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LizzieBusy Thu 10-Nov-11 12:35:06

Does anyone know where these clothes are available. The shop near me shut down and I can't see it anywhere online -shipping to UK or even Ireland. I loved their clothes - childlike and french without dressing them up like little dolls. And it washed like a dream!!

ChablisLover Thu 10-Nov-11 13:21:10

This company went into administration recently.

The shop near us closed too.

I liked the clothes as well but not for ds. For buying presents only. Ds can't work a skinny leg trouser!

allnewtaketwo Thu 10-Nov-11 13:23:04

The clothes were so good for DS, I'm a bit stuck now for trousers for him. Don't know why UK retailers can't make clothes for slim children

Zaziedanslemetro Thu 10-Nov-11 13:50:43

Perhaps try Vertbaudet? Similarly French and good value, IMO. I live in France but I think they do mail order to the UK too.
For allnewtaketwo -I've only bought girls' clothes, but they do trousers in three different width fittings, and the slim ones are great for my petite DD1.

allnewtaketwo Thu 10-Nov-11 13:52:24

Hi Zazie, I've bought coats from Vertbaudet and they've been good. Must try for trousers

LizzieBusy Thu 10-Nov-11 14:13:18

chablislover Thanks for the news (albeit sad) about Administration

I'll try Vertbaudet. My DD is tall and slim so Okaidi clothes were perfect

gastrognome Thu 10-Nov-11 15:32:05

Have you tried Du Pareil au Meme? Another French brand with lovely clothes (quite slim fitting), and they do ship internationally as far as I know.

pumpkin1981 Fri 30-Dec-11 19:42:06

hi ya
this is thier website
they used to have two seperate websites but looks like they have combined them recently. be warned this is a french website so is all in french but most of it is pretty easy to understand even on my basic french lol. not sure if they will deliver to the uk or not but they do def deliver in france. im lucky my parents live there so i can have it delivered to them and then they forward it on to me.
keep a look out for the sales as they slash prices about 4 or 5 times a year so you can pick up some great bargains!!
it is without a doubt my fav kids clothing range.
where was the store that closed by you @lizziebusy and @chablislover ????
i use the store in the auchan shoping mall just outside Cherbourg when in France.
hope this is helpful smile

Emo76 Fri 30-Dec-11 19:57:12

Mothercare sold this range for a while - gorgeous. Don't think they still do.

pumpkin1981 Fri 30-Dec-11 20:00:26

forgot to say they are on facebook too!/Obaibi!/Okaidi

Charlotteandgeorge Tue 03-Nov-15 18:22:55

I live in France and can purchase and send you any French brands from over here.

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