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Are Wolford tights worth the price?

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naturelover Mon 05-Dec-11 14:08:25

I just want some good quality matt black opaque tights. Usually I buy M&S multipacks but as I get older and strive to be elegant I am wondering if it's worth shelling out a bit extra.

Also, will they last longer and do they wash well?

teta Mon 05-Dec-11 14:14:44

I have had some pairs for several years and they wash and last beautifully.Though i am quite impressed by the M&S Velvet Deluxe ones, that i buy for my 12 year old, as they are also wearing and washing really well.They are much nicer than the cashmere mix ones that i bought for me that laddered on the first wear and feel very rough on.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 05-Dec-11 19:03:54

I've only bought them when at 50% off and they are v good but there is no way on earth I could ever bring myself to pay more than 15 pounds on a pair of tights and even at half price, they are fiendishly expensive. The M&S Autograph ones are good and actually fit me better than Wolford as even the small in Wolford is pretty big.

DonaAna Mon 05-Dec-11 19:32:11


Bucharest Mon 05-Dec-11 19:33:58

Absolutely yes.

I still have some pairs Ibought in the early 1990s and they are like new.

Dorothyredboots Tue 06-Dec-11 11:47:56

I think they are worth the money. The fit is very good and they wash well. The dyes they use are very high quality so you get an even colour without the tights having to be really thick. They do deniers, colours and styles which are not available in the chain stores.
Having said all that if you are the kind of person who puts their fingers through their tights or always seems to be laddering them, then Wolford are not for you. They are good quality but not guaranteed to last! If you have pets that jump up on you or little children who cling to your legs than I would not bother (unless buying for a special occasion). Falke are also good if you can't get the colour you want in Wolford. I have also had the M&S Autograph opaques and they are pretty good as a cheaper alternative. I usually buy my Wolford & Falke tights on 3 for 2 promotions in local department stores. There are plenty of websites selling them too and they have offers from time to time. Get a pair for a special 'do' or ask Santa for some and see how you get on!
But I am a hosiery snob so I am biased!

pollypanties Sun 23-Feb-14 18:19:50

if youve neither worn em,try em using the best yarn they wash well,never ladder and last forever. the designs are everchanging and amazing from dots to tiger orints,save money on a dress cos in wolfords everyone looking at your legs. keep an eye on tkmaxx have some fab hoisery bargins incuding woolfords

M1SSUNDERSTOOD Sun 23-Feb-14 23:18:00

Yes. I have a couple of pairs I have has for over a decade! Still wear them and cost a lot obv then but worth it.

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Sun 23-Feb-14 23:38:33

Yes. I've had some velvet deluxe 66 for over a year - no pulls, no ladders, no bobbles, no bagginess. I've worn them over and over and they're as good as when I bought them.

Paintyfingers Sun 23-Feb-14 23:46:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsCocoa Sun 23-Feb-14 23:58:17

Lots of Wolford in Tk Maxx at moment wink.

doubleshotespresso Mon 24-Feb-14 00:39:33

Yes every penny! Am 5'11" and they fit perfectly and last for ages.

KosherBacon Mon 24-Feb-14 06:23:07

I think I'm a loan voice. I much prefer my M&S autograph velvet touch tights to Walfords velvet deluxe.

KosherBacon Mon 24-Feb-14 09:32:44

Lone! Not loan!

burnishedsilver Mon 24-Feb-14 10:01:03

How did this thread come back? Its from 2011.

crashbangboom Mon 24-Feb-14 14:55:40

Because pollypanties is making a habit of reviving them. Very annoying!

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