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Scented candles as good as Jo Malone but less expensive?

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pinkbraces Tue 08-Nov-11 22:19:37

I love the smell of Jo Malone candles, especially the pomegranate one but they are too expensive to be anything more than a luxury. Ive tried lots of others but they either dont have any scent or the scent doesnt last.

Does anyone know of a good alternative.

polyhymnia Tue 08-Nov-11 22:29:46

I much prefer Diptyque candles to Jo Malone - much classier IMO - but alas don't think they are cheaper. Also like Space NK's own candles which
I do think are a bit cheaper.

ujjayi Tue 08-Nov-11 22:53:20

okay, how cheap do you want to go? I love Ormonde Jayne candles but think they are similar price to Jo Malone.

This might sound rather far fetched but have you sniffed out Home Base's selection of candles? I have bought some beautiful candles from there (and I am a real aroma snob). They keep their scent and you don't get the cloying, cheap air freshener smell that you often get with cheap candles. At this time of year, their orange & cinnamon and white cedar are particularly good.

stripeybumpinthenight Tue 08-Nov-11 22:56:15

Morrisons do nice ones too and super cheap smile

I am a scent snob but they are lovely.

mumblechum1 Tue 08-Nov-11 23:03:59

White Company's Winter is rather lovely and Ocado give a 20% off voucher for them at the moment.

Moodykat Tue 08-Nov-11 23:12:41

Jamie at Home scent and saviour (or something like that) candles are lovely. I have Fiji apple one and it lasts ages and smells lovely! It takes turns with Jo Malone Red Rose.

puffylovett Tue 08-Nov-11 23:20:51

Neom? They last for ages and you can use the liquid oil as perfume. Not sure how much jo Malone ones are tho..

LaurieFairyCake Tue 08-Nov-11 23:25:23

Make your own!!!

My giant thread from 2 years ago should still be hanging round the crafts topic. I still refill mine every couple of months and burn candles every day.

It's honestly fuckwittedly easy smile

galletti Tue 08-Nov-11 23:30:34

Stripey, I bought the Morrisons vanilla candles last week and all I smelt was candles burning. Which is nice, but no vanilla. What ones have you tried? I love the Ikea vanilla in a jar, but don't like the shape of the jar! This thread as reminded me to put a Jo Malone candle on my list this year though!

ColdSancerre Tue 08-Nov-11 23:32:27

I also make my own, because of Lauries fab thread, I have it in threads on watch still.

ash6605 Tue 08-Nov-11 23:33:46

Have you tried wax lyrical ones? I love the sweet shop one(admittedly not to everyone's taste!) it smells of rhubarb and custard smile

StellaAndFries Tue 08-Nov-11 23:37:15

I'm a Yankee addict, I love their scents.

brighthair Wed 09-Nov-11 01:01:39

she does Jo Malone dupes, and the scent throw especially from the wax tarts is amazing

blobtobetter Wed 09-Nov-11 06:59:26

Love Yankees and they have offers on now and then like 2 Christmas candles worth about £15 each, together in a box for £20ish.

Neena28 Wed 09-Nov-11 07:57:23

Neom all the way for me too. They are really beautiful scents and last ages if you burn them correctly. Also they are soya wax and don't live dark marks. I loved jo malone etc but wouldn't go back now.

dexter73 Wed 09-Nov-11 08:20:48

Could you post the link to Lauries thread please ColdSancerre?

ENormaSnob Wed 09-Nov-11 09:33:39

I like ikea and glade!

<obviously not a candle snob grin>

JosieRosie Wed 09-Nov-11 09:46:00

Wow, brighthair I've just looked at the Candlewick Greens website and it's FABULOUS! So many fragrances to choose from and the prices are very reasonable! Thanks so much for the tip grin

ColdSancerre Wed 09-Nov-11 09:52:03

Lauries scented candle making thread

teacoupons Wed 09-Nov-11 10:04:21

I'm a Yankee girl too. Diptique are lovely but rather expensive.

If you have a B&M near you pop in and try their vanilla or butterscotch scented candle in a jar. It's 99p for a small jar or £3.99 for a large jar. They don't smell very synthetic and have a strong long lasting smell that I love.

brianmayshair Wed 09-Nov-11 10:15:22

Geodesis orange blossom is very similar to jo malone orange blossom and has a 60 hr burn time at half the cost. Have never managed to find anything similar to pomegranite noir though here

ConfusedGirlSuz Wed 09-Nov-11 11:49:23

Check out Matalan candels. They smell scrummy and are really reasonable smile

marssparklesdownonme Wed 09-Nov-11 12:34:26

I love the St Eval candles from Cornwall. The Tranquility one is particularly lovely. Google St Eval Candles.

brighthair Wed 09-Nov-11 13:20:32

JosieRosie - I love them!! I always burn j&j bedtime baby bath in my bedroom, and I love the spicy ones too wink

CointreauVersial Wed 09-Nov-11 13:24:05

I was going to suggest Glade or Febreze candles. blush

I honestly can't imagine who would pay Jo Malone and Diptyche prices, but I'm sure they smell very lovely.

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