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Feather filled coat has not enjoyed being washed.....suggestions

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alwaysrunninginheels Thu 16-Feb-12 18:44:44

Arrrghhhh. I have just washed my feather filled joules winter jacket. Now it says clearly that it can be washed at 30 and so I washed it on a delicate cycle at 30! Now have had it drying all day and to say its not done well doesn't really sum it up. All the feathers are in big clumps so the coat has bits with no padding and bits with clumps. Shaking doesn't seem to help. What can I do.....apart from freeze cos it's not going to keep me warm in its current state!!!

ConstanceChatterley Thu 16-Feb-12 18:48:19

I can't believe the label says it can be washed! In which case, phone Joules, explain and see if you can get a new one/refund?

scotlass Thu 16-Feb-12 18:48:54

I have washed my northface down jacket on a 30 then put it in the tumble dryer on a cool setting which seperates the feathers, natural drying doesn't work. I'm sure this is on the care label but will double check for you.

drowninginlaundry Thu 16-Feb-12 18:50:21

er, the new coat would do exactly the same. Down coats can be washed on delicate cycle, but they need to be dried in a tumble dryer with a couple of tennis balls to reactivate the loft in the feathers. And you are right, until you restore the loft in a tumble dryer it won't insulate. The tennis balls are a must though, it needs a good bashing.

SquirtedPerfumeUpNoseInBoots Thu 16-Feb-12 18:50:24

Tumble dry with a couple of tennis balls in the drum. The balls stop the feathers from clumping together and the heat of the drier makes them fluff up.

SquirtedPerfumeUpNoseInBoots Thu 16-Feb-12 18:51:15

Oops x post! Great minds Drowning.

dexter73 Thu 16-Feb-12 18:52:50

My down coat says to tumble dry at a low temp with 3 tennis balls or a clean sneaker (very specific and American!).

drowninginlaundry Thu 16-Feb-12 18:53:44

yes I've done it with two clean child's trainers as well, works fine!

LynetteScavo Thu 16-Feb-12 18:54:16

Yes, to tumble dryer. Even without, it will eventually survive with a good shaking. But it will take about three days to dry.

Years ago Boden used to say tumble dry with a clean plimsoll (in case you've lost all your tennis balls).

mrsmartin Thu 16-Feb-12 18:54:45

Go into Joules with the coat and proof of purchase - if you don't have the receipt then take your card statement. Speak to the manager and explain that you followed the care instructions. If they have heard of the complaint before then you should get either a refund/credit not/replacement on the spot. If they aren't aware of the problem then they are entitled to send it off to be tested. If they choose to do this then don't get angry - it won't change anything and the manager won't be inclined to help you. It should all be fairly easy to sort out.

mrsmartin Thu 16-Feb-12 18:57:03

obvs I mean if the tumble dryer doesn't work...

scotlass Thu 16-Feb-12 19:10:14

phew......glad everyone else agreed tumble dryer, was worried I'd get flamed for wrecking your lovely coat.

Now need to find DSs trainer to put in with mine grin

Littlepumpkinpie Thu 16-Feb-12 19:17:47

I always tumble feather and down on hot and its always come out just fine smile
Ds1 has a winter coat in down and I have had to wash it almost weekly. My down jacket is in the washer atm and will be getting a tumble dry takes about 90mins my coat is years old and always comes out as good as new. I would nip to a Launderette and blast it through one of thier dryers see if it can be saved smile

SquirtedPerfumeUpNoseInBoots Thu 16-Feb-12 20:16:39

A clean child's trainer? Clean? Where'd you get those from then? grin

bigpants103 Thu 16-Feb-12 20:28:20

I'll second (or is it third) the tennis balls. Works a treat!!

mrsmartin Thu 16-Feb-12 21:09:09

I put my pillows in the dryer once a week with a tennis ball - keeps them lovely and plump and smelling fresh (am I the only 24year old in Britain that uses those old fashioned tumble dryer sheets...quite possibly! stick them behind my radiators too blush)

Eglu Thu 16-Feb-12 21:12:53

I'm surprised the label doesn't say to use tennis balls to dry. A down coat will never dry naturally properly.

alwaysrunninginheels Thu 16-Feb-12 21:16:28

Oh thank you all. Off to hunt out some tennis balls( that the dog hasn't chewed) or clean trainers(emmmm more likely to find tennis balls) but have emailed joules to complain!!!

lashingsofbingeinghere Thu 16-Feb-12 22:56:33

I had a gilet jacket from Joules which shrank after I washed it according to their instructions.

I phoned them, they told me to send it back, and they replaced it without any problems. Great service.

trixymalixy Thu 16-Feb-12 22:58:08

Yy to tumble drying it.

alwaysrunninginheels Fri 17-Feb-12 09:22:06

Ladies you are full of brilliant information. Thank you!!!! Coat now as it was clumpy feathers. V v v delighted!!!!

MeinLondon Thu 21-Mar-13 12:00:49

Apologies for posting on an old thread... but if any of you are still around... I've just done EXACTLY the same and am sad about my favourite Gilet!

So... when I tumble dry it should I do if from wet (I.E. re-wash before drying with tennis balls) or should I put it in dry (Its now dry from hanging and me not knowing what to do!)?


Hattifattner Thu 21-Mar-13 12:09:09

mein, does it smell? I find feathers can reek if they are left to dry slowly, so always dry from out the wash into drier

However, if its not smelly, Id plonk it in the drier for 20-30 mins with balls and see how it goes.

MeinLondon Thu 21-Mar-13 12:11:10

Thanks, it actually smells OK (although I will double check!). I'll keep you posted!

bishboschone Thu 21-Mar-13 13:54:35

These coats defiantly need tumble drying . These companies make me so cross . I'm a dry cleaner and the labels are never clear on them. Often they say d/ c and do not tumble dry .. They hate being dry cleaned !! They should have very clear instructions on them telling you exactly how to wash and dry !! You can tell joules that from me if you don't mind ! wink

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