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Style me for a long weekend in Rome.

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MordechaiVanunu Wed 15-Feb-12 09:49:58

We are going to Rome at the end of June (so it's going to be HOT).

I want to look stylish, like an unstated chic Roman, rather than just another sweaty tourist (like I actually am).

All my summer clothes seem to be a bit beachy or bohemian, and not chic at all.

So what should one wear on a summer city break to look stylish?

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 15-Feb-12 10:28:06

I'd go for dresses all the way. V easy to wear (and you don't need much to go with them) but always look as if you've made the effort.

Knee-length or shorter, sleeved or not, black (looks v chic in the summer IMO), breezy relaxed fit in cotton or viscose like this one. Pair of smart flat sandals or flip-flops (jewelled or leather, rather than beachy rubber ones) ankle strap for comfortable walking and, if you wear heels, pair of heeled sandals for going to dinner etc. Light scarf to keep sun off your shoulders and chest and to dress you up for evening. Light jacket for evening/air-conditioned interiors. Ultra-glam sunglasses, of course. smile

polyhymnia Wed 15-Feb-12 10:53:00

We go to Rome every summer, and I'd just say avoid anything remotely beachy - the local look is understated chic. I agree simple dresses are best bet. Also agree on black - you can add interesting jewellery. Or navy.

Good sunglasses of course.

Do take a bag that can be secure - good fastening, adaptable to cross body. I've had my credit cards stolen on bus journeys more than once.

Also, get really comfortable shoes/ sandals as you'll want to walk everywhere but the cobbles, though picturesque, are really hard. I don't bother with heels as I don't really like them on me, but take a couple of pairs of quite sturdy but hopefully not too clumpy sandals - am going to try the Fitflop Via ones this year- plus 1 or 2 more pretty sparkly ones for evening. And one 'closed' waterproofish pair - ballerinas with good support, brogues, etc - in case it rains.

BananaGio Wed 15-Feb-12 11:57:23

I live in Rome, never quite manage the understated chic look but have had plenty of practice observing! Avoid patterns is the main piece of advice from me. Lots of accessories. Flashy sunglasses. There will also still be plenty of Romans wearing (stylish) jeans in June -only tends to be July and Aug when they really peel off the layers. Make sure your legs and shoulders are covered if you visiting churches or you won't be allowed in. Enjoy!

MordechaiVanunu Wed 15-Feb-12 15:12:16

Ah, OK, black is the way to go.

I don't usually wear black in the summer, I go more for floral floaty sun dresses, which I didn't think would suit the chic city lady I'm aspiring to be.

I wear dresses a lot so will stick with that and look at a couple of black jersey types.

I've already asked Dh for some designer sunglasses for my birthday. He thinks I'm mad as I've never wanted or had anything designery before, but at 42 I'm veering towards a more classy look (I'm hoping) and think some fab-U-lous sunglasses are required.

I have some very slim fitting Capri pants which I thought may be suitable for chic ladee in Rome look?? But can't think what sort of top I'd wear with them that wouldn't instantly transform me back to sweaty tourist.

So, black dress a definite.

Capri pants, yes/no? What top?

(I have Capri pants in white or red, I'm thinking this is no good and if following Capri pant path I need black??

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 15-Feb-12 16:00:30

I wouldn't go for capri pants, TBH; you are right, too much sweaty-tourist potential.

Black can be floaty and summery too – think breezy relaxed shapes in light fabrics. I have a knee-length cotton/silk dress in black, sleeveless, loose-fitting shift style, with discreet shimmery beading at the neckline. I'm afraid it's old and from a People Tree sample sale, so I can't give you a link, but it may be worth checking out their current stuff for similar things?

Other solid colours would look great too (I agree with BananaGio that they're a better option than prints); I'd stay quite classic and look for navy,neutrals or white.

MordechaiVanunu Wed 15-Feb-12 17:46:08

Ok, no capris (I was thinking I'd look like Audrey Hepburn a al roman holiday, but maybe not.

How about this

I have some white company jersey dresses (long sleeved) already which I really like so I think that would work well. Im presuming grey is chic as well as black?

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 15-Feb-12 17:53:28

I think that's nice. I'd go for black rather than grey; I don't really like grey jersey. But that's just me smile.

MordechaiVanunu Wed 15-Feb-12 18:07:55

Really? Is black always more chic than grey?

I'm not good at this chic thing. I like pink. And red. And orangeblush

But they do that dress in black which is good.

Also thinking about it, black will be good in the summer for not showing up fake tan marks, which I'm guessing are not chic?

