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Zoe Ball's jumper on It takes two

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mistakeallround Mon 05-Dec-11 18:59:03

Hi there does anyone know where Zoe Ball's jumper is from? She is wearing it now on Strictly It Takes Two now ????

SirToffeeDoris Tue 06-Dec-11 01:41:06

I think it's this Topshop dress

CeliaChristmasFete Tue 06-Dec-11 07:48:38

If you follow her on Twitter she normally tweets where she gets stuff from as so many people ask her. Yesterday she tweeted *"BBCR2ZoeBallZoe Ball
Evenin'glitterati massive. Ta for top tweets peeps. T'was in Topshop dress+miu miu shoes (New Look have pink/blue glitter shoes) #niceprice"*

flowerpower123 Fri 09-Dec-11 09:13:36

Hi there, does anyone know where the sequined top worn by Zoe Ball below is from?


rosaking Fri 13-Dec-13 18:45:11

It's £265 by Markus Lupfer

Flukum Wed 05-Nov-14 18:50:53

If you find out please let me know

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