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What to wear to an Indian wedding, and where to buy it

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neigesdantan Fri 17-Feb-12 10:31:10

I've been invited to a Hindu wedding later in the year, two very close firends of ours, and am really looking forward to it. But I need some advice on what to wear. I'm English (white), but would really like to wear an Indian outfit. Will this look weird or be considered inappropriate? Don't want to offend anyone.

Not sure I could handle a sari, but are there any good alternatives? And where to buy? (I live in the South East, can get to London if need be, but would rather not pay a fortune!).

Also, I'd love to get my DS, who will be 2 and a half, a special outfit suitable for the occasion. Again, any ideas really appreciated.


FGM Fri 17-Feb-12 10:43:25

I went to an Indian wedding recently. I'd recommend you dress for yourself but don't hold back on colour and/or sparkles. Eg an outfit that's right for you in bright or jewel colours; or a bright accessory

FWIT I wore a Jigsaw outfit: silk skirt in olive/ orange, with orange knit top and wrap cardi with a tan jewelled belt. I got lots of compliments from the older Indian ladies on my belt!

I'm sure someone will be along soon to advise on more Indian dress...

PuggyMum Fri 17-Feb-12 10:48:26

If they are very close friends I'd ask the bride if she can help / take you shopping. I used to work closely with the Asian community and went to a big awards ceremony where there was a fashion show and they had White models wearing Asian fashion and it looked amazing! I would love an excuse to wear an outfit....

PuggyMum Fri 17-Feb-12 10:50:50

Sorry to elaborate....the outfits were like a dress over trousers with a shawl. So notfull Saris. And if youare anywhere near Manchester there are loads of shops on the a34 in longsight / levenshulme that would make you an outfit smile

Fishlegs Fri 17-Feb-12 11:02:09

If it's a Hindu wedding most women will be wearing saris rather than shalwar kameez (the top, trousers and shawl that PM described).

If you've got enough safety pins a sari would be easy to wear, but would depend on somebody getting you dressed, any aunties of the bride that you could visit on the morning? Also agree, best not to go shopping on your own.

Any shops you can get saris will have little Indian outfits for your ds, he'll look lovely.

If that's not practical, I really like FGM's idea of a bright western outfit. If you wore the type of outfit you'd wear to a western wedding, you'd look fairly boring next to all the other outfits.

Sorry, can't help on shops down south!

Sariska Fri 17-Feb-12 11:10:27

You want salwar kameez (see here for example, which is an outfit consisting of trousers, a long tunic and a scarf. You could possibly also consider a Lenga (long skirt, fitted top and scarf) but, at least in my experience, it can be harder to find really nice ones that aren't designed for a bride.

I'm sure everyone will really appreciate it if you wear Asian costume. I always do for Asian weddings - am not Asian but my DH is.

Do go for bright colours. Definitely no black, white or shades of taupe/tan. Also plenty of jewellery: silver is fine if you're not a gold fan.

I agree with the previous poster about asking the bride for tips. She might even be able to go shopping with you. If you live anywhere near London, Leicester, Manchester, Birmingham or Glasgow there will be loads of Asian shops you can try. Alternatively there is the Internet. I've never purchased Indian suits over the net so have no recommendations but all I would say is be careful of the material. Like most things, natural fibres are best and look much nicer.


MooMinCow Fri 17-Feb-12 12:49:05

agree with previous advice. black and White a no no (colours of mourning) so the more colourful and blingy the better. you may be able to buy online for your DS but bear in mind Indian sizing comes up v small.

i'm sure your friends would appreciate you wearing Indian clothes, but an alternative would be to go somewhere like Monsoon or East where the dresses have Indian style detailing and fabrics then accessorise with Indian style costume jewellery, bindis, bangles and dupatta (sheer silky shawl/stole). that way you have a dress you can wear again, as a decent/sari or salwar will be pretty expensive (and you may never wear it again). Saris deffo take practice to wear, even I struggle with them (and I'm Indian), especially when you have kids in tow!

neigesdantan Fri 17-Feb-12 13:23:29

Thanks for all this, really helpful advice.

Think I will ask the bride for some advice, and maybe a shopping trip (with lunch on me, I reckon smile ). She's so busy with all the wedding planning I didn't want to impose, but I'm sure she can point me to some good shops if nothing else.

I really like East, so might give that a try too, maybe with some Indian accessories as you suggest, MooMinCow. Top idea.

nishahouseofaiyla Fri 10-Mar-17 21:00:08

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