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 15-Feb-12 18:14:28

I didn't say grey wasn't chic, I just don't like grey jersey specifically. I think it makes me think of sweatshirts and school PE clothes. Grey cotton or silk is nice. And, honestly, if you like bright or strong colours then wear them! A simple, breezy orange, pink or red dress with a pair of jewelled flats in tan or similar looks gorgeous. I think fabric and fit is the key for summer dresses – keep it simple and cool, and solid colours not prints, and you can't go far wrong.

BUT I did mean to say, and forgot, that for me black wins every time because I tend to sweat like a racehorse glow quite a bit in warm weather, and it's the best colour for not showing dark patches!

GossipMonger Wed 15-Feb-12 18:22:05

I would wear the whole range from Benetton that I saw in London yesterday!

It has a stupid website that I cannot understand though!!

I would wear

Good quality navy linen trousers
Lime green top
Flat navy comfy shoes
Mega sunglasses
Floppy hat
Secure bag

Use the navy trousers as a main feature and change the top and add a floaty scarf for the next day.

Shift dress for evening with wedges and a wrap.

If it's going to be hot, avoid viscose as it is v sweaty. Cotton or silk dresses would be best in solid colours - a really good but simple red cotton dress could be nice, if such a thing exists. I saw black silk dresses in Topshop today, which looked perfect for a summer city break (only saw them on the hanger so don't know what they were like shape or fit-wise).

LadyClariceCannockMonty Thu 16-Feb-12 10:45:20

I don't find viscose that sweaty (and I speak as someone who has to avoid stuff like polyester like the plague – makes me smell like tinned vegetable soup). It's technically a natural fibre, although not quite as breathable as cotton or linen. Guess it depends on a person's personal sweat threshold and also on just how hot it will be in Rome in June.

MordechaiVanunu Thu 16-Feb-12 11:07:32

Going the end of end and I think it's likely to be HOT.

Been in May a couple of times and was v hot then. Apparently quite unusual but happened 2 years in a row.

But, I am a very very unsweaty person. I just don't really visibly sweat, so viscose should be fine on me.

I'm going to avoid my usual colourful, flowery, girly summer look, I'm liking the idea of a sophisticated monochrome me, and I'm doing the be beachy thing later in the summer so can get out my floaty floral dresses then.

I'm now also thinking maybe a black shirt dress for Rome? Am I starting to get it??

polyhymnia Thu 16-Feb-12 11:20:28

Yes, sounds like it - you definitely have the idea. The shirt dress could perhaps be belted with good quality-looking leather belt.

We usually go to Rome in June and you're right, it is definitely hot (though not so hot as July last year when we were there and it was pushing 40 degrees!)

I often wear viscose pieces and don't find them sticky.

Don't personally take linen any more as it has such a high crease factor it's hard to stay looking groomed - which doesn't matter on a beach holiday but not great in ciities. Having said that, the shops in Rome tend to have loads of linen pieces so i reckon the locals like them - and no doubt maintain them immaculately.

I got several of my dresses last year in Boden, but avoiding the prints and loud colours which they seem to have all too many of.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Thu 16-Feb-12 11:25:24

Agree, a nice cool black shirtdress, with a good belt, is spot on.

worldgonecrazy Thu 16-Feb-12 11:29:52

Shirt dress - cotton or silk, good sandles, great sunglasses and second the bag that goes across the body.

Also practice your best cool stare if any scammers try to flog you flowers or bracelets.

I am very jealous, Rome is such a beautiful city.

I have worn patterns in Rome, for some reason it made the Italians think I was French, which is amusing because the French always mistake myself and DH for Italian.

polyhymnia Thu 16-Feb-12 17:21:43

Lucky you! Despite my best efforts and fact my clothes and shoes are often Italian,my shape height and colouring mean I always look like the Brit I am except when I get taken for German. Would love to be able to channel my inner Italian or Frenchwoman!

jamiesonlts Tue 02-Apr-13 17:55:18

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freerangeeggs Tue 02-Apr-13 19:26:49

I went to Rome last year and it was unbelievably, bakingly hot. I couldn't get enough clothes off. A shirt dress would have been torture, especially with a belt. I took a few t-shirts and couldn't wear them.

If I went again I would take jersey shorts and lots of nice cottony vest tops, or else short, sleeveless cotton dresses. It's just not worth it to be uncomfortable for your entire holiday.

In central Rome I didn't even notice the locals - pretty much everyone is a tourist. The girls we did see had hairy armpits so you could go for that look if you really want to be authentic...

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