

MistyMountainHop Thu 15-Mar-12 17:42:00

havingkittens yeah i would come to london. who? tell me tell me! grin

noddyholder Thu 15-Mar-12 17:43:01

Just no.

Havingkittens Thu 15-Mar-12 17:45:55

HD brows is pretty much a tint and thread (well, tint, wax, thread, pluck, groom to be exact) - it's pretty much a way of training your brows into a nice shape that suits your face. They do sometimes fill in the gaps with a brow pencil or powder but that's all.

With semi permanent brows, as you say, the fashion is changing. The brows on the OP's considered website are quite old fashioned as they are solid in shape and colour. The more up to date salons do individual hair strokes in a combination of tones to give a more natural 3D look.

As with regular make up, it's all about how it's done. If it's done badly, it's going to look bad, obviously! Doing semi permanent makeup (or even normal make up) is only partly about technique, taste plays a much bigger part in what gives a good result.

valiumredhead Thu 15-Mar-12 17:47:15

I mean the really harsh big dark brows that seem to be around atm.

valiumredhead Thu 15-Mar-12 17:47:42

Have you tried brow powder rather than a pencil?

ggirl Thu 15-Mar-12 17:48:27

I had a friend who had semi perm eyebrows done and they look fantastic, I never realised they were fake at all , so natural and she has quite thin brows.

This is on south coast btw.

Sockspence Thu 15-Mar-12 17:48:39

The idea is really appealing. I love the idea of having perfect brows without having to fill them in each morning. But in reality I'd want to know...

- how does it look when it starts to fade?

- what happens if they fuck it up (and sneeze half-way through a brow..?) shock

ggirl Thu 15-Mar-12 17:51:32

I think the ones on the OPs link are quite good although the black and white pictures aren't reassuring.
Better than the massive brows around at the moment

chickydoo Thu 15-Mar-12 17:52:58

A friend of mine (no longer in contact) trained to do semi permanent make up in the late 80's. She was one of the first people to do it I think. She had her lips and eyebrows done, and looked dreadful. She was young then, but if she has carried on doing it I dread to think what she would look like now. Like a lot of procedures it is quite addictive. You have to have it topped up every six months or the colour fades, it goes a bit ginger. I would Stay well clear.

Havingkittens Thu 15-Mar-12 17:56:22

Here you go...

She is a very good make up artist as well as a semi permanent make up technician.

bigkidsdidit Thu 15-Mar-12 17:58:28

My mum just had very subtle colour filling in her eyebrows which were quite thin. They look great, actually, and I was sceptical. She went to a woman who also does it for alopecia patients at the local hospital which might be a way to find a good one.

bigkidsdidit Thu 15-Mar-12 17:59:09

My mums on south coast too like ggirl's friend if that's near uou

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