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what do you think of this dress please?

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mckenzie Tue 25-Oct-11 22:03:08

I'm not very tall so on me, it's floor length. It's for a ball.

What do you think please?

acsec Tue 25-Oct-11 22:04:46

I like it, it wouldn't suit me (or fit me from Jane Norman) but it's a pretty formal evening dress.

UterusUterusGhali Tue 25-Oct-11 23:10:15


Bohica Tue 25-Oct-11 23:17:51

I like the colour, what will you wear to keep you warm? and on your feet and your handbag

Do you have short or long hair?

mckenzie Wed 26-Oct-11 07:55:38

thanks for the replies. When i tried it on at home last night I wore these and i think it looked okay - they were just peeping out a tad. I can't wear really high shoes as I have a dodgy back. If not those then strappy sandals.
re the cold, we're sharing a limo to get to the ball and back home again and I have a black poncho type wrap that I can wear.

mckenzie Wed 26-Oct-11 07:57:13

sorry, forgot to reply re hair. It's shoulder length so I'm rather limited as to what i can do with it although my local hairdresser is quite inventive so perhaps if i do go for this dress, I'll show it to her and ask if she can do something with my hair over to the opposite side to the shoulder strap maybe??

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