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Boden slouchy oilcloth bag

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slinkyboo Sat 18-Feb-12 08:56:53

Anyone got this?? I'm dithering about it (arrived yesterday). I want a pretty & practical summer bag but I can't work out if it is those things or a bit clownish...any opinions, please?
Ps I've got it in the 'sky' pattern.

hobnob Sat 18-Feb-12 09:06:20


Honeydragon Sat 18-Feb-12 09:08:23


JaxTellerIsMyFriend Sat 18-Feb-12 09:10:13

I like it, for summer and all the lotions and 'stuff' that I need to have in summer.

Honeydragon Sat 18-Feb-12 09:10:19

My friend ordered it in the sky and the navy and sent both back immediately if that's any help? grin She said it looked like something she could get of the market for a tenner grin

Honeydragon Sat 18-Feb-12 09:11:27

I realise that's not help[ful or in the tone of the thread but it put me off getting one so I'm going to lurk here for a bit if thats ok?

jeee Sat 18-Feb-12 09:14:35

It's not exactly the same - but I've just got the very similar one that's free with your first order. It's quite nice - but honestly, I doubt I'll ever use it. Which is fine, as DD1 (11) has her eye on it for her school bag.

BeanutPutter Sat 18-Feb-12 09:17:00

I have one in last seasons colors (yellow, pink and brown). It is great. Really practical and I love that it stands up when placed on the floor.

I have had several compliments on the design and I would definitely get another to replace it when the time comes.

My favorite aspect is the 360 handle base. This stops it from getting that weird handbag strap thing when you have to straighten it out before you put it on your shoulder!

bunionscomingsoon Sat 18-Feb-12 09:18:54

I think the whole Boden thing is over done -- and now everyone is buying from them ( well done them!) - that isn't a good individual look IMO -- a bit like buying something from the large High Street Chains -- instantly recognisable and I like to at least feel individual even if I am not! blush

madammecholet Sat 18-Feb-12 09:20:23

looks way too mumsy imo... sorry.. sad

dingdong3 Sat 18-Feb-12 13:05:01

I thought it had a bit of the Mr Tumble about it - at least in the first colour way grin
I think they look like changing bags so fine for kid related activities but I wouldn't use outside of holidays/day trips with said kids. Then again, I'm not a fan of the Cath Kidson ones either. Would prefer Orla Kiely patterns any day but more ££

eStellaisaverybadPunk Sat 18-Feb-12 13:13:01

I have the spotty autumn version.

I like it - a lot smile

Good roomy size, nice price. Love the strap.

Good choice in 'sky'

slinkyboo Sat 18-Feb-12 13:13:28

Yes, yes, something mr tumble-esque...I knew it was something like that!! It's going back. It also annoys me that it only has a popper and no zip; you can't be too careful these days wink
Thank you smile

slinkyboo Sat 18-Feb-12 13:14:45

Agree the strap is good...I was tempted to keep it just in case I use the strap on another bag but seems excessive keeping a strap for £38.

charliecocoa Sat 18-Feb-12 13:17:20

I liked it until my DH said that it looked just like the changing bag I got a few years ago. Add to the mix Mr Tumble and it's a no goer for me.

LetsKateWin Sat 18-Feb-12 13:23:08

I've got something similar from a market...but it wasn't a tenner. It was around £40 from Greenwich market.

bunionscomingsoon Sat 18-Feb-12 17:36:25

slinky If you want a separate strap for another bag sell them on their own I

slinkyboo Sat 18-Feb-12 19:33:16

Ah well done bunions!
My search goes in for a new spring/summer bag...

bunionscomingsoon Sat 18-Feb-12 20:35:09

Love looking for bags slinky -- what do you - have in mind???

KWL51 Sat 18-Feb-12 20:36:50

I quite like it in the sprig colourway. Hadn't even looked at it before. Would be fine for an out with the children bag and no worse than an orla kiely oilcloth bag.

mrsebojones Sun 19-Feb-12 00:35:13

Sorry but I'm really not keen on the colours or patterns of the boden oil cloth this season. But this may just be me!!! I'm also not loving all the crazy patterned clothes either.
I have a couple of orla kiely oil cloths. I always wait for the online sale when you can pick them up with 50% off so may be worth a look.

MonkeyGirl123 Wed 24-Apr-13 12:31:11

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