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Where do you buy your opaque tights

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stressed0ut Mon 05-Mar-12 14:36:45

I'm sick of having to hoist up my tights all the time and wondered if anyone could recommend some black opaque (40 denier) tights for me that stay where they're supposed to be!!

I'm a 30inch leg and size 12.

hazeyjane Mon 05-Mar-12 14:38:26

I don't know if they do black opaque, but the tights i've bought from white stuff are the comfiest i've ever had - and no hoiking necessary!

EllenParsons Mon 05-Mar-12 14:42:13

I normally get mine from H&M. I've also found Primark tights quite good (much better than expected) and they stay up fine.

PinkPepper Mon 05-Mar-12 14:47:09

I wear primark tights because however expensive tights I buy I always rip them quickly, I then put an extra pair of pants on the outside to avoid any hoiking blush

Fillybuster Mon 05-Mar-12 14:48:42

I like M&S (sadly, they're about a tenner for a 3 pack, but they do last) and also the John Lewis ones. No hoicking required....

stressed0ut Mon 05-Mar-12 14:53:15

Thank you ladies! I'll check out all of those shops tomorrow. I have knitted tights on today and have had serious hoiking issues all morning! blush

mrsmartin Mon 05-Mar-12 15:03:03

I get the primark tummy control ones in an 8 (I'm probably a 12) and they are the only tights that stay up all day with no hoiking! they are £3-4. They are thicker than 40d though - maybe or 60 or 80?

wildfig Mon 05-Mar-12 15:15:50

I found Tesco F&F opaques surprisingly good for £4. M&S have really lost their iron grip on my tights-buying reflex, after a couple of years of seriously below par quality.

Squitch Mon 05-Mar-12 16:32:24

Wierdly the Boots opaques have always fitted me well, but I am loads a little bit larger than you

Doyouthinktheysaurus Mon 05-Mar-12 16:38:51

I like M&S Autograph ones. Not had a problem with them falling down.

supernannyisace Mon 05-Mar-12 17:00:59

I wore opaque tights a lot over the winter (it is spring now in my mind... ).

Matalan were rubbish - cheap and looked it.
Primark - surprisingly good - especially the 'comfy' fit - they werne't a different size, just lined with a soft cottony fabric. May be a bit warm for spring though.
M & S - I liked theirs.

Primark were my winners - I don't expect them to last long - but for the prices they charge - it doesn't matter.

flipflopflap Mon 05-Mar-12 17:08:31

The M&S control tights are really good, It was a bit of a struggle to get in them at first but once they are on they stay up. I agree that Primark are also really good.

MrsSeanBean Mon 05-Mar-12 18:28:43


ILoveOnionRings Mon 05-Mar-12 18:33:22

I have stuck to Tesco 140 denier tights,£5, this winter. They have been fab, no ladders and wash well.

Last year had a few pairs for DP's - they were crap, laddered on the inner thigh part every time!!!

coraltoes Mon 05-Mar-12 19:37:21

La perla and wolford. Last forever.

CHOOGIRL Mon 05-Mar-12 19:54:30

Falke. Pricey but worth it imo

I'm a size 12 and buy a size small in M&S. Their Autograph ones and their 40, 60 or 100 denier bodyshaping ones are excellent.

rightchoice Mon 05-Mar-12 20:06:56

Definately Primark, best value and definately stay in place! You can buy a years worth too for next to nothing!!!

therumoursaretrue Mon 05-Mar-12 20:42:38

Another vote for M&S

Dorsetyke Mon 05-Mar-12 21:33:33

Whichever I buy, from wherever, I am a size 16 and go for the exL size. Just to go comfortably over my belly. It doesn't matter about size as they're opaic anyway. Otherwise my muffin top rolls over and hangs like a pair of boobs round my middle!!!

Got this tip from a friend.

rightchoice Mon 05-Mar-12 21:36:12

If you worry about the muffin, try a 'body' with built in bra, keeps you nice and snug, and keeps the tights up!!! Not exactly magic knickers, but Gok swears by them!!

NinthWave Mon 05-Mar-12 21:39:31

Sainsburys opaque tights are excellent - last forever, and never fall down.

Dorsetyke Mon 05-Mar-12 22:17:20

Thanks Rightchoice. I'd hate to think what Gok would have hanging round HIS middle! LOL

rightchoice Mon 05-Mar-12 22:26:36


kerry37 Fri 09-Nov-12 00:52:21

Sainsbury's opaque tights are fabulous, their 60 den. are my favourites.

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