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Has anyone ever had ultrasonic liposuction?

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perplexedpirate Sat 28-Jan-12 16:54:05

Did it work?
Did it hurt?
I have a fat neck and jowls (sexy, no?) and I'm thinking of having it done. Anyone tried it?

AKissIsNotAContract Sat 28-Jan-12 16:55:09

I had laser lipo. I've not heard of ultrasonic, do you have a link to it?

perplexedpirate Sat 28-Jan-12 17:00:00

Oh no, can't link as on phone. Could it be the same thing?

AKissIsNotAContract Sat 28-Jan-12 17:04:52

I found this

That's nothing like what I had, mine was totally non-invasive. I lost 5 inches on my tummy over 3 sessions. You do have to exercise to keep it off though, an hour for every half inch lost IIRC.

perplexedpirate Sat 28-Jan-12 17:11:36

Hmmm, that link says non-invasive liposuction is rarely used and has no benefits???
5 inches sounds fantastic! I am overweight, but tbf I've never had a defined jawline, even when I was size ten.
Was is ruinously expensive?

AKissIsNotAContract Sat 28-Jan-12 17:14:14

I paid £99 for 3 sessions on a groupon deal. It was well worth it as a kick start to doing more exercise, but it won't work unless you exercise.

chiplover Sat 28-Jan-12 17:15:31

Is it another name for smartlipo?

Alouisee Sat 28-Jan-12 17:18:55

I had laser lipo with suction, it didn't work and it hurt like fuck, I was traumatised for weeks.

perplexedpirate Sat 28-Jan-12 17:33:35

Oh no alouisee, that quite literally sucks.
Where did you have it done? On your body I mean, not where in the country.

Re exercise, I've just been reading the princessing thread and I'm thinking of doing the shred. From what I've read it will either kill me or make me beautiful. smile

Alouisee Sat 28-Jan-12 17:36:55

Had it done on my tummy & hips.

chiplover Sat 28-Jan-12 17:38:11

I had smartlipo, which did fuck all, apart from leaving me heavily bruised. After wasting money on stupid smartlipo, I was recommeded advanced laser lipo for half price. After abit of thinking, I decided to go for it, and I am glad I had it, because it worked wonders for Me. I had a c-section with My dd, and I was left with that horrible little pouch on My lower tummy, and no matter what exercise I did ( and believe Me I did everything) nothing shifted it. After advanced laser lipo, I now have a nice flat tummy, and it doesn't stick out, it's totally flat. grin

Alouisee Sat 28-Jan-12 17:40:53

Advanced laser lipo? Is that with suction? Is it under a general anaesthetic?

chiplover Sat 28-Jan-12 17:43:52

Not general anaesthetic, yes suction.

Alouisee Sat 28-Jan-12 17:48:02

Not painful either? I'll get my Google on!

AKissIsNotAContract Sat 28-Jan-12 17:51:01

I just had laser lipo, no suction.

chiplover Sat 28-Jan-12 17:54:43

It must have changed, I had the advanced laser lipo three years ago, from here.
Sure it was sunction. Anyway I had it with dr maini, and he was brilliant.

chiplover Sat 28-Jan-12 17:55:01

AKissIsNotAContract Sat 28-Jan-12 17:57:36

I had this

perplexedpirate Sat 28-Jan-12 20:17:31

Thanks everyone. It's on offer through groupon so I think I'll give it a go. I had no idea there were so many different techniques.

monalisasmiler Thu 28-Aug-14 17:03:03

Hi not sure how to start a new thread on here, but away in a few weeks and wanted to know which is the most effective the cryolipolisis, 3d lipo, ultrasound lipo? Realise this thread has been dormant for a while but hoping for some new input from recent experience.

Thank you smile

feelingmellow Fri 29-Aug-14 14:55:24

I'm interested in this too

lukepeterson Thu 20-Aug-15 17:10:02

I've been looking to have the non-invasive fat freezing treatment, from what i can tell the best results are to be seen on stubborn fat such as love handles and that it is best if you have a healthy life style, am i wrong in thinking this? Will it work on all fatty areas?

I read an article that explains how fat freezing treatments actually works

If someone can help me in answering my questions?

unfittinglizard Tue 24-May-16 14:34:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

user1488817904 Mon 06-Mar-17 16:56:55

I had the fat freezing 3dlipo and it worked really well on my tummy and sides. I do yoga but couldn't get rid of these areas after my baby. I went to Corium on Harley st. Didn't hurt at all but you do have to wait about 4 months to see the results.

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