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Bodycon dresses - are they only for skinnie people ??

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TheOriginalNutcracker Thu 16-Feb-12 19:40:12

I'm a size 14, would they look awful ??

colditz Thu 16-Feb-12 19:43:39

Yes. They are designed to showcase ribcages and pelvic bones.

TheOriginalNutcracker Thu 16-Feb-12 19:44:56

Oh bum, no good then. That's all that seems to be out there too.

I have no idea what I should wear at my age lol.

moonshine Thu 16-Feb-12 19:46:35

Of course not - they are perfect for curvy size 14 figures, just get one that fits properly (obvious but I think people make the mistake of squeezing into too tight ones). And wear some smoothing underwear.

ilovebabytv Thu 16-Feb-12 19:47:14

im a size 14 too but am 5'9 so may get away with slightly more. But i have a shitty mummy tummy that sticks out a little bit more than my boobs If i wear a body con have to wear a tummy control thing underneath, and the dress needs to be lined, so while the lining clings to all the wrong bits and the dress skims over the top of the lining and looks acceptable.

colditz Thu 16-Feb-12 19:48:42

Aren't you about my age?

something like this?

TheOriginalNutcracker Thu 16-Feb-12 19:48:55

Hmm see I am only 5'2. Largeish boobs and a bit of a tummy.

I go out once in about a million years so have no idea what to go for.

TheOriginalNutcracker Thu 16-Feb-12 19:49:58

I'm 33 colditz smile

I like that but that style doesn't suit me at all unfortunatly.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 16-Feb-12 19:54:35

If you are 5'2 and largeish of nork and tummy then you are exactly the same size as me and you need Vivienne Westwood Anglomania! trust me - you will look at her strange bits of jersey on the hanger and think it couldn't possibly fit/suit you - then you will put it on and your dp's eyes will come out on stalks and he will not even utter a single word of complaint when you trip whistling to the till. smile

Adversecamber Thu 16-Feb-12 19:56:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheOriginalNutcracker Thu 16-Feb-12 19:57:43

Lol remus, I don't have a dp, but i'd settle for me thinking i look nice.

Expensive though i bet ??

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 16-Feb-12 19:59:56

Wait for the sales and you can pick one up for about a hundred pounds and on a cost per wear basis mine has been fantastic value. I really want to get a couple more but other than black, most of the colours she does are too bright for me.

TheOriginalNutcracker Thu 16-Feb-12 20:01:14

I shall certainly look out for them in the sale if they are that good.

colditz Thu 16-Feb-12 20:12:29

I've never ordered from it, I don't have That Sort Of Budget, but I drool regularly.

MzPixielated Thu 16-Feb-12 20:19:24

of course you can wear a body con dress, providing you wear supportive well fitting underwear and a huge smile smile

cyb Thu 16-Feb-12 20:25:11

I'm a 14 5 ft 9 too Nutcracker and have just bought a great one from New Look

TheOriginalNutcracker Thu 16-Feb-12 20:25:58

Ohh can you link cyb ??

TheOriginalNutcracker Thu 16-Feb-12 20:26:49

Hmm i am not sure i have the confidence to carry it off. I bet i end up wearing jeans lol.

cyb Thu 16-Feb-12 20:56:21


I bought purple too which was lovely but couldnt justify ANOTHER dress

might rebuy next month!

cyb Thu 16-Feb-12 20:57:22

I think if you have a defined waist, it doesnt matter so much what you are like above and below

ilovebabytv Thu 16-Feb-12 21:09:31

I have this one and the night I wore it several people came up to me to congratulate me on losing all my baby weight. It was that good. Dsis thought I looked a size 10, prompting me to go out and buy it in white and purple too. Its amazing what control pants and a good dress can do.

mrsmartin Thu 16-Feb-12 21:44:39

well this is eye opening... my body has changed massively in the space of a year (I've put on 3 stone and gone up to a size 12) and there is no way I would wear anything tight across my stomach - esp not satin. I still have an hourglass figure front-on but the idea of someone being able to see that my stomach comes out almost as far as my bust and further than my thighs makes me feel abit sick tbh...

ilovebabytv Thu 16-Feb-12 22:03:04

TBH before i tried this dress on if someone had suggested satin and bodycon i would have laughed them out of town. But it must be combination of the lining and the satin is quite thick, and the panels going across the way, it does have a slimming effect. And the heavy duty control body suit.

MissBeehivingUnderTheMistletoe Thu 16-Feb-12 22:05:43

I give thanks every night for the wonders of body shaping underwear.

ilovebabytv Thu 16-Feb-12 22:09:50

I have the m&s 2 sizes bigger body which holds in stomach, increases my boobs and smooths out my lumpy waist. Unfortunately m&s seemed to have stopped selling these so am constantly checking on ebay for them.

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