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Where do tall women shop these days now that Long Tall Sally only sells frumpy tat?

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weetabixforeva Mon 23-Jan-12 00:00:35

I've not had much money to spend over the last few years, so have only just noticed that there no longer seems to be a shop I can go to that will cater for my long arms and long legs and long body. Years ago Long Tall Sally used to meet my needs, but I'm no longer impressed. confused

Whose tall and knows where to shop?

fortyplus Mon 23-Jan-12 00:04:55

I'm 5' 9". Dorothy Perkins, Next, M&S all ok for me (though most M&S stuff is frumpy!)

Have a look online at Next. Classic linen trousers etc. XXL length was too long for a friend of mine who is 6' 2"

BadRoly Mon 23-Jan-12 00:11:57

I'm 5ft10 and would add Sainsburys for trousers.

CousinCairngormMcWomble Mon 23-Jan-12 00:14:55

Bigger New Look stores have a tall range which has some nice stuff but not a huge selection.

Rindercella Mon 23-Jan-12 00:15:33

How tall are you? What's your inside leg (sorry for being so personal!)?

I am 5'10 and have a 33" inside leg. I can normally find jeans and trousers quite easily - a lot of high street shops have wised up to stocking longer lengths now. Obviously harder for jackets, etc.

inzidoodle Mon 23-Jan-12 00:17:29

I'm 5'11" and find next xxl very good for length in trousers/jeans etc for tops new look is the only place I find decent but tend to just shop normal for tops although they never feel great in length.

weetabixforeva Mon 23-Jan-12 00:40:19

Rindercella I'm 5'9" with a 33" inside leg. I'm a size 14 (12 on a really good day).

I find that much of the long stuff in New Look, Next etc is too young for me as I'm late 40s and don't have the slimmest of legs. I'd just like some classy, but casual, clothes that fit.

workshy Mon 23-Jan-12 00:44:22

I'm 6ft with a 4 inside leg and I find most high street trousers 'long' would have classed as fitting in the 90s but now the fashion is for trousers coming down to your heel they are too short

I've always liked dorothy perkins tall range but they have seen fit to take it out of stores and is now only available online -how annoying

but it is very good for work wear, suits etc

alternatively I tend to wear jersey dresses with leggins and long cardigan as these don't need to be a specific length

workshy Mon 23-Jan-12 00:45:07

34 inside leg -not 4, I'm guessing that would be pretty impossible

QuiteOldGal Mon 23-Jan-12 06:20:42

New on here been lurking for a while, but I am in my fifties and about your size and find Boden size 14L fit well for trousers, also recently looked in Planet (its a bit for the older woman but good sale at the mo) and I think their standard trouser length is about 33-34 inch. For jackets and coats Dorothy Perkins tall and occasionally Next tall though these are both online so a bit hit or miss. M and S Long length is also worth looking at.

mrsbossyboots Mon 23-Jan-12 07:25:22

Hi Uniqlo for jeans & t-shirts; M & S for trousers (occasionally fit); fenn wright and mason for dresses (good sales. I live in hope LTS improves...

TheSecondComing Mon 23-Jan-12 07:38:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frogs Mon 23-Jan-12 07:47:08

Ah, you see Boden L are too short for me, as are Uniqlo. I'm 5'11". Worth checking out is the Top Shop Tall range - they only ever have a subset of their jeans available in a 36" leg, and it seems to be a bit random as to which styles they have at any one time, but worth keeping an eye open. Dorothy Perkins used to do a Tall range also, as do H&M.

Otherwise you can set up an ebay alert for eg. Top Shop Martha 36" leg - you get new and unworn ones coming up sometimes.

At the other end of the price scale the nice personal shoppers at John Lewis steered me towards the Max Mara Weekend range, which come unhemmed like mens suit trousers, so you can take them up to the length you require. They are expensive, but if you buy a pair of classic work trousers and wear them three times a week for three years, the cost-per-wear is well worth it.

Agree re LTS being a nightmare of frumpiness, but there are some individual items that can look okay if you take them out of context. I do wonder who their stylists/designers are though - i've tried on stuff from LTS that is just weird - the boobs three inches higher than boobs could possibly be, weird little flappy bits of fabric around the tummy, just appallingly cut. [cross]

CharlotteBronteSaurus Mon 23-Jan-12 14:29:46

I'm 5'9" - agree with sifting through the frumpery in M&S as their wide leg trousers are good. Boden L are good for skirts if you stick to the plain ones.
H&M do the best tops for long bodies, and always have loads of basic vests and tees in most colours. I used to like topshop tall but think I am getting a bit old for it...

GodisaDj Mon 23-Jan-12 14:46:18

Agree with above (Next xl range, Dorothy Perkins, topshop, sainsburys) but will add that Primark now have 34 inch jeans!! I was shocked when I saw them last week.

I got a size bigger than what I am (so 14 instead of 12) as primark sizes are funny but the skinny jeans fit beautifully. And only £11! wink

I'm 5'10 and have 34in leg with flats, 35-36in leg with heals.

I also have a search saved on eBay which sends me an email when "tall" "size 12" items are put on. Got quite a few 2nd hand bargains wink

GodisaDj Mon 23-Jan-12 14:46:54

*heels, gosh my spelling is so bad!

weetabixforeva Mon 23-Jan-12 14:52:17

Thanks all for the ideas.

frogs Maxmara looks promising (in the sales, maybe) smile

notyummy Mon 23-Jan-12 18:50:32

I have some stuf from the TS tall range which I like. Their skinny flares in 36 leg, or the 'Jessie' cut is really flattering and is part of the tall range. Not in stock though so you have to check ebay - or their skinnies also good:


inzidoodle Tue 24-Jan-12 10:48:54 have just made my day!!!!!!!!!!! off to buy the entire stocks of primark 34" jeans smile

obladi Tue 24-Jan-12 10:51:24

topshop tall!

MerryHippo Tue 24-Jan-12 10:53:49

I'm 5'11 and get coats from Boden or Next tall (long sleeves). Jeans from Topshop or New Look or 7 for all mankinfd if feeling flush. Dorothy Perkins is goodfor dresses that arent belts.

mrsbossyboots Wed 25-Jan-12 08:15:09

GodisaDJ how did you set up the e-mail alert on ebay?

Mrsrobertduvall Wed 25-Jan-12 08:18:55

Tallgirls (who do big shoes) do a clothing range.
I have jeans from J Brand which are 34 ins inside leg
Some Zara trousers are up to 34too.

SaltireOShanter Wed 25-Jan-12 08:22:36

weetabixforce I know you say that you think new Look is too young for you, but they do some great basic t-shirts, with round or v necks, which are a good length ( I'm 41 and shop therewink).
I am 6ft tall, 33" inside leg and vary between a 16 and an 18. I sometimes find things in M&S (not very often) and have bought jeans (again basic jeans) in New Look which do leg lengths up to 36.

CuppaTeaJanice Wed 25-Jan-12 08:33:11

Bench are good for tops if you have long arms. They have thumb holes in the cuffs, so are designed to cover the hands of people with normal arms. For long armed folk, that's perfect wrist length.

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